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Chapter 76

The canyon spider wasn't just big in size. Its overwhelming strength was comparable to boss monsters.


Lee Junho, Choi Chansung and Sim Kiwan.

The three people who attended high school with Shin Youngwoo were trapped in the canyon spider's nest, wrapped in the spider web. They felt extreme fright at the canyon spider's sharp teeth and legs, wondering which one of them would be eaten first.

“Damn… I just wanted to go to Winston…" Lee Junho lamented. 

Winston was the name of a popular city in the middle of nowhere. The three people heard that there were hunting grounds of various levels where they could hunt and earn money, so they headed to Winston.  But thanks to the antics of the mischievous goblins, they almost froze to death and found the canyon. Now they would become the meal of a canyon spider.

“Dammit, why did you decide to go to Winston?" Sim Kiwan grumbled. Then Lee Junho's face distorted. 

It was Lee Junho who first talked about going to Winston. Lee Junho glared angrily at Sim Kiwan's complaint. “Didn't you agree? Now you're trying to blame me? Did I know it would be like this? Eh?"

Lee Junho had a bad temper and was the best fighter in his high school. There was no kid in high school who hadn't been bullied by Lee Junho.  In the period where Lee Junho was his most rebellious, Choi Chansung and Sim Kiwan suffered despite being his closest friends. They knew that Lee Junho still had a temper, so Sim Kiwan didn't grumble anymore.

However, Lee Junho didn't relax.

"Ah, this damn… the more I think about it, the more shitty it is. Hey, Sim Kiwan. You jerk, try talking again. I told us to move to Winston so we were caught by that damn spider? Didn't we all agree? You said it was a good idea, right? But now you're blaming me once things became worse? You jerk, what type of friend are you?"

"…I'm sorry. I didn't mean to blame you. I was just so agitated that I mispoke."

“Ah, shit. Why don't you do something if you're sorry? This jerk should really go to hell."

The silent Choi Chansung quickly mediated between them. “Why are we fighting now? Let's try to figure how to escape instead of fighting."

To be honest, Choi Chansung and Sim Kiwan didn't like Lee Junho. Lee Junho was a friend, but he tended to look down on Choi Chansung and Sim Kiwan.  They were now 26 years old and didn't want to keep acting like their high school years.

On the other hand, Lee Junho was unable to adapt to society due to his dirty nature and because he had few friends. Therefore, he frequently wanted to hang out with Choi Chansung and Sim Kiwan. Choi Chansung and Sim Kiwan wanted to ignore Lee Junho, but they couldn't easily dismiss Lee Junho after knowing each other for 10 years. 

But now they were reaching their limits.

‘Is he crazy? He's calling a friend a jerk?'

'That bastard Lee Junho, he can't fix his dirty habit. Kiwan also has a lot of pride.'

As the atmosphere became tense… The wind from outside brought the sound of disturbance.

“! $ #! ~%”

The sound was coming from a distant place, so the three people couldn't precisely grasp the contents of the disturbance. But the canyon spider was different. The canyon spider locked the three people up and glanced towards the outside of the nest. 


The canyon spider sprang up excitedly. It seemed to rejoice that a new prey had appeared. The three people were relieved to see the canyon spider leaving the nest. 

"Phew… I thought I was going to die."

"I agree…"

“Come on, let's escape this place!"

Lee Junho was a level 88 warrior. Due to his aggressive tendencies, he invested most of his stats into strength. Therefore, he tried to break the web with his body. But no matter how he moved his body, the web didn't budge.

“What is this damn thing? I can't break it even with my strength?”

Lee Junho became exhausted and eventually gave up on breaking the web. Then Sim Kiwan, who was a level 87 fire magician, chanted a spell and summoned fire.


The spiderweb around Sim Kiwan's body started to burn.


The three people cheered at the thought of the spiderweb turning to ashes. But after a while, the flames died down and revealed the spiderweb only had a blackened surface and was still tightly trapping Sim Kiwan's body.

Sim Kiwan's face turned white. 

"What is this? It can't be burned with fire?"

“Leave it to me.” The level 89 thief, Choi Chansung came forward. He held a dagger in one hand and tried to cut the web with a dagger. However, even the sharp dagger couldn't cut the web.

“Unbelievable… not even a scratch?"

This was why the canyon spider left this place so easily. Only three people were so low-levelled that they couldn't get rid of the spider web or avoid death. They were desperate.

"In the end, we're going to be eaten by that spider bastard…"

“Hey, if we are going to die anyway, let's just log out. Isn't it better to give up experience than being eaten?"

Lee Junho and Sim Kiwan had already tried to log out. But 'In this situation, you can't avoid death. If you log out, it will be treated as a death.' floated in front of them and they had hesitated. However, these circumstances meant it was better to log out.

“Okay, let's just log out. I will completely lose my dignity as a human if I experience being eaten by a spider."

“Okay, log…"

Choi Chansung tried to stop the two people who wanted to log out.

“Wait. Isn't it too shameful to take our lives, even if this is a game? We don't know what is happening, so let's hold on a little longer."

"What are you saying? The spider will come back soon! Do you want to be eaten by a spider? I might get arachnophobia for the rest of my life!"

"If you have the courage to take your own life, use that courage to find a means to fight the spider."

"What nonsense are you saying? Stop speaking. Aye, I don't know. We are going to log out, so you stay here alone! "Logout…eh?"

The three people fell silent at the same time. Their gazes headed towards the entrance of the cave.

Thump, thump.

They weren't mistaken. There was the sound of human footsteps from the entrance of the cave.



The three men held their breaths as they watched the situation. After a while, a person entered the cave.

“That spider bastard has been alive for decades, so did it gather any treasures in its nest? This bastard, it was hard hunting you."

This person hunted that fearful spider? Lee Junho, Choi Chansung and Sim Kiwan looked at the man with disbelieving expressions.  Half the man's face was covered by a big helmet, which seemed to be made from the skull of a giant monster. The helmet's appearance was hideous.

The three people whispered to each other, because they were worried the man would hear.

"That guy doesn't seem ordinary…?"

“That’s right. He is like a psychopath with that odd aesthetic sense."

“But let's ask for help."

"H-Hrmm… he looks dangerous…"

"Won't he just kill us?"

"… That's possible.


The three of them were conflicted. The appearance of the man's helmet was just as terrible as the canyon spider. On the other hand, inside the helmet, Grid found the three people tied up by the web. He was startled.

'Isn't that Lee Junho? Why are those guys here?'

Lee Junho and his followers! They were famous as gangsters since their school days.  In particular, Lee Junho was an uncontrollable gangster.  He often committed violence against his classmates. He even dared go against the teachers.

Grid. No, Shin Youngwoo was his target not just once or twice. It was seven or eight years ago, but Shin Youngwoo remembered all the evils Lee Junho had committed against him.

