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06:Trembling Clitoris

「Hey, Noire.」


「Shall we use your mouth today?」


The next day, after kissing and torturing her nipple, Eiji tried to asked for a fellatio.

Rather than saying she disliked it, she seems to has something on her mind.

「Won’t you lick and suck this?」

「Wha..!? Don’t joke with me! I would absolutely not do it.」

「By any means…」

Eiji keeps on persuading her, but she wouldn’t change her mind.
She keeps on refusing while shaking her head.

「Is it disgusting?」

「Of course!
And that is dangerous, I’m sorry to disappoint you.」


On Noire’s word, Eiji tilt his head.

Thinking this, Eiji decided to ask.

「What do you mean dangerous?」

「What……Ah、I forgot to tell you. Magical Power are also contained in body fluids other than blood. That, of course, including semen.」

「Eh? Is that so?」

「Yes. Also, the Magical Power inside the semen is thicker than in blood.
You understand? Moreover, if I drink your semen……」

Just drinking a few drops of blood, she was already cornered into a half-dead state. What will happen if she drink semen which contained even more Magical Power?
Noire who imagined such a thing, hug herself while trembling.

「Wh-what will happen?」

「I can’t imagine it, it won’t be strange if my heart stop or I go crazy from too much pleasure.」

「If that’s the case. Then, regrettably, I have to give up on this..」

「Please do..」

Though regrettably, Eiji who gives up remembered what happen yesterday.
At yesterday’s traning, they were only kissing but Noire ended up cumming. At that time, he was wondering whether she was sensitive. But if the magical power also contained in other body fluids, then the story will change.

「Don’t tell me, you also felt good when kissing with me?」

「Don’t remind me of that, it’s embarrassing!!
……Of course, saliva also contained Magical Power. Although it was thinner than blood and semen, it won’t become a terrible thing like what happen with blood.」

Noire also repeatedly remind Eijj.

「Oh, I will tell you again just in case……but please don’t cum inside.」

「That being said…… Don’t tell me, cumming inside as well?」

「It is the same in the sense that it is taken by the body.」

「……that was close」

Although Eiji didn’t cum inside due to avoiding pregnancy. Now that Noire point it out, Eiji shed a cold sweat.

In addition, according to Noire’s explanation afterwards, the concentration of magical power is in the order of Semen>Blood>Saliva>Sweat>Urine.

As a result of hearing that, Eiji jokingly told Noire to drink his urine instead. But hearing that, Noire got angry.

†  †  †

「Now! Shall we start today’s training?」

「Y-Yes…… Um, what are we going to do today?」

「Today, I will train your precious place」

Hearing Eiji’s word, Noire was surprised.

「Saa, take off your clothes.」


Being encouraged by Eiji, Noire started to take off her clothes with dissatisfaction and shameful expression.
However, Eiji’s request isn’t over yet.

「And please stand there and show it to me.」

「Huh!? B-but that… An-Anything but that……」

「It’s Fine, now hurry.」

「Muu.. I-I’ll remember this..!」

Although she was hesitant. After hearing Eiji’s encouraging, she took a deep breath, strengthened her determination, opened her legs to shoulder width, reaching her crotch with her fingers and opening it for Eiji to look.

「Fu~n, It’s beautiful.」

「I-It’s embarrassing……っ!」

When Eiji look inside her, Noire was so embarrassed that her face had turned red.

Moreover, the inside of her pink pussy is already moist.

「You’re already wet.
Did you get wet from being seen?」

「No! I-It’s different..!」

「If it’s not that, then why are you so wet..?」


As soon as he said those words, Eiji put a finger inside her.

As he pushed apart the pink labia, love nectar start to overflow.

「Is it not wet?
So, nasty.」

「I-Iyaaaa……Don’t say that.」

「It doesn’t matter what you said, it won’t change that it is wet.
Horaa, it’s already like this.」

Eiji pull his wet finger away from Noire’s wet crotch and showed it to her.
She tried to turn her face away from shame, but Eiji who saw it, put his finger inside her mouth.


Noire who wanted to protest against it, eventually thought of his intention and started to suck her own love nectar on his finger until it was clean.
Pulling out his finger from her mouth, a thread of saliva formed between his finger and her mouth.

「Saate, let’s start with the Main course.」


Unable to understand Eiji’s meaning, Noire tilted her head.

Eiji didn’t answer, instead took the brush which he had put on the bed.

「Huh, a brush?」
「Ah, I’ll do you with this.」

Saying that, Eiji moved the brush in his hand towards Noire’s crotch.

