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"Now,i won't deal with you just yet."

He clapped his hands and hit the floor,

Creating a room around the both of us.

"Now,we can have our private conversation,Kazeyama Kazuo."

I thought he was after Nii-san,so why does he want with me?

"Do you want power?"

"Power?Why me,and not Nii-san."

"I was hired by the triangle people to kill him,using the princess as a decoy."

But,That still does not answer my question.

"That's because i know how you feel."

"What do you mean?"

"The older brother always outshines the younger brother,the parents always loved the older brother more than the younger brother."


"Stop,i know what you going to say.,'I know,that's why i hate my older brother.'"

What is he talking about?

I have never thought about Nii-san like that.


"Your not wrong.Despite me being the heir to the Kazeyama family and loved more by our parents,Nii-san is still stronger than me."

"That's why you…… wait,your parents actually loved you more than your older brother?"


"Can you wait for a minute?"


He took out his mask and wear it,

"Now,much better."

"What's the point of wearing the mask?"

"It gives me more of a villainous feel to it."

Wait,i still don't get it,

"It also makes me think better as well and calms me down when i make a mistake."

Is it because he guessed my background wrongly?

"Now,do you want power or not?"

Power,i do want the power to surpass Nii-san,but his a bad guy,should i really trust him.

"Before you choose,let me tell you my story……"

"Sorry,but please save that for your spin-off series."


"Shut up and i'll take your powers!"


He suddenly kept his mouth shut and the entire room was quiet,

Seriously,his the bad guy and yet he's actually listening to his victim.

"I'll give you my magic,but only if you are able to defeat me."

"Huh? But,how are you going to give it to me?"

Without replying to me,

He created two P-90 and started shooting me,

And i started to run.

"Why me!Just tell me the reason!"

"Cause of your eyes.You have good eyes."

"My eyes?"

I don't get it?What does my eyes have?

"Your from the descendant of the god of light!You even have the eyes of god."

But,what does he mean that i'm a descendant of the God of light,

And my eyes,aren't my eyes normal?

What is this Eyes of god!?

"Tch,we ordered him to get the water priest and the time goddess and kill the genius,"

"And now his doing his own thing."

"Should we kill him?"

"No.He's going to kill himself anyways."

"Hey,can i join in your conversation?"

"Oh,it's you,Kazeyama Souta,or should i say,The genius researcher,Haruyuki Kei."



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