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Chapter 62
Seijo 62

Translator: HZ

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The New Year Festival celebrating the new year is coming soon and the city of Levantant, the kingdom of Largoferi kingdom, is gradually becoming more vibrant.
Apart from hawkers and artisans who anticipate earnings at the festival, aristocrats in various parts of the kingdom are gathering gradually in the kingdom, and because of crackdown on various crimes that become lively and active at the same time, some of them are tight The sense of tension is increasing as well.
As the number of people increases, the hands do not turn around with ordinary masters alone, and the priest warriors of each temple are also driven to maintain the security of the city only this time.
Of course Tatsumi was not an exception, and he was looking around the city alternately with the births, the three brothers with needs, or the warrior of the senior priest.
We wear a chain linen carved with the holy seal of the god of survival, armed with a shield and a sword and look around the city. After about half a day to finish checking around, we will return to the Savage temple and exchange with other priest warriors.
Tatsumi and others The priest warrior is responsible for the surrounding area around the temple to which he belongs, and the sagittari look around the other. When I looked around the city in the form of being led by a senior priest warrior, I entered an alley that had never been used before, and for Tatsumi it was a fresh experience as well.
By doing so, Tatsumi arrives at home alone.
Tatsumi and Chalcedonia, who have a strong impression of being with us all the time, due to the service in the temple, it is unlikely that the return will be together.
Therefore, Tatsumi who left the temple today as well. As Chalcedonia still has a duty, I will turn to the market to buy food for dinner tonight.
And that time.
In my unexpectedly unfamiliar voice, my name was called.
“Well, I heard you are Tatsumi Yamagata or a black-eyed black-eyed foreign guy …” This
is called a name and a boy at the end of the line of sight of Tatsumi who turned around.
I wonder if my age is about 15 years old. Looks a little younger than Tatsumi.
In this country it is common red-brown hair and dark gray eyes. Tatsumi kept track of what he / she wears at only a glance, probably a nobleman’s younger brother.
“Yeah, but … … you?”
“Oh, I’m Jolt, call me JOULT casually.” A
boy named Jolt who smiled a smile at once. As he approached Tatsumi in a casual manner, he gave him the right hand.
While wary of Tatsumi, the opponent seems to be aristocratic and holds back the right hand that was presented. Then Jolt’s smile got deeper.
“I was always listening to you from Giuseppe’s grandpa, I always thought that I would like to meet you.”

Oh, Giuseppe’s acquaintance … …?” “Yeah, for once, I got acquainted with Kalse My grandfather and Giuseppe’s grandpa are from young agefriendDaReachChiThen. I was also taught Giuseppe granddae about studying when I was small. In that kind of circumstance, I am acquainted with Kalsee from the past. “If
he got acquainted with his grandfather, he is convinced that he and Chalcedonia know each other. Telling that he was Giuseppe’s acquaintance, Tatsumi relaxed the alert against this boy named Jolt, though slightly.
Apparently it seems to me that Tatsumi is alert to Jolt, but it seems like it does not seem like a bad thing.
“So … … Do you have anything else?”
“Oh, you do not have to have such a tight tone,

here , better, more comfortably” Jolt says without disturbing the smiling faces. Apparently it seems that there are two minds, and Tatsumi gradually begun to feel favorable to him, sometimes he does not dislike people of such character.
“Okay, Jolt, so what are
you going to do for me?” “Okay , I’m counting on you in the future, so the requirements are …… That’s right, let’s talk here Would you not settle down with somewhere? ”

” Say it straight away, will you not give up Calce to me? ”
” Not accepted ”
Tatsumi and Jolt who ordered drinks with a suitable shop.
Jolt confirmed that female salary took orders and went off, suddenly cut out the main subject.
Prompt answer? I have not issued anything on this condition yet?” Jolt exposed unexpectedly to her expression. On the other hand, Tatsumi raised his warning against him at maximum.
“It’s not too late to decide after listening to the conditions that you get out of,”
“I do not need, no matter how good conditions are presented, I will never let go of
Kalse. ” “Well, actually, I’m telling myself, but I’m pretty high. It is still impossible, but if I hold the real power in the future, we will have wealth and honor, why can you even make it to the higher aristocracy of this country, and you can marry with my sister instead of Kalce Even if it is said that
wealth and honor, its position also gives power …… It is not enough to exchange for Kalce
. ” ” Hey, wealth and honor and Is it better for a single woman than for her position and power? ”
” Of course ”
” Wow, it’s an immediate reply … … ”
Jolt’s expression just said that she was amazed. Tatsumi turns obvious anger toward Jolt against him.