'During high school… the amount of money that bastard took from me from second grade to graduation is exactly 67,300 won… His follower was 23,000 and the other one 14,000… Those damn three people.'

It wasn't a good memory for Shin Youngwoo. His head was bad. He couldn't remember small things. But he remembered the things that happened to him.

'His harassment didn't end just in school.'

Lee Junho was the first person who laughed and ignored Shin Youngwoo at the alumni meeting two years ago. The alumni heard that Shin Youngwoo had become obsessed with games and debt-ridden and couldn't laugh.

Only Lee Junho continued teasing Shin Youngwoo and calling him pathetic. As the alumni meeting continued and everyone started to drink, the other alumni followed Lee Junho's example and started laughing at Shin Youngwoo. Shin Youngwoo became a laughing stock with all the alumni.

'This unforgivable bastard… Dammit, how did I come across this bastard in a game? I really have no luck.'

Shin Youngwoo glared at Lee Junho and his followers. Lee Junho felt his gaze and asked gently. “E..Excuse me? Can you help us? As you can see, we are trapped. Haha."

Lee Junho never imaged that the man inside the helmet was Shin Youngwoo. Shin Youngwoo thought this was ludicrous.

‘That bastard… he acts like such a devil towards me, but makes such a fake smile towards others! Ah, isn't my face covered right now? Then they don't know who I am? Oho, maybe this…'

Honestly, Shin Youngwoo didn't like the Frostlight Orc Chief's Helmet. As a unique set item, its functions were very good. However, it was too ugly. But at this moment, he was delighted with the Frostlight Orc Chief's Helmet. 

Why? The helmet had a shape that covered half his face. Therefore, Shin Youngwoo's appearance wasn't revealed and the ID of Grid didn't appear over his head.

‘Now that I've met this scum here, isn't it a chance for revenge?'

Shin Youngwoo started laughing and Lee Junho's group looked at each other. Shin Youngwoo's laugh that emerged from the helmet caused Lee Junho and his group to feel an eerie chill. The eyes that could be seen in the helmet were similar to those of the canyon spider. Yes, like they were prey…!

‘Did we step in poop?'

As Lee Junho's group trembled, Shin Youngwoo focused his gaze on Choi Chansung.

'Choi Chansung…'

Choi Chansung was clearly a person who hung out with Lee Junho and Sim Kiwan.  Choi Chansung was with them whenever Lee Junho or Sim Kiwan were committing violence against someone.

But Shin Youngwoo had never witnessed Choi Chansung's direct involvement in any cheating, swearing or violence.  Rather, Choi Chansung watched Lee Junho and Sim Kiwan with an uncomfortable expression. Youngwoo didn't know why, but he often saw Choi Chansung arguing with Lee Junho. 

‘One time, he apologized to me on behalf of Lee Junho… He also never made fun of me at the alumni meetings… Not long ago, he called and asked if I was going to the reunion… I didn't call back or reply to his email, despite several attempts to contact me. It was like he was worried about me! Yes? Perhaps he really is a good guy?'

Shin Youngwoo's interpretation was correct.  Choi Chansung was really worried about Shin Youngwoo after what happened at the alumni meeting.  He was afraid Shin Youngwoo might make the wrong choice out of shame.

While Lee Junho and Sim Kiwan always mocked Shin Youngwoo, Choi Chansung kept his mouth shut. Choi Chansung hung around Lee Junho and Sim Kiwan due to the relationship that started from their first year in high school, but he was reluctant to harass anyone.

However, Shin Youngwoo had doubts.

'… Anybody who is a friend of Lee Junho can't be a good guy. If I look at examples from the movies or comics, he is the truly evil mastermind who is pretending to be good on the outside!'

Wasn't Choi Chansung standing behind Lee Junho and Sim Kiwan when they bullied him in high school? Wasn't he behind Lee Junho when he laughed at Shin Youngwoo at the reunion? Shin Youngwoo was so suspicious that he considered Choi Chansung more of an enemy than Lee Junho.

Then he raised the +8 Ideal Dagger.


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Chapter 77



Lee Junho's group trembled. It was the first time they had seen such a dazzling enhanced weapon.

'He truly is an amazing person who can take care of a canyon spider.'

'He might look ignorant but he clearly has a high-level! Amazing. When can we be like that?'

In front of their longing gazes, Shin Youngwoo cut a spider web tangled on the wall with a single blow. Lee Junho's group once again felt admiration.

'He got rid of the spider web so easily, despite it not budging under our combined attacks.'

Shin Youngwoo shrugged as their eyes shone in admiration. "Anyone who can't break a spider web at this level is, honestly, quite incompetent and pathetic."


A truly nasty tone! Lee Junho and Sim Kiwan were indignant.  Lee Junho's standoffish nature would usually cause him to spit out curses right away, but but refrained from doing so, as he was currently in a lower position.

“Haha, we are still low-level users… It is hard for us to deal with the spider webs. So please help us. If you don't help us, we won't be able to escape this web and will eventually die."

Lee Junho smiled somewhat subserviently. It was a truly fresh appearance for Shin Youngwoo.

'Hasn't this guy always run around with no fear of the world? Now he is acting like this?'

Shin Youngwoo barely suppressed his laughter. He cupped his chin and gestured lazily. “Hmm~ why should I save you guys? What benefits can I obtain from saving you? I am inherently predisposed to hate things like a free service."

The man in the helmet blatantly asked for a payment! Lee Junho thought the man was an inconsiderate bastard, but he had no choice.

“We spent most of our money on potions, so we only have a little bit left."

"Don't be weak. Do you guys set the value of your lives that low?"

“… As you know, we don't have a lot of money because we aren't high-level users."

“Based on your equipment, aren't you at least level 80? If you combine all your money, won't it be a decent amount?"

“If we give you all our assets, how will we live…? Please have mercy."

Shin Youngwoo was excited to hear Lee Junho begging. He felt as though he had been constipated for 10 years and it was finally released.

‘He always acted heavy-handedly in front of me… Kukuk, okay! Let's release all my grudges today! This is the perfect chance to pay back all my shame. Blacksmith's Rage!'

[Blacksmith's Rage has been activated. Your attack power and attack speed will increase significantly for 20 seconds.]

Shin Youngwoo vowed to let him know how it felt to be bullied. Then he started beating Lee Junho up with no notice.



Lee Junho screamed as he was beaten by bare hands, although it felt like a hammer. This wasn't an exaggeration. Shin Youngwoo was only level 86 but his strength was over 700 points. In addition, Blacksmith’s Rage was used. 

Even if Shin Youngwoo didn't have a legendary class or high stats, Lee Junho was an ordinary level 88 warrior who invested most of his stats in strength instead of defense, so Shin Youngwoo's attack power was a threat. 

Lee Junho wasn't equipped with special armor so he was at a risk of dying from 200 hits of Shin Youngwoo's bare hands. And it was very easy to hit people 200 times when they couldn't resist.

