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The following Sunday.

In my head, was the innocent face of the girl called Mami who look like a sex slave after fainting in the love hotel of Tsudanuma yesterday.

This power of 〈Perfect Sex〉 should be admired. This watch made by a nameless man named it 〈Perfect Sex〉.

In other words, I can expect to do any woman whom I fix my eye on.

I look for a 〈Good Woman〉 in this town while smiling.

Hmmm ?… Is that …

This woman 〈Shimada Saori〉 is from the same company I working for. Because her style is good and she a beautiful woman, she is famous in the office. Her height is 165 cm too.

According to rumor, she seem to have a marriage meeting with a son of a company, in the near future with the president introduction. That mean that there is no man yet.

There is no way to miss this chance.

My I wonder what kind of pleasant feeling will be obtain from that 〈Body〉. I shall make you fall madly in love with me and prevent you from being interested in other men except me.

I waited for the signal to become green before crossing to where Shimada Saori was.
I followed Shimada Saori who was meeting with somebody. Shimada Saori stop and put her mobile phone to her ear.

Shimada Saori it is, with another secretary Yoko Kawai, was shopping and made a appointment for a meal.

There no helping it… Should I have a meal or return…

The man who crossed the pedestrian crossing of the opposite side call out “Hi Shimada-san” to me. It was a tall man who Saori did not recognize.

“Hi, Shimada-san !”

“…… Yes… Umm….”

Ah no wonder. Shimada Saori who the president secretary could not remember the men of the laboratory in the outbuilding in the company.

” I am Akabane Kureha Kosuke from the laboratory. You may not remember it.”

“Oh Akabane Kureha-san ?… I sorry. I…”

“I hope. Because I came across to see Shimada-san…”

In Shimada Saori memory, my name and face is engraved. But of course, also my taste in sex.

A dial of 〈Perfect Sex〉 is blinking which confirm the irradiation, and I began to walk away from Shimada Saori and toward some department store.

I heard the trotting footstep, and Shimada Saori called out to me who walked toward the entrance of the department store.


“Umm… I…

Because I fired off level 2 〈Aphrodisiac electromagnetic wave〉 into Shimada, her desire of lust should burst forth from the depth of her body and will be puzzled.

Shimada invited me with moist eyes. The expression seem to be clinging to me on it own. Still even being desperate, you hold down your desire but your eye is moist and your face is blushed.

I scratched my head while laughing sheepishly.

“For that, I … Please, take some time off…”

“Let tease a little more”

What kind of expression would this beautiful woman make while pressing her perfectly proportioned figure against me. That a sight too. Normally, this kind of woman would not be a partner for me. The great beauty is someone to the extend like it from a Cinderella story.

A woman of 〈Superb quality〉 is going to cast her body into sexual madness with 〈Perfect Sex〉. As much as I act in a cold way, Shimada Saori become obsessed for me.

“I see…”

Shimada Saori is staring at me, but her pussy should be wet with her vaginal secretion flooding.

I lowered my head a little.

Shimada. No, Saori looked up at me with wet eyes.

I answered so and cast a smile to Saori. Saori eyes are completely moist.

《Saori perpestive》What the matter, I …

It was a shy character, that Saori herself had no case where she speak to a man by herself. It the first time asking the man to tea.

I want to follow this man. I want to talk with this man.


Saori own heart may have been taken by the man whom she met for the first time

《Akabane Kureha perspective 》I enter the cafe which was famous for it delicious coffee.

While walking to the coffee shop, Saori was reserved about our body being too close. The core of the body aches, but it seem to endue it desperately.

Saori sat down facing me in the opposite side of the box in the coffee shop.

I stared at Saori and asked.

Saori says so and stares at my eyes. It the eye which seem to cry.

I with gentle eye stared at Saori.

To me Saori face turn red with a blush. And I slouched down.

“Is there any other orders ?”

For the moment, just this…”

“Saori-san, let eat !”

“Saori-san have beautiful hand. Would you shake hand to commemorate ?”

“Ah… Ah yes…”

“Excuse me !”

Saori hand was grasped spoked softly. She stare at me absentmindedly. I grasp Saori hand strongly.

Ah, Ahh…

From one’s 〈Woman〉, Sexual stimulation several time bigger than masturbation assaulted Saori. It was such a pleasant sensation that the whole body seem to collapse.

“Ah, Umm… I got to go to the bathroom…”

Apparently, Saori patience have reach it limit. Her pussy was getting wet so she had to go to the bathroom to wipe it.

I stare at Saori moist eye while holding her hand. And I kissed Saori hand.

Saori close her eye and cried out. Her shoulder is moving up and down heavily.

Saori breathe heavily and is convulsing after her hand was kissed.

I said it while kissing Saori hand again.

Saori close her eye and replied.

I operated 〈Perfect Sex〉 and reduce the level of 〈Aphrodisiac electromagnetic wave〉 to 1. This is because it would be a problem if she let out a cry and faint here. Still Saori is breathing heavily and staring at me.