Well, have you been waiting for me to come down from the temple to say something that does not go down?” “Well, it’s no difference that I was waiting for Tatsumi. Actually my grandpa calls Tatsumi Because I was saying that I was going to see him at that time, though …. If I want to see such a girl so much, it is said that it is courteous to move his own legs so that I came to see you like this “The
reason why I wanted to see that so far, I want Calse? Well it’s bad, but I’m going out with Jolt’s story so far.”
Tatsumi placed several silver coins on the table, It stood up as it was.
Tatsumi looks obviously angry. But Jolt made fun of laughter for some reason.
“Hahahaha … I see … I certainly heard from Giuseppe’s grandfather,”
Jolt who laughed a smile, declining his head deeply towards Tatsumi as he changed his expression.
“I did not quite do trying to try Tatsumi, I officially apologize in the name of Joltreon · Reso · Largo Fili”
“………… ???” As
Jolt gave himself the official full name, Tatsumi I instinctively stiffened my body.
Those whose name consists of three verses, and those who claim Largo Fili. What kind of status is it in this country? Tatsumi was also taught it from Giuseppe.
“O, O king …… family … …?”
“Oh, IA historylistIt was a royalty and why? Did you say that? My position is quite expensive. Once, my grandpa is the contemporary, my father is the next king. So, since I’m the eldest son of my father, if I just go without
saying anything like this, I’m the next king of kings I’m not high. It is a good position to say that you stand at the top in this country.
It was time for Tatsumi to expose the stupid face this time. Looking at such Tatsumi, Jolt raised laughter again without care.

“Well, I really am sorry, I wanted to make sure that Tatsumi was the one I heard from Giuseppe’s grandpa.”
Tatsumi and Jolt who were able to calm down again. While putting a mouth on the tea that was being carried, the two were resuming their talk.
“What does that mean …? …”
“Oh, if I can talk with ease, I am a royalty, but this place is not a public place and I’m fine as
usual .” As ever, I do smile that I love Tatsumi decided to accept his proposal while bitter smile on Jotto floating.
“Well then, I will do so …. So, what did you mean earlier?”
“Well then, let’s say it straight ahead, it was not Kalse that I wanted.Tatsumi, your What is it? ”
O, O … …. Does that make me a Joelt subordinate?”
“No, it is different. Certainly certainly an able talent and a man with a rare talent are at hand There is a thought that I want to keep it, but what I want for Tatsumi is not a subordinate .. What I’m seeking from Tatsumi … … myfriendDaReachChiI want you to become. To that guy you absolutely can trust a good friend, “To
Jolt who is embarrassed to become a close friend, Tatsumi unintentionally makes his eyes black and white.
“Well, I’m in a standpoint, so there are lots of people who are fighting around with each other, but I can not trust such guys at all.Of course some people deserve to trust , And there are such things like family patterns, etc. This is … If I get close to you more than necessary, it just becomes subject to jealousy …… It seems to
me that Tatsumi can say what Jordr says. If you go along well, those who have various speculations will gather around Jolt who will be the king of the next generation. His feelings that people can not trust at a moment are natural.
Also, if you become intimate with the future king, you will not have anyone who is jealous of it.
“But if you are Tatsumi you can be reliable, I was convinced with that just before, so if you answer quickly as quickly as you can, you just have to trust it?”
Jolt presented as a condition for Tatsumi to separate from Chalcedonia , Marriage with his sister. It is marriage with the future sister.
If you become married with a royal sister, if you are ambitious you can not afford to. However, Tatsumi declined to say good by the condition. Certainly when I was cut out “marriage with my sister”, I did not know that Jolt was the future king, but I could guess that he would be a rather high aristocracy.
That declining refusal of marriage from such Jolt is a proof that Tatsumi has no political ambition.
“To begin with, why does JULT want a” best friend “? Those best friends do not have to say” Please become “and there must be nice guys around Jolt,
” Yeah, there are some guys who are seriously sincerity to serve me, but there are some, but I, I’m longing for my grandpa and giuseppe grandpa, afterwards the highest priest of the marine deity Darragarve’s group Gurununade Gotcha, …… Between good friends from a long time ago I still have close relationships with each other for peaceful hatred even now Even now
I have seen the situation of such grandfathers from an early age closely, He said he wanted a friend who would like to go out without feeling like the grandfathers.
“Even now” friends “are as it is, but what happens is that the master-slave relationship will not go away.”
Jolt faced a slightly sad look.
“It will be unavoidable for me to be a royalty, but …. But after all I am wanting a” best friend “like grandpa, sometimes quarreling, occasionally supporting … … anything stupid “Friends” like Pompon to saying, There are close friends trusting sincerely from girls, even I can have that kind of existence? ”
His wishful desire to get out of Jolt’s mouth. Tatsumi also silently listened to his story because he knows that he is serious.
“In that respect, Tatsumi is a priest officer who is a departed from the organization of the country, so it will not be a master-slave relationship with me, and even if you are friendly it does not tell you anything about the surrounding nobles, There is Giuseppe’s grandfather.I think that there is not so in the nobles that the royal family and Giuseppe’s grandpa let’s turn to enemy, ”
Jorut continued that he had just confirmed that Tatsumi himself was not ambitious as well.