"W-What is this?"

Shin Youngwoo grinned at Lee Junho. It was like a demon's smile. “You don't intend to give me money but you still ask me to save you? You have no shame!"



Shin Youngwoo's fist hit Lee Junho's abdomen. Lee Junho coughed up a small amount of blood and Shin Youngwoo raised his fists. Then he hit Lee Junho's jaw.

Peok peok!

"Cough! N-No! Will you spare us if we give you money? Why should I give you money?"

"Aren't your potions valuable?"

“Do you really want me to give you all my assets?"

"Yes, you jerk!"


"Ugh! W-Wait a minute! Stop beating me. Think about it! You want me to give you all my assets just for cutting some mere spider webs?"

“Mere spider webs? Yes, that’s right. To me, they are just spider webs. But what about for you? You can't break free from this web and will die!”

Peok peok!

“Ack! I-I understand! Sorry! I made a mistake. S-Spare me! I will give you all my assets!"

"That's okay."


"I don't want money."

“I-It was a joke? Hahat! Hahaha! Hey, you are funny. You must be having some fun because you would save us anyway!"

"What are you saying? I will save you?"

"What? Didn't I say I would give you all my assets if you save me?"

"You bastard, how do I know you really will give me all of your assets? You might have 100 gold, then give me 1 gold and say 'I'm sorry, this is all I have.' Eh?"

"No! I wouldn't do such a thing"

"Uh. I won't save you even if you give me all of your assets."


“I don't want to save you because I hate impolite people!"

Bam bam bam!

In the party window, Lee Junho's health gauge was going down. A warrior's health was being noticeably decreased just from being hit by bare hands? Choi Chansung and Sim Kiwan were scared.

'Lee Junho invested most of his points in strength, but the basic health of a warrior is very high. But the damage from bare hands… Strong…! He is quite strong. No wonder why he can hunt the spider canyons. But!'


Why use violence against someone who asked for help? If he didn't want to help, just don't help.

Bam bam bam!

Lee Junho was beaten up without being able to move, like a poor dog tied to the tree in the backyard. The two people disliked Lee Junho, but they couldn't stay quiet in this situation.

"Hey! Why are you suddenly beating people? We didn't even do anything wrong."

Sim Kiwan inquired. Shin Youngwoo stopped hitting Lee Junho and shifted his gaze. Sim Kiwan jumped with surprise.

'That look in his eyes… They aren't the eyes of a normal person!'

Shin Youngwoo's eyes, revealed through the helmet, seemed to shine with insanity…

Bam bam bam!

“Kuaack! Eek! Ugh! Ughh!"

Unlike Lee Junho, Sim Kiwan was a magician so his basic health was very low. Thus, half of Sim Kiwan's health was gone after Shin Youngwoo beat him for 10 minutes. Sim Kiwan wanted to curse but he didn't dare let them out.

“S-Spare me…"

Shin Youngwoo's eyes widened. "What? Spare you? Hahahaha! Do you want to live? Huh? Do you want to live? Huh? Puhahahat! Hey~~ why do you look so worried? Okay, I will keep going!"



Choi Chansung watched this situation and wanted it to be a dream. The person they asked to save them turned out to be a madman who wanted to kill them! How could this happen?

'Is he a professional PKer?'

Satisfy had PK users who killed users to steal items or at someone's request. But the number of PKers wasn't high due to various disadvantages. An ordinary user who played Satisfy every day would rarely meet a PKer. However, now a PKer appeared in front of them. He appeared in the middle of nowhere! Wasn't the situation worse now?

“… Do it in moderation."

Lee Junho, who had been silent for a while after being beaten, opened his mouth while Sim Kiwan was being hit. Shin Youngwoo's gaze returned to Lee Junho.

"What did you say just now?"

Lee Junho's eyes were filled with killing intent as he shouted. “I told you to do it moderately, you bastard!"

The roar echoed through the cave. This was the backbone of a warrior. Sim Kiwan, whose face was bloody, looked over towards Lee Junho expectantly.

'Yes, Junho! Show this psychopathic bastard! You aren't an ordinary person.'

Sim Kiwan was just someone who followed and imitated Lee Junho. On the other hand, Lee Junho was a born gangster. He was someone who didn't fear anything. It was rumored that even his parents didn't dare go against them.

Sim Kiwan knew him for a long time, so he was well aware of Lee Junho's violent personality. He thought it was possible for him to somehow go against the madman in a helmet. But…

"Why are you screaming so loudly inside that spider web? Well? Shitty guy? Aren't you just a dog? Eh?"

Peok peok!

"If I don't stop, what will you do? Huh? Huh?"

Bam bam bam!

"Why don't you try getting rid of that spider web before shouting? You incompetent bastard."


Lee Junho might be strong in reality, but this was Satisfy. It wasn't a place where real strength would have any effect. A strong person would naturally stand on top. Here, Shin Youngwoo was much stronger than Lee Junho.

Bam bam bam!

Lee Junho struggled against the web for a while before glaring at Shin Youngwoo. Then he spoke in a voice quivering with anger. "Hey, you jerk. Where do you live? Eh? Do you dare encounter me in reality? Do you want to die? Tell me where you live right now! I will go and kill you!"

Instincts were truly frightening. Shin Youngwoo knew that he was in a far superior position, but he couldn't help flinching at Lee Junho's words. Then after a moment. Shin Youngwoo recalled that Lee Junho could never figure out his identity and replied unabashedly.

“Me? I live in Argentina, you bastard."

Argentina! Despite being the world's 8th largest country, its total population was below that of South Korea, which was ranked 109th largest in the world.  A country famous for soccer powerhouses! It was a country famous for food culture such as asado (meat on skewers and baked on a charcoal fire). More than anything else, it was on the other side of the planet from South Korea.

Bam bam bam!

After learning that the madman lived far away, Lee Junho eventually changed his attitude.

"I-I'm sorry. I was wrong so please stop… I was unable to grasp my situation. I'm really sorry. So please spare me. I really will die…"

Unlike Shin Youngwoo who could hunt high-level monsters due to his items and high stats, Lee Junho was an ordinary user. A great deal of time was needed to recover from the experience lost after dying. In addition, he would drop items when dying. 

Therefore, Lee Junho sincerely didn't want to die. Lee Junho was also strong against the weak and weak before the strong.  Among the alumni, Lee Junho was called a mad dog, but he was a typical gangster.

If Lee Junho's body wasn't trapped in the spider web, Shin Youngwoo would give him the chance to lick Shin Youngwoo's feet.

"Bark like a dog. In addition, call me master. Then I will save you."



"Then I will. Ba…!"

The moment Lee Junho was about to bark, Choi Chansung interrupted. “Junho, are you really planning to do this?"

Choi Chansung didn't like Lee Junho. However, Lee Junho was a friend so it was natural to take his side over the madman.