But, her expectation was betrayed. It was not on the crotch that the brush was heading. The meat pod at its upper crotch was spread by his other hand.
The thing inside was as large as a rice grain, and it touches with the outside air. To the strange feeling, Noire lets out a cute scream.


And Eiji, after setting up the brush, attacks her meat buds that she tried to protect.
He trailed it around her protrusion, while she was shrieking.

D-damee, that place……!」

Noire who received a sharp stimulus, screamed a high-pitched scream.

While escaping, Eiji chase it and stroke the meat bud with the brush tip.

「Ahhh!? St-staaahppp……That place~~, that place is too sensitive!

「On the contrary, wouldn’t it be convenient?
This is a training to get used to pleasure.」

「Th-that’s……Impossible, impossibl–!」

Noire couldn’t bear the feeling of being tormented at that place with the soft bristles. And tried to hold the hand that was opening her secret place.
However, just before that, Eiji stop and said..

「Oh, it’s a punishment if you don’t open it properly.」


Hearing Eiji’s word, Noire is unable to do anything to Eiji’s hand at her secret place.

There’s no choice but to endure the irritating stimulus.
Noire tried to desperately endure, but finally she could no longer endure it.

「Aaahhh, mou damee!! It’s impossible!!


While spouting love nectar from her secret place, Noire’s waist was trembling like she was about to cum.
It seems that she will collapse and unable to stand, and somehow she held her hand towards the floor and support her body. And when she was about to climax..

「Training is over..」

「Huh!? B-but… I-It can’t be helped!」

Surely, she broke her own posture due to loss of climax.

She want to protest but, Eiji didn’t let her to and instead punished her.

「Muu……Then, what’s the punishment?」

「Eh? Yes, I’m confident with my body」

Ah, of course it’s fine on the bed.」

While making a strange face, Noire climbs on top of the bed, lie on her back, doing as Eiji says, and she brings both of her feet behind her neck.
According to her, she was confident in her body’s flexibility. She brought her left foot behind her neck with enough margin, then she lifted her right leg behind her neck and crossed both ankles behind the neck.

「Ooh, Sugoii na.」

「Th-This posture… It’s embarrassing!」

Noire who took the yoga-like pose without knowing the reason, right now was in the state where she couldn’t do anything.

She finally noticed it for the first time, and he smiled. But it is too late.
Eiji had already tied her ankles together behind her neck with a string, in addition both of her hands are being tied to the right and left side of the bed respectively, and they are fixed in a banzai-like pose.

「W-what are you gonna do!?」

Suddenly being restrained, she revealed anger. But she doesn’t look like she’s angry with her current appearance.

Now, she can’t protect her pink crotch from being bullied.
Eiji who was satisfied with her current appearance, took out the tool which he had hidden.

W-What is that? What is……」

Noire look at Eiji who took out a tool and asked with a terrified expression.

「It’s an electric massager.




Eiji’s gaze falls towards her bottom.
There, he can see the bud that was stiff and ruffled with the brush earlier.

「D-Don’t tell me!!?

「What is wrong?」

While she was shaking her head, Eiji pressed the tool in his hand towards Noire’s sensitive protrusion. How sensitive will it be? And what will happen to her if her sensitive protrusion was bullied by that tool?
While trembling from fear, Noire pleaded without shame but receive no reply from Eiji.

「Please! Stop! Anything.…」

「Switch On!」

「Sto-!! Hyaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!」

At the moment Eiji turned on the switch while ignoring Noire’s pleading. The sound of vibration which is not comparable with the rotor, it rose with Noire’s voice at the same time.



Noire was rushed to the climax after the switch was on.

In her current appearance where both feet are fixed behind her neck, even if she want to try to escape from the massager, she won’t be able to do anything.

Until Eiji satisfied, the only thing she could do was to accept the torture he was giving her.

「Enough…! Pweeasee it’s enough..!」

Noire pleads desperately while getting closer to climax.
She was subjected to an excessive torture on her freshly aware body and has fallen into a frenzy state.

「I-it’s cwumming again! Staahhpp!!

She can’t bear it, she had already cum a few times.
Noire who was forcibly tasted countless cums is launched to a more violent climax.

Noir can’t even make a voice, and her waist has convulsed several times, fixed in the inconvenient state.

When Eiji finally switched off the electric massage machine, a slightly yellowish liquid leaked out from Noire’s crotch who was still suffering from the intense climax.

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