I stand as I held onto Saori hand, and drew Saori close to me. I drop my hand onto her slender waist, while Saori eye stare at me with her mouth half-open.

Saori softly let out. I put power into the hand on her waist.
Saori is mine with this. Afterward let go to a love hotel, and enjoy this body to one heart content.

《Saori perspective》 Saori put her lips upon a man for the first time.

Saori was helpless to control the pleasure that tingle which come from one 〈Woman〉 and move both hand to the back of Akabane Kosuke and return the kiss.

Akabane Kosuke turn his hand around my waist. With that alone, a pleasant feeling is coming out from 〈Woman〉 and the body seem to be burning.
My underwear got wet and I am embarrassed. 《Akabane Kosuke perspective 》

I walk Saori downtown to a Miyuki Street which have love hotel lined up.

I place my hand on Saori slender waist and walked in spite of her convulsion. Whenever I put power in my hand on her waist she let out “Ahh…”.

I call out to Saoir and when she look up, I kissed her. Saori receive my kiss without refusing it. Saori eye have become completely vacant.

I pulled Saori waist who was looking down in silence and enter the love hotel.

“Nnn. Mmmm…”

I lifted Saori and laid her on the bed and rubbed her chest over the wrinkled clothe slowly.

Saori breathe heavily, close her eye and moan.

Is that so. The level was the lowest…
I remember that I made the level of 〈Aphrodisiac electromagnetic wave〉 to 1 when I left the cafe. Although 〈Aphrodisiac electromagnetic wave〉 work, Saori heart act against the will of her brain.

《Saori perspective》 When I notice I was in a love hotel with Akabane Kosuke.

Akabane Kosuke lay himself on the bed and massage my breast.

Saori close her eye and moan. Akabane Kosuke unbuttoned her blouse and lead a hand behind her back and unclasp my brassiere.

While Akabane Kosuke is kissing Saori, she twist her body. Still the stimulation hit 〈Woman〉 directly, Saori began to lose her mind.

《Akabane Kosuke perspective》 I set 〈Aphrodisiac electromagnetic wave〉 of 〈Perfect Sex〉 to 3 while kissing Saori. Now, what will happen with this.

“No !” Kiss, Please kiss more !”

“But, Saori-san. Even though my kiss was disliked…”

And while pretending to look at the watch, I operated it to adjust my penis normal length of 13 cm to 14 cm. I set the thickness to 4 cm.

As I press the switch at the same moment my cock ! It have begun to well up. I adjusted the erected penis and press the left crown on the right side. With this I do not need to worry about Saori being pregnant.

Saori stare at me with a look of despair while saying so.

I said so and stare into Saori eye. Saori eye is brimming with tears. The brassiere slip from Saori shoulder which was raised. Saori full white breast which became bare was so beautiful that I stare wide-eyed. The breast is not too large, and the nipple is innocent with a pink color.
I took off my pants and underwear slowly. My penis is super erect and thrust at the sky.

Saori twisted her body and separated her lips from Akabane Kosuke.

“To be held by a man who was just met, such a thing…”

But this body which was flushed is hopeless.

It the first time that Saori have seen the male genitalia. As soon as Saori saw it, her brain though “this will be in me ?”, and fear began to welled up.

“What is the stimulus ? What on earth have happen to me ?…”

Saori couldn’t help but cry in her heart the pleasant feeling 〈Woman〉 that assulted her. …

“Hold it… Please embrace me…”

“Here it is !!!!!

“Is that good ? Saori-san…”

“Ah! Ahhh… Yes… Embrace me, please embrace me…”

I push Saori down on the bed and rubbed her breast while kissing her. This is a kind of elasticity. It is as soft as marshmallow.

In addiction, she is more good-natured than I thought . She is modest, contrary to appearance, and there is a Japanese-style gracefulness.

I have been completely fascinated with this woman Saori.

In addition, Saori may be a virgin. I will become the first man of Saori if so.

“Nnnn, nnnn! Haaa, Mmmm !”

Next I will play with the pussy, but a great deal of fluid is shot.

“Ahh, ahhh !”

My right hand entered between the thigh of Saori while licking her nipple and touch the woman part of Saori. The feeling of the pubic hair is being transmitted.

Saori bend her upper body and moan loudly. As for Saori pussy, it is already dripping with lewd fluids.

“Oi, impossible…”

Although Saori pussy have pubic hair growing, both the labia majora and labia miora are thin and the color is skin color as though it part of the thigh, which does not know a man at all. I can barely see the pink labia miora from the labia majora.

Saori whose chest that was touched by men for the first time became bare.

《Saori Perspective》 While receiving the kiss of Akabane Kosuke, my chest was being rubbed, I can’t believe it. The lower part of my body was assaulted with pleasant feeling such that I was going to faint.

“Ah, ah, ahh, ahhhhh !”

