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Rory saw Anna frown, then her head dip, the halo of the fire burning behind her. Even in the near darkness, he could see the tears stream down her cheeks. He never let up his pace and soon the bonfire shrunk to a small blazing ball in the deep blue distance, and then the figures of the Nephilim disappeared completely.

"They won't cross the lake by swimming," Rory huffed. "They'll have no choice but to hike around the lake, and that'll take a long time through all that rough terrain." He paused, then said, "Just like Barton planned it."

"He planned one more thing," Brewster said.

Anna finally turned in the boat and faced them. "What?" she asked.

Brewster pointed at Rory. "He's the chronicler."


"But Ed's dead, so they don't need him. They can't do their ceremony," Anna said.

"For now," Rory answered, understanding jolting him. "Blood's been spilled, and they'll be back." But he knew what he had to do. Just like Barton, he would leave a journal for the next generation. Brewster shot him a knowing smile.

Anna's features were a gray mask in the shadows, but Rory could see the white around her terrified eyes. She huddled on the seat, arms wrapped around herself, warding off more than the rising chill in the air.

Rory felt the cold as well. Icy tentacles crawled into his wet clothes, burrowed their way deep into his heart, intensified with the settling gloom. As he rowed, the night enveloped them all with its uninviting presence. He squinted into the sky. The darkness would buy them a bit of time, for the Nephilim would likely wait until dawn to come around the lake. And tomorrow they could hope for the rain that Brewster had predicted.

Rory allowed himself a grim smile. They had escaped, but they weren't free. They would never be free again.


Renee Pawlish works as a database a.n.a.lyst, and spent eight years as a counselor, specializing in drug and alcohol issues, and teen s.e.xual perpetrator and victim issues. She holds an undergraduate degree in history from the University of Colorado, and a Masters in Counseling from Denver Conservative Baptist Seminary. She resides in Littleton, Colorado.


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