“I wanted to talk to Calice as much as I can. I always wanted to hear about Calice as well as the previous exchange.What is always calm him, what kind of face do you hear Tatsumi’s hot words …… I want to see it I
wonder, “Okay? Karse is somewhat like a change in facial expressions if it somewhere is true .” Even
though Jolt knows acquainted with Chalcedonia, it is only her before she was reunited with Tatsumi.
Earlier she did not interact with other people as much as a minister as a minister, but with a smile or an amiable smile, it was rather unfriendly person. It is one of the reasons that it came to be called “the saint”, as well as the place not to bring other people back.
However, since reuniting with Tatsumi, Chalcedonia has a reputation that its facial expression became bright and soft.
But Jolt did not know the changed Chalcedonia reunited with Tatsumi.
In recent years, the caledonia was busy with everything in preparation for summoning Tatsumi, while also serving as a priest. And after summoning Tatsumi it was almost the same as Tatsumi, so we had no chance to face her with Jolt.
“Well, Kalse will change his expression a lot … Wow, I can not believe it, what is that?”
Jolt who again exposes a blunt goofy face. Looking at Jolt like that, it was time for Tatsumi to laugh.
There is no caution against him in Tatsumi. And as I heard his feelings now, it will be up to you whether I can be my best friend, but I was beginning to think positively about connecting friendship with him.
“If you can not believe so much, if you can come to our house next time next time … Is it possible for the royal family to walk by the city alone in the first place?” Tatami
suddenly came up with that fact. It is impossible for a human being who will become the future king to go out alone by himself.
“Oh, then it’s okay, you got permission for grandpa.The fact that grandparents gave permission is supposed to be in the neighborhood of three guards and guards just because we are not aware. Tatsumi is with me now, if Tatsumi you can take me with you whenever you want to escape anyhow? ”
” Well, if you just escape,
I’m confident as it is … but …. I do not know about Tatsumi’s ability Incidentally, by the way, when I left the castle I used a secret loophole. ”
” Nu, a way out … …. It certainly will be a joke to the castle … … ”
That’s right. What would you like to tell me a couple of secret loopholes? If you’re good Tatsumi, you can come and visit me at my place? Of course, with Calce as well
… “………… A way out of such a castle …… countries …… or not it most important secret that you Te? ”
Was involuntarily Tatsumi feel a headache.
However, if Tatsumi feels that way, it is not difficult to steal into the royal palace without using a loophole.

“Anyway, I do welcome you to come and visit my house, but if you let me know in advance, though, even if you come suddenly, we are not always at home.”
“Yes, for the first time in a long while I’d like to see Calse as well and I’ll let you stay at Tatsumi’s house again, of course, I will send you the news in advance. ”
Tatsumi and Jolt make smiles with no inclusions. And from both of them, I grasped each other’s hands firmly.
This was the encounter of King Joltryon, which is later honored as a rare name, and the exorcist of a demon who will be called with the two names of “Tensho”, and it was the beginning of my relationship as a friend.

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