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Chapter 288

The 13th vampire city.

Pon and Regas had already explored this place, so they opened their mouths prior to entering.

“Once we enter here, we have to go down a 12m high cliff. There is no danger when climbing down the cliff, but there is a risk of falling down because it’s dark and steep. The people with less than 400 agility should move carefully.”

“There aren’t any lights and it is dark, so you won’t be able to see anything for around two minutes. Your vision won’t be perfect after two minutes pass. The darkness places a limit on our mobility, so it will be difficult for us to exert 100% of our power. Ah, Jishuka and Faker have their passive skills Hawk Eyes and Assassin’s Eyes.”

Vantner expressed his doubts.

“Why can’t we light torches if it is dark? Why are we trying to stay in the dark? Are we cavemen?”

“The vampires pay attention to fire. You will be isolated as soon as you turn on the torch.”

“Ah, that’s right. I heard that before.”


Pon continued the explanation.

“There is a city half the size of Bairan below the cliff. The average level of the vampire familiars wandering the streets are well below the giant worms. However, combat capabilities depend on the existence, so be vigilant.”

“Familiar? Where are the vampires?”

“The vampires are asleep in buildings scattered throughout the city. Once we enter a building, they will wake up. But there are rare cases of some of them ambushing us.”

“Hrmm… The boss must be sleeping in one of the buildings.”

“It’s a reasonable guess. We can only go through the buildings in order to find the boss.”

“In the process, you should be careful of the True Blood vampires. Sometimes they pop up and they are much stronger than ordinary vampires.”

“How so?”

“It was hard to kill them even if Regas and I joined forces.”

“A field boss?”

“No, not that strong. If we don’t have divine power, we can’t do much damage. However, if all of us join forces, we should be able to easily defeat them.”

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