“Is there a problem with dying once? In addition, is there any guarantee that he will spare you if you follow his request?"

Shin Youngwoo felt certain after he saw Choi Chansung being calm alone, unlike the terrified Lee Junho and Sim Kiwan.

'Choi Chansung…! He truly is behind Lee Junho! He is the boss. Choi Chansung was the one behind Lee Junho in our high school days!'

Finally, Shin Youngwoo moved in front of Choi Chansung. Then he starting hitting Choi Chansung.


Choi Chansung had low health so he received the biggest damage. But Choi Chansung laughed instead of feeling agitated.

"Yes, kill us. Being killed by a madman is better than being eaten by a spider or committing suicide by logging out."


Shin Youngwoo had no intention of killing Lee Junho's group. He just wanted to insult and hit them as much as possible, while they felt despair. He wanted to inflict all the pain that he had endured. He wanted to see Lee Junho beg. However, Choi Chansung was able to proudly resist.

"You… you bastard! You really aren't afraid to die? Is it okay even if your experience and items drop when you die? Eh? You aren't ashamed to die? It will also hurt."

Satisfy used overwhelming technology to reproduce all senses exactly like reality. It was the same for pain. But in the case of pain, it was decreased to less than 12 times that of reality. For example, being stabbed by a knife would feel like the prick of a needle. If hit by a fist, it was just a mild pain.

However, it was like how people got drunk on alcohol. Every time they were hit, their health was reduced and their minds became confused. In addition, a person would naturally feel fear when seeing blood. 

Satisfy recreated reality, so some users became psychologically weak when they suffered great damage. There was a phenomenon that many users experienced and was a social problem. But Choi Chansung's mentality was strong. He could clearly see that this was a game, so he stayed calm despite the blood in his eyes. He wasn't afraid of Shin Youngwoo's violence.

"It is shameful to take my own life. Now, kill me. It doesn't matter if you kill me, so do what you like."

"It really is the answer of the final boss…"

"Final boss?"

Choi Chansung was confused by the incomprehensible words. Shin Youngwoo was very agitated.

‘Shit, if he shows this attitude, I won't get any pleasure from my revenge.'

On the other hand, Lee Junho and Sim Kiwan confirmed that the madman's violent momentum stopped after Choi Chansung's words. Then they started whispering to each other.

"Hey, I can't be sure but… that crazy man, doesn't it seem like he lost his desire for murder after hearing those words?"

“It seems so. Originally, psychopaths are obsessed with a certain thing… isn't it the case with him as well?"

“So he is a psychopath who wants to kill when people beg for their lives, and he doesn't feel like killing someone who begs to be killed?"



The two people exchanged a look and started shouting.

"Yes, that's right! Kill us! I'd rather die! We would rather die than grovel!"


Now Lee Junho and Sim Kiwan acted like Choi Chansung. Then Shin Youngwoo fell in deep thought.

'Damn, I don't know what to do… Should I really kill them? No, no. I will become a PKer, my reputation will decrease and I will be locked in prison. Dammit. Fuck!'

After a while. In the end, Shin Youngwoo made a decision.

"Che, whatever. I'm going. Do as you wish. Starve to death in that spider web."

Shin Youngwoo declared and left the cave. It was a really neat goodbye. Lee Junho and Sim Kiwan panicked as they looked at his departing back.

“… This wasn't what we wanted."

"Ugh! There was no guarantee he would save us, but there is no need for him to kill us either!"

In the end, it shifted back to the beginning. The three people had to choose. They could either starve to death or commit suicide by logging out. They would die anyway.

Lee Junho trembled. "Shit! If he wasn't going to kill us, why did that crazy guy beat us up? Damn scum. Why did someone like that appear before us?"

Lee Junho and Sim Kiwan had begged the crazy person in a helmet to spare them. In particular, Lee Junho was about to bark like a dog. This was a shameful memory they would remember forever.

Meanwhile, Shin Youngwoo exited the cave and…

"There are no spiders? If possible, I should capture it and release it into the cave. Those scum, they should have the horrible experience of being eaten."

Shin Youngwoo didn't want to miss the chance for revenge that the heavens had given him. So he ran hard to find a canyon spider. But could the canyon spider be so easily captured? The odds of defeating a canyon spider in a one-on-one fight was still unlikely. Now he wanted to capture instead of killing it? It was an impossible task for Shin Youngwoo.

In the end, Shin Youngwoo failed to catch a spider and Lee Junho's group starved to death.

Under the moonlight, Grid shouted like he wanted to wake up all the monsters in the canyon.

"I missed out on the golden opportunity for revenge! Dammitttttt!"

Shin Youngwoo had sought a spider for the sake of his perfect revenge. He hunted all types of monsters in the process, so he was now level 92. Therefore, he didn't panic when he saw five canyon wolves rushing over because of the noise.

"Bark bark! Bark!"

"Shut up, you dog scum!" 


After a fierce struggle, the five wolves were killed and the hungry Grid ate their meat.

"It is late so I should go sleep… I will finish the quest tomorrow."

Now the north cliff wasn't far away.


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Chapter 78

As many people knew, the highest waterfall in the world was Angel Falls in Venezuela. It was a huge 979m in height. Angel was Ángel in Spanish, so it was Ángel Falls. It was said that the name was due to the majestic and mysterious appearance of the fog at the bottom of the waterfall.

Of course, I saw that one day on TV. Anyway, it was a beautiful and mysterious waterfall reminiscent of angels! One of the most spectacular waterfalls in the world! Satisfy created a waterfall that was more spectacular, mysterious, beautiful and fantastic than Angel Falls.

That waterfall was located in the north of the Eternal Kingdom.  Where in the north?

“Right here.”


The north of Kesan Canyon. At the end of the canyon, there was a 1,300m high waterfall. The water vapor around the waterfall created a dreamy atmosphere. Rainbows appeared everywhere, making it seem like a fairy tale world.

I was overwhelmed by the intersection of rainbows and the fall of water.

“This is Loran's waterfall that I had only heard about in rumors."

This waterfall was named after the discoverer of the waterfall, as well as the founder of the Eternal Kingdom, Loran. It was one of the most sacred places for the people of the Eternal Kingdom, but there were no tourists at all. It was because Kesan Canyon was too dangerous. The common people were afraid of the monsters in the canyon, so they didn't dare come here.

Anyway, there would be few users who managed to visit this place.


"It's really amazing."

Originally, I wasn't someone who worshipped natural scenery. I had never visited any famous tourist sites in my life. So what if nature was beautiful? Would beautiful nature feed me? I used to belittle nature in my thoughts.

But my thoughts changed at this moment. I could understand why people visited such attractions.

"Amazing… I finally realize how insignificant and trivial the asphalt world I live in is."

The spectacular high-rise buildings designed and built by the world's top architects? The majestic bodies that were registered as world heritage sites? They were nice and great. But it was nothing in front of nature.

