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Chapter 1066: A Friend From An Island


Lin Feng had ranked first! What was the meaning of that? He was a piece of trash.

Qiu Hao was dumbstruck as well as many other people.

“Lin Feng, that young man, the one who has been humiliated by the Yang Clan and climbed up the nine groups of steps!”

“Surprisingly, he ranked first! No wonder Qiu Yue Xin was furious when people bullied him!”

Many people were expressing their opinions about Lin Feng having ranked first. Yang Zi Lan and Yang Zi Ye saw that and were furious as well. They could barely breathe from their anger.

“Who is he?” asked an old man to Yang Zi Lan and Yang Zi Ye.

They both clenched their teeth.

“Grandpa, that’s Lin Feng, the one who saved Zi Ye and whom Zi Lan wanted to kill. The one who killed Chou Jun Luo too.” said a young man at that moment.

“Lin Feng, what a pity. He could have been our friend, but in the end, he became our enemy.” said someone else. Yang Zi Lan and Yang Zi Ye looked even angrier.

“Shup up!” shouted the old man. Lin Feng had ranked first, that was a humiliation for Yang Zi Lan and Yang Zi Ye. They had thought Xuan Yuan would rank first, but he didn’t, then they became Lin Feng’s enemy and he ranked first.

“Grandpa, he’s strong, he even defeated Xuan Yuan at the same cultivation level. He also attacked me and I lost because he attacked me. He’s…” said Yang Zi Lan to the old man.

“That’s enough.” said the old man. He clearly understood. Lin Feng had defeated Xuan Yuan at the same cultivation level and had become the Yang Clan’s enemy. They had to kill him at all costs.

“Yang Zi Lan.” many people looked at them. Xuan Yuan had said he’d rank first and marry Yang Zi Ye. However, Lin Feng had been humiliated by the Yang Clan and things had changed. Lin Feng ranked first.

Yang Zi Lan’s cheeks were burning. Everybody was looking at him mockingly now. He used to insult Lin Feng and say he was a nobody, an insect. Now Lin Feng looked down on him. How uncomfortable. 

“Grandpa, let’s leave.” said Yang Zi Lan at that moment.

“What? Stop being a coward.” said the old man coldly. “Let’s see how your big brother, Yang Zhan, ranked amongst Zun level cultivators!”

His grandfather’s favorite grandson was Yang Zhan.

Yang Zhan was the strongest cultivator of the same generation.

At that moment, Lin Feng could see that many people were looking at him. He looked calm and serene. He didn’t act proud at all. He still had a long ways to go, this was just the beginning. He needed explore the real world.

“Congratulations again. Go back to your seats now.” said the Sadhu to the crowd.

It was the Zun cultivators’ turn. They looked proud, strong, glorious, dignified. The Zun cultivators’ goal was to become emperors. They were more dignified than Tian level cultivators.

The first Zun cultivator had grey clothes. He seemed to be 30-40 years old and his Qi was quite ordinary. He didn’t belong to any rich family and nobody knew him. 

“Surprisingly, the first cultivator amongst Zun cultivators is not from a rich and powerful family.” thought the crowd. First, Lin Feng amongst Tian level cultivators, and now this person. If he hadn’t climbed up the nine groups of steps, nobody would have recognized Lin Feng.

“The first Zun cultivator must be extremely strong.” thought the crowd. Lin Feng was surprised when he saw him though.

“It’s him!”

Lin Feng was astonished. He had seen that guy before!

On the island in the middle of the Huang Sea, he had seen a sword cultivators who practiced cultivation. That person understood desolate Qi and abstruse desolate Qi.

“What a coincidence!” thought Lin Feng smiling. Back then on the island, they hadn’t talked at all, a Tian level cultivator and a Zun level cultivator, practicing cultivation on the same remote island, nobody else would believe it. What a coincidence in such a big world!

Yang Zhan ranked third. The Yang Clan was happy about that. Yang Zi Lan and Yang Zi Ye felt ashamed. No need to mention Yang Zi Ye and Xuan Yuan’s wedding, what a joke. At least, Yang Zhan repaired the damage a little.

The second was a member of the Meng Clan. At least, the crowd still thought that being from a rich and powerful family helped, apart from Lin Feng and the first Zun cultivator, the second and third, amongst both Tian level and Zun cultivators, were from rich and powerful families.

The Zun cultivators moved back to their seats. Then, Mu Chen, Hou Qing Lin and some strangers came to the front. Eight people and their Qi was extraordinary.

The Sadhu joined them too. Nine people.

“Nine people, according to legends, Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu have nine direct disciples. Are they these people?” thought the crowd. They had to be.

At that moment, they looked solemn and respectful. They were calmly standing in the sky. With the 18,000 dazzling steps, the atmosphere was mystical.

“Are the emperors going to come out?” thought the crowd. Their hearts started racing. 360 people, 81 members in the first batch, 9 direct disciples, they all looked serious and respectful. Were the emperors going to show up!?

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