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[Ill.u.s.tration: "Beyond is all abyss, Eternity, whose end no eye can reach." (_See page 358._)]


British Isles through an Opera Gla.s.s By CHARLES M. TAYLOR, Jr.

Author of "Vacation Days in Hawaii and j.a.pan." With 48 full-page ill.u.s.trations, princ.i.p.ally from photographs. Crown 8vo, about 350 pages, deckle edge paper, cloth jacket, in box, $2.00.

What is said of "The British Isles"

Mr. Taylor has the knack of making the story of his journeyings entertaining to the public. The usual descriptions of time-worn scenes give place to charming personal narrative, and a wealth of incident and episode gives to the book an exceptional interest. The fine half-tones of English scenes liberally scattered through the work greatly enhance its charm.--_The Philadelphia Call._

It is a record of a pleasant tour by the less frequented paths of travel, not only in England, but in Scotland and Ireland. The author takes little from the guide books and their familiar histories, but notes many interesting details that attracted his own attention.

Furthermore he has ill.u.s.trated his book with a large number of photographs, both of places and people, that are quite out of the common run, and the pictures alone would suffice to give the volume distinction.--_The Philadelphia Times._

The book is all the eye could wish, and as we turn the pages quickly from one to another of the forty-eight beautiful photographic ill.u.s.trations a veritable panorama pa.s.ses before us. The author is enthusiastic over what he saw in the British Isles, and he is evidently desirous of sharing his pleasure with those who have not been privileged to see for themselves.--_The Philadelphia American._

It is a luxurious volume that records the interesting travels of one who knows how to pen vivid word pictures of places where those who love travel would like to be.--_The Bookseller._

Mr. Taylor traveled through the British Isles with an observing eye, a ready note-book, and a camera which he used with discreet intelligence.

The narrative is brightly written and abounds in anecdote, while the personal point of view is ever present and adds a touch of piquancy. The volume is beautifully made, and the photographs, about fifty in number, are particularly well reproduced in half-tones--_The Philadelphia Press._

For sale by all booksellers, or sent post-paid upon receipt of the price by the publishers


103-105 South Fifteenth Street Philadelphia, Pa.


Vacation Days in Hawaii and j.a.pan By CHARLES M. TAYLOR, Jr.

With over 100 half-tone ill.u.s.trations, princ.i.p.ally from photographs.

Crown 8vo. 361 pages, gilt top, uncut edges. With unique cover design.

Price, $2.00.

What is said of "Vacation Days"

Mr. Taylor is a keen observer, who penetrated beyond the beaten track of the usual tourist, and his sketches of Home Life, Natural Beauties and Every-day scenes, have individuality and charm.--_Literary News._

The narrative is written in a clear, easy style, with an apt.i.tude for giving just that kind of information concerning everyday life which people miss too often in books of travel.--_Philadelphia Press._

A very interesting feature of the book is the numerous pictures from photographs taken by the author of "j.a.panese people," men, women and children, engaged at their ordinary vocations, also pictures of j.a.panese scenery, shops, living rooms and temples. These ill.u.s.trations are remarkable for their realism.--_Indianapolis Journal._

The book recounts the incidents of a recent tour through Hawaii and j.a.pan. The special value of the narrative is that it covers points of interest in these specially interesting countries not usually recorded in the guide books and ordinary books of travel.---_The Philadelphia Call._

A four months' trip through Hawaii and j.a.pan is narrated in this compact and entertaining volume. Mr. Taylor applies systematic methods to his sight-seeing. He is an appreciative observer as well. He was not content with well beaten paths and hence his record is clear, picturesque and fresh.--_The Philadelphia Ledger._

Two conspicuous merits this capital travel book has over the average in its cla.s.s; it describes new grounds and scenes, and the narrative ripples along with the ease and liveliness of a brook. Without professing to be specially instructive, Mr. Taylor conveys a great amount of information such as we all enjoy when told in this pleasant way, blending the matter of fact with the entertaining.--_The Philadelphia American._

For sale by all booksellers, or sent post-paid upon receipt of the price by the publishers


103-105 South Fifteenth Street Philadelphia, Pa.

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