My narrow world view expanded a bit, and I felt like my perspective had increased.

'If I feel such excitement seeing a virtual reality landscape, how will the scenery in reality be like? Once I pay off the debt, I should go on a trip. Angel Falls, Iguazu Falls, the Amazon, the Grand Canyon… There are many other famous places.'

I watched the waterfall in a pleasant mood. I regained my spirit.

"This is crazy. What am I doing? I need to go and find Pagma's swordsmanship!"

The north cliff was just below Loran Falls. I searched the north cliff for any engravings about Pagma's swordsmanship. But 10 minutes, then 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours passed… I couldn't find Pagma's swordsmanship.

I even climbed the cliff, but I couldn't see anything that might be a mural. Before I knew it, sunset arrived. The rainbows cleared and the waterfall became touched with gold, creating a spectacular sight. It was like an illusion of pouring gold. But he couldn't afford to keep looking.

"Hey. I am getting irritated."

Khan's ancestor said that he engraved Pagma's swordsmanship onto the north cliff! Was he lying? Did I come here and struggle in vain because of his lie?

“… I was a fool to trust a ghost's words in the first place."

Originally, ghosts were evil! That's why ghosts who appeared in horror movies were mostly ugly and cruel! Despite the fact that I had been on guard against ghosts for all my life, I was tempted by a ghost and sent on a wild goose chase.

“Kuoh! It is the worst mistake of my life…um?"

As I was feeling frustrated, my eyes suddenly noticed something at the back of the waterfall.


In my middle school days, I admired the martial arts movies that were released half a century ago. When I watched those martial arts movies, there was always a cave at the back of the waterfall.

‘What if the creators of Satisfy watch the same martial arts movies as me…?'

I jumped into the waterfall. As I expected, there was a small cave behind the waterfall where murals of a man dancing with a sword that was carved in a sequential manner.


Once again, ghosts were evil beings.

"That ghost…! I would've found it sooner if he explained that the place was behind Loran Falls. Why did he say the north cliff? No, dammit. If he wasn't Khan's ancestor, I would go and kick him. He is Khan's ancestor, so I will spare him!"

… Could the ghost hear my voice? I looked around nervously because I was afraid that the ghost would appear, before examining the murals. The murals were carved a long time ago and were very old and dim. But there were no difficulties seeing the contents.

"This is Pagma's…"

The face of the man in the mural had hawk-like eyes. He had the slender egg-shaped face, lips and eyes that were popular among women.

“Shit… Pagma was handsome…"

I thought Pagma would have a macho appearance, like the blacksmiths I had seen so far. But he had a slender and neat appearance. I disliked handsome and skilled people, so my favorability towards Pagma dropped exponentially.

“…I am thinking about the appearance of an already dead person."

I concentrated on the murals.

"That is Dainsleif."

Based on the proportions in the mural, Pagma was considerably tall. Nevertheless, the greatsword in Pagma's hands was much larger than Pagma. This proved that the greatsword was Dainsleif. In fact, the total length of Dainsleif was close to 3m and 20cm.

“How amazing."

However, Pagma in the mural was freely wielding Dainsleif with one hand. His strength was incompatible with his body, and he seemed as elegant as a butterfly. It was a swordsmanship that expressed a powerful strength and a gentle softness. How was that possible? Through the murals, I could see Pagma's swordsmanship that reached the peak.

I examined the murals from start to finish.

"What? Why haven't I learned Pagma's swordsmanship?"

I thought that if appreciated this mural, I would naturally acquire Pagma's swordsmanship. But it was strange. It seemed like I couldn't learn it just by examining the murals.

"Do I have to touch it…?"

I laid my hands on the mural. But I didn't acquire Pagma's swordsmanship.

"What? If I couldn't obtain it from looking or touching, how could I learn it? Did I have to follow the actions in the mural?

… Was that really the case? I had to reproduce and acquire Pagma's swordsmanship directly with my body!

"Ah, annoying…"

But it couldn't be helped, no matter how annoying. I grumbled and pulled out the Ideal Dagger. Then I copied Pagma's swordsmanship shown in the murals. At first, I couldn't get used to it. So I tried again. I was still lacking and started again from the beginning. 

Three hours later. How many times did I follow the swordsmanship in the murals? I sat down and breathed roughly because Pagma's swordsmanship took more energy than expected.

“I…can't do it."

I memorized the swordsmanship in the murals after repeating it several times. However, I failed to reproduce the movements. Come to think of it, I had never once danced in my life.

“I went to clubs several times, but I don't remember dancing properly. I see. Hahaha! I was born with two left feet! So it's hard for me to learn Pagma's swordsmanship."

… No!


A game skill that I couldn't learn unless I knew how to dance? What type of nonsense was this? 

"There can't be a skill that can't be learned unless I know how to dance. There's clearly another reason."

After that, I struggled to find a reason while examining the murals. Then I noticed some moss at the last mural.

"Surely the last part of the mural isn't covered by moss? Haha, there wouldn't be such a foolish development."

It couldn't be, but I brushed away the moss just in case. Then I saw it. Another mural was hidden by the moss. 

Then a notification window popped up.

[Pagma's swordsmanship has been acquired.]

[You have completed the first class quest. Return to Blacksmith Khan.]

“… I, what have I been doing for the last few hours?"

This damn thing… My hands shook. I wasted my time and stamina due to the moss! I wanted to rip off the moss and curse. But I refrained. I didn't want to waste more time on the moss when I had already learned Pagma's swordsmanship.

"This damn moss…you are lucky."

I stomped on the moss that I had already taken off the wall. Then I took deep breaths. What was the identity of the swordsmanship that pierced the sky? Was it a passive skill like Sword Mastery? Or was it a powerful attack skill?

Whatever the case, it was necessary for me who lacked combat skills. I was filled with joy and hurriedly opened the skills window. Then I was able to confirm that Pagma's swordsmanship far exceeded my expectations.

[Pagma's Swordsmanship]

Lv. 1

-When the skill is deactivated-

You can become one with the sword at any time. Increases physical attack by 20% and critical hit rate by 10%. 

* This effect is only applied when a sword is equipped.

* The skill consumes no mana.

-When the skill is activated-

Become one with the sword. Wave, Restraint, Link, Kill, Transcend. You can unleash a total of five sword techniques.

* The effect of the deactivated skill will be lost.

* 20 mana is required to activate the skill.

* Once deactivated, it will take 10 seconds until the skill can be activated again. Nothing will be consumed when deactivated.


Unleash a violent sword dance like a high wave. 

Inflicts 155% of your attack power to all enemies within 1m, as well as reducing their speed.

Skill Usage Conditions: Have a sword equipped.

Skill Mana Cost: 350

Skill Cooldown Time: 120 seconds


A restrained and understated sword dance. 

