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Finally I’m back with My Silly Girl translation. I like every sweetness of this novel so much and its just so perfect to be my mood ‘balancer’ after done translating ‘frustrations’ chap of other’s project.


This novel will be updated super slow because I have problem to do interpreting-translation for this novel and due to few reasons, such as the traffic for this is so low (seems not many people read it), so that low in priority rank. In contrast, the translation is copied so quickly by the thief websites, Somewhat it gives me kind of ‘crevasse’, often unmotivated to progress the translation in stable pace. Perhaps, in the future, I’ll still do password chapter in which I might sound 小心眼 (petty) for doing so. I can’t please everyone, because I believe without say, people who see my work hard, naturally will understand.

Also, I haven’t decided to drop this project despite of its slowness…
Don’t worry, I still carry on the translating ^-^

Chapter 6 Part 1 (One) I’m More Afraid If You Jump Over

The following day, the school will be starting new semester.

On the next semester, Luo Shang Er will be at her fourth year.

She is studying International Trade, the university in order to meet the professional need of the four years, its curriculum are compressed into three years, while it is also requiring the students to finish all the subject and at the fourth year of the first semester, the university is planned to send the student to overseas for student exchange, internships or thing that related to academic research.

No matter she thought, how could her days with Wen Ze is getting lessen and lessen.

What to do? Really missed him…..

Luo Shang Er was touching her knees while sitting in living room. She didn't dare to make a phone call, afraid she perhaps going to disturb his rest time or sleeping time.

Within six days, he was only phoning her two times, also he was such in hurrying when reminding her to eat more vegetable, sleep earlier or asked her to accompany her father more often.

At home she was knitting, then she went to hospital to take care her father, preparing her clothes for the new semester, she even set a schedule to watch a soap opera.

She really had substantial schedules.

But, she still frustrated leaning her hand in window: still missing him.

Uncle Wen, hurry coming back.

Luo Shang Er really missed you.


Afternoon, the sky still looked so clear suddenly was snowing.

The sky was drifting white snows, she alone went outside the big villa playing with the piled snow, entertaining herself and making snowman.

For the entire afternoon, she had hallucination, he suddenly fell from the sky, his body full with snow, busying, from inside the piled snow under the white sky embraced her and said: "Long time no see, I missed you so much!"

Since she was too over-controlled with her hallucination the bad result was, she caught a cold.

At night, she could not sleep well, muddle-headed, her head was aching.

Luo Shang Er was forcing herself to get down from the bed with staggering body, looking for thermometer, once she measured, idiot, 39.4 degree Celsius.

An initially she thought it wasn't that severe, but after she measured her body temperature directly she laying down on her bed, there was no slightest strength left with her.

In her dream, who was gently touched her forehead?

"Really silly girl, not even can taking care herself!" half awake and half slept condition, after all she felt Wen Ze's cold palm touching her burning hot face, followed by a slight of sighed.

Was it a dream? Was it a dream?

But she still not able to open her eyes, feeling cold and hot, breaking her heart so much.


Luo Shang Er was confusing open her pair of eyes, the curtain is pulled up, inside the room was so dimmed.

"Didn’t I only sleep for few hours?" she was talking to herself, swaying her head. Oh, still felt dizzy.

The cold blanket in her forehead was fallen down, she looked with suspicion, didn't know why.

"Stop to shake the head, more you shake sillier you are!" Wen Ze was walking in from outside.

"Uncle Wen?" It obviously she had recovered, looked much better. Her eyes glared big: "When were you coming back?" Luo Shang Er immediately giving him a big smile, immediately stood up: "Why I don't know."

"Let me check, have your fever gone down?" Wen Ze's big palm reached out to her forehead and touched it.

"You touched the head, touching it would have be better lots!" Luo Shang Er sprouted nonsense.

"My silly girl, You forehead was put cold towel before."


Wen Ze drew back his hand: "It seems the fever went down already, take this, measure the body temperature once again." He was taking the thermometer and then handed it over to her.

Luo Shang Er took it, laid down, she took the thermometer and then inserted it through the quilt to her armpit: "That, when did you return?" Her eyes were looking him straightly.

He looked so tired, but his voice sounded happy: "Last night. Did you know how cute you were last night?"


"You were catching a cold, but you were kicking the quilt. Powerless but still muddle-head said 'cold, hugged me! Hugged me!' I even laughed to death."

Wen Ze was recalling last night incident, his lips curled upward.

At that time he could not laugh, only felt this little girl really unlucky but also cute, she was so sick and yet she could not take care herself, at same time her absent-minded still thinking about him. He wrapped the guilt tightly to her body, alike a dumpling, asked her: "Can this do?"

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