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One day.

I wasn’t looking for any bargains in particular, such as that. The other day, I just made a bid for a mirror less single-lens reflex camera that I wanted, if I bought anymore, I won’t be able to live as a bachelor and would be living in poverty.

My name is Akabane Kureha Kosuke 30 years old. Single. Height 181 cm. Weight 74 kilos. Because I did athletic and karate during university, I am pretty slim.

The product of our company is quite popular, and I can change people mind with my inherent personality and good looks, I am often sent on business trip for a sales pitch.

“Hmmm ?…”

A certain 【One Limit】.

The clock face, which show the minute hand, hour hand and second hand display the time normally. There is a small window of date and day toward the right side By the way, the other side have a crown.

〈What is with this clock…〉

While looking puzzled, I read the detail description.

The price is 220000 yen including tax. For a simple electric watch, it is exceptional expensive.

It is completely waterproof up to 100 meter in depth. Shock resistance functions. Complete waterproofing of the monolithic titanium spring which is good in a hot spring. Just operate either function, your entire body and penis, will be completely covered with antibacterial function and there will be zero risk of sexually transmitted infection certainly.


And when I noticed, before you know it I was clicking on 〈Bid immediately〉. My hands move unconsciously, I enter my credit card number, and my bid was successful.

The chime of the apartment sounds, I went down to the elevator and say “present”. But, without the shadow of a delivery man, only a small box was in the mailbox. The address is broken and there is no sender name or address.

I sat down on the sofa in the living room and opened the small box.

There was instruction written in English, method of using the watch was written finely. Because I can speak English to some extent, I can understand the content of the instruction.

I stared at the instruction while laughing and muttering.
On instruction

① Setup (Input password and start)

② Ideal thickness and length adjustment(penis length up to 25 cm. Thickness up to 6.5 cm in diameter Up to 8 cm in diameter in Cali. [1]  Partner may adjust it)

③ Duration of erection and ejaculation (The erection is unlimited. Time to ejaculate from the insertion. Able to keep ejaculating as many time as possible. Able to be adjusted by partner. )

④ Sex frequency (Infinite. Complete antibacterial function and pregnancy prevention function)

⑤ How to take out the aphrodisiac (Anti-woman limitation. The pinpoint electromagnetic wave which make the woman a captive of the sexual intercourse. Within 10 meters, From a weak 0.1, to a strong 5), and so on, was written in red.

And in the end 〈Bonus〉.
※〈Bonus〉 this function, use it only for the woman you really like. In the middle of slow sexual intercourse, rotate the ring of the clock face 2 rounds clockwise, push the right crown once, you whisper what you want the woman to do. By a kind of subliminal effect, you are semi permanently fixed in the woman brain, it is possible to make your own thinking as the woman. In order to cancel, rotate the ring of the clock face 2 rounds counter clockwise and push the right crown one time.

I according to the instruction, enter the 8 digit password, I push the hole in the back cover with the needle-thin pin. Pii, pii, pii…, I heard that sound 8 times. Then the clock did not express the correct time, automatically the needle move and was back to the present time.

I put the watch on my left wrist while admiring it a little, it advances to stage ②.

I though that it would be a normal watch which there was not anything great but, decided to follow the instruction anyway.

Suddenly, my penis which was in it normal state rise up.

I unintentionally frown and spoke, while looking at my penis which seem to break through my pants erected. The penis while erected seem to be caught on the underwear and compromise.

“No shit !. I have to remove one shot !”

Within approximately 10 stroke, my penis came to the limit.

I focus the tip of my cock into the mouth of a empty plastic bottle on the table.

I closed my eyes, and become intoxicated with the pleasant feeling that rises. Doka !, Doka !, the urethra spread out, and a large quantity of sperm gush out from the 18 cm penis.

The sperm which gush out from the penis, at the bottom of the plastic bottle, bichi !, bichi ! the sound which burst forth.

I stared at my penis which ejaculated intensely. In the plastic bottle, the white semen that i shoot off began to collect. The normal amount of sperm was said to be 2 cc at most, the semen that I let out, to see no fewer than 5 cc.

My penis which became surprisingly huge, which shot off a large amount of semen, should have wither completely. On the contrary, it remain erect.

I set 〈Normal〉 in the crown on the watch. Then the former big erection subside, my penis return to it usual size like the air came out.

I muttered it in my heart.

I wear my underwear and pants again while staring at the relieved penis, I disposed of the plastic bottle with large amount of cum, and sat down on the sofa and became to memorized the instruction of the watch.

This watch, according to the instruction, it was exactly 〈Perfect Sex〉 itself.

From the time 〈Aphrodisiac electromagnetic wave 〉 was received, until the sexual intercourse is over with the woman and 〈Aphrodisiac electromagnetic wave 〉 is cut, it is said that the woman will have no memory of it. Because there a complete antibacterial function and pregnancy prevention function included 【Creampie recommended】 is on the instruction. In other word, it seem to be ok with raw.

Before having sex, I perform ②, as my preference I set the penis length and thickness. By operating ③, I set the erection, blowjob and insertion, and unlimited piston movement. Of course I stand back and enjoy it fully as a man. I adjusted the time for ejaculation beforehand and put it.

And when I turn one step of the left crown to the right, the ejaculation die off in 0.01 second. This seem to be a pregnancy prevention function. Turn left, the sperm live for 24 hour and there is a possibility for pregnancy.

“Test there is no one who does not try this…”
In my heart, the desire began to turn up and spear a woman right now have sprung. Though I do not operate the watch, my penis suddenly rise.

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