Overwhelms the surroundings. No one will have access to you for three seconds.

* Does not apply to the undead.

Skill Usage Conditions: Have a sword equipped.

Skill Mana Cost: 300

Skill Cooldown Time: 300 seconds


A dazzling sword dance that is like the wings of a butterfly.

Deals 500% of your attack power to a single target.

Skill Usage Conditions: Have a sword equipped.

Skill Mana Cost: 350

Skill Cooldown Time: 100 seconds


A killing sword that expresses hatred.

Deals 1500% of your attack power to a single target. There will be a bleeding and desperation effect.

Skill Usage Conditions: Have a sword equipped.

Skill Mana Cost: 1,200

Skill Stamina Consumption: Consumes 50% of your stamina.

Skill Cooldown Time: 500 seconds


A sword dance that transcends imagination.

Your attack power is doubled and your default attacks will turn into ranged attacks.

Skill Usage Conditions: Have a sword equipped.

Skill Mana Cost: 1,800

Skill Duration: 30 seconds.

Skill Cooldown Time: 3,000 seconds 


Current schedule: 20 chapters a week.

Chapter 79


Pagma's Swordsmanship was beyond my imagination. The skills' capabilities and damage was something I could never imagine.

'There is one passive skill and multiple active features… I don't have any mastery skills, so this is really amazing considering my lacking combat skills.'

Most classes had passive skills such as Weapons Mastery or Armor Mastery. These passive mastery skills increased the performance of weapons and armor. However, Pagma's Descendant didn't have any mastery skills at all. It was a drawback and an unsatisfactory part of the class.

"But now it's different."

Pagma's Swordsmanship increased my attack power and chances of a critical hit when deactivated. This had a similar effect to Weapons Mastery. 

'It is also the performance of Intermediate Weapons Mastery…! The effect disappears when the skill is activated, but that isn't a huge problem. When activated, five active skills are generated.' 

Pagma's Swordsmanship! It was a skill worthy of a legendary class! I was now able to take pride in having a legendary class.

'Although I've been disappointed in some production aspects, my class is fraudulent. But it isn't a combat class. I can play the role of a tanker due to my high resistance to abnormal conditions, so I can become more fraudulent if my combat skills develop. But…'

There was one problem.

“… Why does the skill consume so much mana?"

Currently, I had around 500 mana. I was able to obtain this figure because my intelligence increased when steadily making items. I never invested any stats in it, so I wouldn't even have 100 mana if it wasn't for that.

Anyway, the bottom line was that I couldn't freely use all the available skills at the moment.


Wave. Restraint. Link. Kill. Transcend.

A total of five sword techniques. The minimum amount of mana required was 300. In particular, Kill consumed 1,200 mana and Transcend consumed 1,800 mana. In order to use these skills freely, I needed to invest a lot of stat points in intelligence to increase my mana. But I had never invested any stat points in intelligence since my days as a warrior.

'With magicians, the higher their intelligence, the higher the magic damage. Therefore, they were willing to invest their points in intelligence. But I…'

I honestly didn't want to invest stat points into intelligence. In my position, focusing my stat points on strength and stamina was ideal. Strength and stamina meant I could spend a long time making items, and my attack power also increased. 

But intelligence? Did I have any skills that were influenced by intelligence? Of course not. I needed to invest in the intelligence stat just to increase my mana!

"Shit…but I can't not invest in intelligence."

That's right. It didn't matter how much I complained. I had no choice but to invest my points into intelligence. It was in order to use the sword skills. 

"Status window."

Name: Grid

Level: 92 (1,531,400/3,798,000)

Class: Pagma's Descendant

* The probability of adding additional options when making items will increase.

* The probably of item enhancement will increase. 

* All equipment items can be worn unconditionally. However, there is a penalty depending on the rating of the item. 

Title: One who Became a Legend

* Abnormal conditions don't work well on you.

* You won't die when health is at the minimum.

* Easily acknowledged.

Title: First Unique Item Maker

* Dexterity +200

Title: Only Legendary Item Maker

* Dexterity +350

Title: Knight Slayer

* Stamina +100 

* Strength +30

Title: Apostle of Justice

* All stats +10

* The Apostle of Justice's bravery is unmatched.

Health: 8,330/8,330     Mana: 522/522

Strength: 775   Stamina: 523   Agility: 208  Intelligence: 180 

Dexterity: 855  Persistence: 210

Composure: 155  Indomitable: 176   Dignity: 155 Insight: 155

Courage: 99

Stat Points: 0

Weight: 9,404/19,700 

When I entered Kesan Canyon yesterday, I was level 85. After hunting all the monsters in Kesan Canyon, I was now level 92. And I had 70 stat points.

"I should've left it…"

As you could see, I currently had 0 stat points. Why? I invested 70 points into strength. 

"It couldn't be helped, since it made hunting the canyon spiders easier."

The canyon spiders had excellent defense. I increased strength in order to do a little bit more damage. But now I regretted it.

"I should've collected the stat points until I got Pagma's Swordsmanship…"

My maximum mana increased by three points every time I gained one point in intelligence. If I still had the 70 stat points from yesterday, I could increase my intelligence and gain a certain amount of mana. It was too bad.

"…I need to raise intelligence."

I was very annoyed at the thought of not being able to use the skills I learned because of a lack of mana. Who wouldn't be nervous at not being able to use some skills? So I made an unusual choice.

"Hunting! Level up! Increase intelligence by raising my level! At the minimum, I need enough mana to use Kill!"

Kill was a skill that deal 1500% of my attack power to a target. But 1,200 mana was required to use Kill. In other words, I needed at least 400 points in intelligence.

"Obtain 400 intelligence through levelling up!"

… It was my rough estimate.

"Hah, this sucks."

I started hunting for the first time since becoming Pagma's Descendant in order to obtain Pagma's Swordsmanship. I faced the frostlight orcs in the northern snowfields and then the monsters in Kesan Canyon…

It was the fun taste of hunting after a long time. 

'That's right. I became addicted to Satisfy through this taste.'

I could feel myself getting stronger through my level increase, and I was proud to see the gold and loot piled up in my inventory. For the moment, I should stay in Kesan Canyon and keep hunting.

But what was the reality? For me, hunting was a luxury. My family was sitting on a pile of debt. My parents and Sehee still couldn't shake off their anxiety. I needed to make items instead of hunting so that my family could sleep more easily.

"Yes, I should return to Khan's smithy quickly. Then I can obtain Dainsleif. Isn't that good?"

I barely suppressed by desire to hunt and left the cave behind the waterfall. I was soothing my sorrow while admiring the stars in the night sky when-


A roaring sound was heard from the bottom of the waterfall. There was a huge spray of water and I was surrounded by six mermen.

"… The fish are shaking."

Mermen were male mermaids. But unlike the mermaids in fairy tales, Satisfy's mermen were very ugly. I frowned as I saw the gills on the mermen.

