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The following Sunday.

In my head, was the innocent face of the girl called Mami who look like a sex slave after fainting in the love hotel of Tsudanuma yesterday.

This power of 〈Perfect Sex〉 should be admired. This watch made by a nameless man named it 〈Perfect Sex〉.

In other words, I can expect to do any woman whom I fix my eye on.

I look for a 〈Good Woman〉 in this town while smiling.

Hmmm ?… Is that …

This woman 〈Shimada Saori〉 is from the same company I working for. Because her style is good and she a beautiful woman, she is famous in the office. Her height is 165 cm too.

According to rumor, she seem to have a marriage meeting with a son of a company, in the near future with the president introduction. That mean that there is no man yet.

There is no way to miss this chance.

My I wonder what kind of pleasant feeling will be obtain from that 〈Body〉. I shall make you fall madly in love with me and prevent you from being interested in other men except me.

I waited for the signal to become green before crossing to where Shimada Saori was.
I followed Shimada Saori who was meeting with somebody. Shimada Saori stop and put her mobile phone to her ear.

Shimada Saori it is, with another secretary Yoko Kawai, was shopping and made a appointment for a meal.

There no helping it… Should I have a meal or return…

The man who crossed the pedestrian crossing of the opposite side call out “Hi Shimada-san” to me. It was a tall man who Saori did not recognize.

“Hi, Shimada-san !”

“…… Yes… Umm….”

Ah no wonder. Shimada Saori who the president secretary could not remember the men of the laboratory in the outbuilding in the company.

” I am Akabane Kureha Kosuke from the laboratory. You may not remember it.”

“Oh Akabane Kureha-san ?… I sorry. I…”

“I hope. Because I came across to see Shimada-san…”

In Shimada Saori memory, my name and face is engraved. But of course, also my taste in sex.

A dial of 〈Perfect Sex〉 is blinking which confirm the irradiation, and I began to walk away from Shimada Saori and toward some department store.

I heard the trotting footstep, and Shimada Saori called out to me who walked toward the entrance of the department store.


“Umm… I…

Because I fired off level 2 〈Aphrodisiac electromagnetic wave〉 into Shimada, her desire of lust should burst forth from the depth of her body and will be puzzled.

Shimada invited me with moist eyes. The expression seem to be clinging to me on it own. Still even being desperate, you hold down your desire but your eye is moist and your face is blushed.

I scratched my head while laughing sheepishly.

“For that, I … Please, take some time off…”

“Let tease a little more”

What kind of expression would this beautiful woman make while pressing her perfectly proportioned figure against me. That a sight too. Normally, this kind of woman would not be a partner for me. The great beauty is someone to the extend like it from a Cinderella story.

A woman of 〈Superb quality〉 is going to cast her body into sexual madness with 〈Perfect Sex〉. As much as I act in a cold way, Shimada Saori become obsessed for me.

“I see…”

Shimada Saori is staring at me, but her pussy should be wet with her vaginal secretion flooding.

I lowered my head a little.

Shimada. No, Saori looked up at me with wet eyes.

I answered so and cast a smile to Saori. Saori eyes are completely moist.

《Saori perpestive》What the matter, I …

It was a shy character, that Saori herself had no case where she speak to a man by herself. It the first time asking the man to tea.

I want to follow this man. I want to talk with this man.


Saori own heart may have been taken by the man whom she met for the first time

《Akabane Kureha perspective 》I enter the cafe which was famous for it delicious coffee.

While walking to the coffee shop, Saori was reserved about our body being too close. The core of the body aches, but it seem to endue it desperately.

Saori sat down facing me in the opposite side of the box in the coffee shop.

I stared at Saori and asked.

Saori says so and stares at my eyes. It the eye which seem to cry.

I with gentle eye stared at Saori.

To me Saori face turn red with a blush. And I slouched down.

“Is there any other orders ?”

For the moment, just this…”

“Saori-san, let eat !”

“Saori-san have beautiful hand. Would you shake hand to commemorate ?”

“Ah… Ah yes…”

“Excuse me !”

Saori hand was grasped spoked softly. She stare at me absentmindedly. I grasp Saori hand strongly.

Ah, Ahh…

From one’s 〈Woman〉, Sexual stimulation several time bigger than masturbation assaulted Saori. It was such a pleasant sensation that the whole body seem to

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