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"It's virtually impossible to create an item with all-encompassing effects..."

The myth rated Red Phoenix Bow and Lifael's Spear only had one attribute. The materials used to make an item were limited, so it was theoretically impossible to create all-rounder items. But the weapon Grid wanted didn't necessarily have to be 'all-rounder.'

'How... Ah!'

The Item Transformation skill passed through Grid's head, followed by Item Combination and Sword Ghost.

'Is it possible to make an item that can transform or combine without using the skills?'

Like a detachable Sword Ghost!

'I have caught a strand!'

The excited Grid noted some of the options and information of Sword Ghost.

[+7 Sword Ghost]

Rating: Legendary



* Can be separated into small and large pieces.

* When separated, the attack power of the small and large piece are applied separately.



There are two knobs, one in the middle of the blade and one in the bottom, made of drake fangs. Turning the knob in the middle will separate the pieces. In addition, you can deal serious damage to the enemy's mind if you hit the enemy with these knobs.

Since the surface is entirely black and the circumference of the blade and the knob is the same, it isn't easy to distinguish the knob with the naked eye.



'What if I make multiple Sword Ghosts with different attributes that can be separated and attached?'

It would have the all-purpose ability that he dreamt of! He could use a suitable blade depending on the situation!

'However, the problem is...'

There was an inevitable gap in the process of attaching and detaching the blade. Grid summoned the Sword Ghost from the inventory. Then he separated them and reattached them.

'0.5 seconds for separation and 0.7 seconds for attachment.'

In addition, it took another 0.5 seconds to retrieve a new blade from the inventory.

'Around two seconds...'

This speed was possible because Grid had high dexterity and was familiar with swapping items. An ordinary person would take a minimum of four seconds. But that wasn't comforting.

'All the enemies I have to deal with are far from ordinary.'

Monsters, NPCs, and players. The enemies that Grid had to confront in the future were all transcendent. Revealing a gap of two seconds to them would be fatal. 'The protection of the God Hands isn't absolute and it isn't possible to summon Tiramet right now.' He could protect his body with the two Overgeared Skeletons, but it was limited to two attacks in total. It was difficult to rely on them. He couldn't use the Overgeared Skeletons as a shield forever.


Grid suddenly stopped frowning. He succeeded in thinking of a new idea.

'Silver thread!'

[Silver Thread]

Attack Power: 100~????

Durability: 1,000/1,000

Fragments of silver armor that have been shaped in the blood vessels of the armored needles for many years.

Unlike ordinary silver thread that only has a thin coating of silver, this is made of pure silver. It also contains the powerful magic power of the armored needle.

Depending on the skill level of the user, it can be used in various ways due to its different forms.

* It is classified as a secondary weapon.

Conditions of Use: Secondary Weapons Mastery Advanced Level 5. More than 2,000 dexterity.

* The silver thread can be shot quickly if you have more than 2,000 dexterity.

* If you have more than 2,500 dexterity, you can twist 5 or less strands of silver thread together to create the desired shape.

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