"Are you going to dry out on land and choke to death?"

A merman in the front waved his trident and shouted threateningly. "Don't worry about that and give me your heart!"

Mermen wanted human hearts for nutrition. They were as terrible as their appearance.

'Six mermen…' 

The mermen adjusted to the natural environment without much difficulty. Therefore, they were distributed throughout the continent. But the mermen living in Kesan Canyon were the most notorious. The mermen of Kesan Canyon had a level of 175, known to be one of the highest levels among the mermen on the continent.

'The mermen are especially strong in the water. There are six of them…'

Before I learned Pagma's Swordsmanship, I would be trying to run away from this place. But things were different now. I raised the +8 Ideal Dagger which shone a darker blue in the darkness.  I wasn't going to give the mermen my heart.

"You want to take my heart? Or should I just eat all of you?"

A merman snorted. "Bah! This human is bluffing."


The mermen moved on the water at a tremendous speed, like a surfboard meeting a wave. I waited for them to get close to me. Just before a trident was going to hit my body, "Pagma's Swordsmanship, Restraint!"

At the moment, my body started dancing. The blue light radiating from the Ideal Dagger shone in the moonlight as my body moved quietly. Then!

The mermen's rush stopped, like it was originally a lie. The mermen acted restless and struggled to get away from me. I hurriedly linked some skills before they could escape from the influence of Restraint.

"Blacksmith's Rage!"

[Blacksmith's Rage has been activated. Your attack power and attack speed will increase significantly for 20 seconds.]

"Wind Blast!"

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!


The blade of wind scraped against the mermen's upper bodies.

[You have dealt 3,750 damage to the target.]

[You have dealt 3,802 damage to the target.]

Mermen had excellent defense on their lower bodies which were covered in scales, but their human upper bodies were weaker. Therefore, attacks on the upper body were very painful. I attacked in rapid succession before stopping.

'Shit, I ran out of mana.'

I quickly opened my inventory and took out an inferior mana recovery potion. After confirming that my mana had fully recovered, I deactivated Pagma's Swordsmanship. Then I used the skill I developed.

"Wind of Justice!"

Pepeng! Pepepepeng!

Wind of Justice exerted a powerful destructive blast that couldn't be compare to Wind Blast. By deactivating Pagma's Swordsmanship, my attack power and chances of a critical hit increased, making the destructive power more enormous.

Wind of Justice swept over the mermen from side to side, and those struck in the upper body couldn't even scream.

"Quick Movements!"

[Quick Movements has been activated. Your agility and evasion rate will increase significantly for 1 minute.]

Splash splash!

I suddenly plunged into the mermen. Then I started to slash at their upper bodies with the +8 Ideal Dagger.


Current schedule: 20 chapters a week.

Chapter 80


'Okay! Good!'

I felt bliss as I watched the mermen suffering every time I wielded my sword. It was because I felt stronger. 

[The Best Gauntlets option effect is activated, causing you to attack the target twice.]

[The Ideal Dagger's option effect is activated, instantaneously killing the target.]

One of the six mermen was killed due to the Ideal Dagger's option activating. I was immediately attacked by the remaining five mermen.  However, I was using a dagger as a weapon, while their weapons were 2m long tridents. They needed a certain distance to attack me properly.


In the end, the mermen gave up on the immediate counterattack. They moved a certain distance away and glared at me wildly. I followed and attacked one of them relentlessly.

Bam bam bam!


The merman were monsters famous for having a strong camaraderie. The mermen didn't know what to do as I stuck to their companion like a leech and stabbed. They wanted to help, but were afraid they would end up being stabbed. Indeed, they were stupid bastards.

'Mermen… these damn guys!'

As a warrior, I fought mermen at Lake Fabian. The mermen at Lake Fabian were very low level, unlike the mermen here, but they were very strong opponents at the same time. In the end, I was killed by them.

'Revenge for back then!'



The merman received my dagger with no mercy and eventually died. The watching mermen shed tears of blood and started a violent onslaught.

[You have suffered 2,900 damage.]

[You have suffered 2,830 damage.]

Indeed, the mermen had powerful attacks. I lost more than half my health just from two of their attacks.

'A fearsome strength! I am armed with the Frostlight Orc Chief's Helmet and Khan’s Masterpiece, but I still received this much damage!'

But there was no need to be afraid. The cooldown time of my mana potion was up.


I used a new skill straight away after verifying my mana gauge.

"Pagma's Swordsmanship, Wave!"

My body was like Loran Falls behind me, but the calm stream started to move. Then waves of energy shot in every direction.



The four mermen were hit simultaneously and screamed in pain. They tried to counterattack but due to the influence of Wave, their movement speed and attack speed were slowed by almost two times. It wasn't difficult to deal the final blow.

"Wind Blast!"


In the end, all six mermen died and I confirmed the money, japtem and experience that dropped.

[Your level has risen.]

"Invest 10 points in intelligence."

[You have invested 10 points in intelligence. Is this correct?]


After 10 points in intelligence, my mana rose to exactly 600. There was still a long way to go, but I was very proud.

'If I make an item, my stats will rise. Someday, I will have enough mana to use Pagma's swordsmanship freely. But I don't know when that will be…'

By the time I paid back the debt, would I have thousands of mana? As I imagined it and prepared to leave, a man appeared before me. It was a man with a scraggly beard. He was also wearing odd clothing. At a glance…

'A beggar.'

What? This beggar?

'Don't tell me he wants money?'

I was concerned that he would beg me for money, so I hurriedly tried to leave this place. But then the beggar called out to me. “I have a favor to ask of you."

"… Ah, damn."

Of course this beggar would be asking me for money.

'He found the wrong person.'

I wasn't proud of it, but I never once put 10 won in the Salvation Army donation box during my 26 years of living. Therefore, I had no intention of helping a beggar in the game.

'How can I help when I am trying to stay alive in the first place?'

I turned around calmly as the beggar placed a hand on my shoulder.

“Can't you hear me?"

"I heard you."

"Then why aren't you answering?"

"Why would I reply to a beggar?"

The man's face distorted. "What? Beggar? I am a beggar?"

"You aren't? You look exactly like a beggar."

"Kuk! Kuhahahaha!"

Was this beggar insane? Why was he laughing all of a sudden?

“Hey Mister, would you mind being quiet? This place smells of mermen blood and other merman might appear, so it will be dangerous to make loud noises."

Gurgle gurgle!

As we were talking, a huge foam started to rise from the bottom of the waterfall. In the end, new mermen emerged. I guessed that more than six would appear, so I had wanted to leave this place as quickly as possible.

'I don't think I could fight more than seven.'


I was hurrying away when the beggar called out to me again. But I responded without stopping.

“Hey beggar, if you don't want to die, then just leave. Well, I don't care if you die or not. Then I'm going…"

Peeng! Peeng! Peeng!

… Damn. I was too delayed because of the beggar. 11 mermen popped out of the water, surrounding me and the beggar.

"Who…? Someone murdered our kin!"

"I will kill you… Kill him and chew up his heart!"

I screamed towards the mermen. “I witnessed with my own eyes that this man killed your brethren!"

My finger pointed towards the beggar. This wasn't an intentional act, it was instinctive. It was my nature to sacrifice other people for myself!

"You…! It was you!"

The mermen believed my words immediately and turned their eyes towards the beggar. Then I hurried to escape. However…



It was clearly the sound of a sword. I reflexively looked back and saw the beggar holding a longsword that would've been used in the past.

'That's clearly a sword! How does a beggar have such a thing?'

Perhaps he wasn't a beggar? Yes, it was common sense to think that no ordinary beggar would be in Kesan Canyon. An ordinary beggar wouldn't survive a day here!

'Then this person…!'

I belatedly focused my attention above the beggar's head. Then I confirmed the name.


I didn't know who he was, but he was clearly an NPC. The fact that the NPC approached me first must be related to a quest! The beggar, no Piaro spoke.

"I don't like fish."

Sasak! Sasasasak!

He was on a completely different dimension from me. I relied on my skills when dealing with the mermen. However, Piaro didn't use any skills. He just fought the 11 mermen with his sword skills.


His sword flashed a few times before Piaro placed his longsword back in his sheath. Then the mermen coughed up blood simultaneously and disappeared into grey light. I was stunned as I witnessed Piaro's ridiculous display of strength. Then he said with a frown.

“You are the type of person who will sacrifice innocents to survive… You are the type of person I hate most in the world."

"I-I'm sorry…"

I was afraid that he might be killed, so I apologized. Then he shook his head. "There is no need for any pretenses. I don't want to talk to you for too long, so I will cut to the chase. Help me."


There was a familiar sound and the quest notification window popped up.

[The True Traitor of the Red Knights]

Difficulty: S

The Red Knights were once the strongest knight division on the continent. It wasn't an exaggeration to say that the Saharan Empire could now exist because of the Red Knights.

Asmophel, the vice captain of the Red Knights, had a secret rendezvous with the Empress. Then he framed Piaro, who knew the truth.

Due to Asmophel skillfully borrowing the power of the Empress, Piaro and his men were framed as traitors to the Emperor and were forced to flee.

Piaro couldn't forgive Asmophel or the imperial family, who drove the lives of his comrades to the brink of ruin.

But it was impossible for Piaro to move directly due to the trackers scattered throughout the continent, who were released by Asmophel.

In the end, Piaro was forced to give up on revenge himself and needed to entrust it to an agent.

Quest Clear Conditions: Punish Asmophel.

Quest Clear Reward: Title 'Agent of Revenge.'

* Agent of Revenge: The 'Cruelty' stat will be opened. 

 Attack Power +100. Skill 'Murderous Impulse' will be generated.

Quest Failure: Level -4.

The Saharan Empire was adjacent to the Eternal Kingdom. However, it was natural to take a long time to go there and back. Furthermore, I needed to punish the vice captain of a knight's division. Even Leo, who was called the Northern Nova, was just a chick in front of Asmophel.

'I like the reward, but there is no guarantee of success and the distance is too far. It is wiser to create items at the smithy rather than doing this quest.'

I made a decision and firmly declined. "I don't have the time or ability to help you."

[The quest was refused.]

Piaro clicked his tongue.

"You don't like the reward?"

"No, I don 't have the time or ability."

"I am familiar with people like you. You must be hoping for a bigger reward by taking advantage of my desperate situation."

"No, that isn't it. It isn't about the reward. I really don't have the time or ability to help you."

“Bah, I will add my sword as a reward."

[Piaro has changed the quest reward.]

Quest Clear Reward: Title 'Agent of Revenge' Piaro's longsword.

* Agent of Revenge: The 'Cruelty' stat will be opened. 

Attack Power +100.

Skill 'Murderous Impulse' will be generated.

* Piaro's longsword.

Rating: Unique

Durability: 110/213  Attack Power: 387   Accuracy: +10%

The skill 'Hatred' will be generated.

* Stamina -100.

It is somewhat damaged, but that doesn't change the fact that it is a great sword. But it is cursed because it contains Piaro's strong grudge. There is some risk involved in using it.

User Restriction: Level 190 or higher. More than 900 strength. 

More than 300 agility. Advanced Sword Mastery. 

It was difficult to talk about the options since I didn't know what skill 'Hatred' was. But the attack power was great.

'It is a one-handed sword, but the attack power exceeded the legendary rated Sword of Self-transcendence… Of course, the level limit was 30 levels higher than the Sword of Self-transcendence. But considering the difference in rating, this attack power was really amazing. It is definitely an item that can be sold at an expensive price.’

I was greedy. Why did I want to make items? To make money. But even if I made dozens or hundreds of items, there was no guarantee that items with a unique or higher rating would be produced. Perhaps I could obtain bigger rewards from this quest than from making items, since the item could be sold for a high price.

'But I truly don't have the capabilities.'

I was strong. However, it wasn't enough to face the vice captain of the once strongest knight division on the continent. I needed to calm down. I closed my eyes tightly and turned away from Piaro's longsword.

“I truly don't have the ability to carry out your request."

[The quest was refused.]

Piaro bit his lip. He seemed angry.

“You truly are a greedy person. Don't you know that excessive greed can be a poison?"

Words didn't work. This vaguely familiar situation made me recall someone I had forgotten. Yes, Doran. No matter how much I rejected the quest, I somehow ended up doing Doran's quest. Piaro resembled Doran.

'I might be dragged into the quest if I don't show a definite attitude.'

I came out strongly. “How many times do I have to say it? When did I say that I don't like the rewards? I don't have the ability, the ability! Why are you misunderstanding a person in a strange way?"

"You don't have the ability? It isn't easy to kill canyon lizards, lizardmen, spiders, eagles, crocodiles, wolves and six mermen at the same time."


W-What was up with this guy? How did he know everything I did in Kesan Canyon? This must be…!

"Y-You! Are you a stalker? What do you want from me? Surely not my virginity…! Dirty bastard!"

"Didn't I already say it? All I want is Asmophel's death. It seems talking won't work with you."


Piaro hit my thigh with his sheath. Then I literally fell to my knees.

[You have suffered 7,500 damage.]

[The Apostle of Justice's bravery is unmatched.]

[The Apostle of Justice is in a crisis. You won't easily collapse in front of the enemies.]

[All stats will increase by 30%.]


My health fell just from a hit on my thigh from a sheath? He also took care of 11 mermen in an instant. Who was this person? As I was feeling appalled, Piaro looked down at me with cold eyes.

“Make sure to answer. Will you accept my request? Or will you die here?"


I was mistaken when I

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