Akabane Kosuke widened my leg with both hands. I tried to close it desperately, but I losing strength from my body and don’t think I can.

And Akabane Kosuke mouth lick my shameful place.

Electricity spread through my body as I convulse.

“Ahhhh ! Ahhhhh, ahhhh ! Ahhhhhhhh !”
I tried desperately to escape, but Akabane Kosuke held both of my leg firmly. I could only moan loudly.

《Akabane Kosuke perspective》Don’t tell me… This 27 year old woman is really a virgin ?…

“Ahhh ! Haaaaa ! Ahhhh, ahhhh ! Ahhhhhhh !”

“All right. She a virgin but it all right. When trying I understood.”

If I am the first man, the pleasant sensation will be engraved into the brain, even if 〈Perfect Sex〉 is not use particularly, she should be madly in love with me now.

When I lick Saori pink pussy, and caress with the little clit hidden in the skin with my finger, she moan loudly while bending her body, and sour lewd fluid came out endlessly.

I though I would put a finger into the wet pussy, but it may bleed if she a virgin.

To force a virgin to do a blowjob, doesn’t look too good.
Anyway Saori can’t separate from me. You will relax eventually. No. Rather than forcing her to do it, Saori would choose it do it is a matter of time. First thing to do is to raise Saori addiction to me.

《Saori perspective》 Because Akabane Kosuke mouth is caressing my shameful 〈Woman〉 area, half of my consciousness is fading. A big pleasant feeling went straight to my mind again, and I pulled back from blacking out by the stimulation of Akabane Kosuke tongue and mouth.

Saori scream loudly many times.

Embrace me quickly, embrace me quickly !
This was the only thing in my mind now.

《Akabane Kosuke perspective》 I separated my mouth from Saori pussy and put my waist onto Saori.

Well, I did stimulated Saori pussy with my tongue and finger before she was feeling faint.

I place my penis onto Saori pussy and apply Saori lewd fluid onto the glands, then I stabbed into Saori in one go while rubbing her breast with both hands.

Ughhh ! Saori pussy was so tight when I inserted it and began to tighten even further.

Saori body curved greatly and rose while closing her eye shut tight.

Because it was inserted quickly, was Saori feeling intense pleasure or the pain of taking her virginity. I furrowed my brow and am agonized. As for me I instinctively groaned when I thrust into her.

Saori lost consciousness. Still, sensitivity is concentrated on the 〈Woman〉 where Akabane Kosuke tongue was licking. The 〈Woman〉 was on fire. It feel like you are on fire. At that time, a hot thick rod was pushed up against Saori internal organ. Saori felt the pain for the first time what was felt by 〈Woman〉. And the strong pleasant feeling that took away pain attacked Saori brain.

“What, what, what ! What is happening to me !”

“Ahhhhhh ! Oh, Ohhhhh !”
Saori clung onto Akabane Kosuke back. I seemed to fly into the distance, if I did not hold onto something. And I felt if I was blown away, I would be unable to come back forever.

I rest my upper body on Saori, and gave her a kiss. My penis was deep inside of Saori and stimulating the entrace of the uterus. The feeling of the uterus stimulated my glands and brain.

It is a wonderful pussy. Far from making her fall madly in love for me, I feel like I am falling madly in love with her.

I whispered into Saori eye and kiss every part of her face. The penis while inside of Saori, is experiencing the greatest feeling.

Saori slowly opened her eye and stared at me. While breathing heavily, I place both hand behind her.

I said it while kissing Saori.

Saori gave a big smile while panting.

I said while staring at Saori.

Saori speak timidly while feeling the pleasure of my penis hitting her womb and vagina.

I grasp Saori waist and begun to move slowly. Saori tightened up and I am attack by intense pleasure. However, I did not ejaculate immediately as I set the time. Still the intense pleasure as if I had ejaculated many time, assaulted my brain. No, it small but I certainly did ejaculate (TN- pre-cum ?) It also continuously.

Saori cling to me while moaning loudly. When I saw that beautiful expression, the feeling of wanting to ejaculate into Saori came forth. Such a agonize expression, because of my thing.

I adjusted the time to ejaculate to 1 minute. An intense pleasurable feeling was transmitted to my brain when I thrust into Saori. I seemed to be waiting for it. The vagina fold is stimulating my penis so much.

“Ah, ahh, Ahhhh ! Oh, AHhhh !”

“Ahhhhh ! Ah, Ahhh, AHhhhhhhhh !”

“Ahhhh ! No, Noo ! Ahhhh ! Ohhhhhh !”
Saori close her eye shut clinging to me with a crying expression.

《Saori perspective》 Saori is at the mercy of the surging pleasure many time over, she clung onto the back of Akabane Kosuke tightly.

I am in love with Akabane Kosuke. Akabane Kosuke give me so much pleasure that I feeling faint. The 〈Man〉 fill up my 〈Woman〉 fully.

Akabane Kosuke movement became faster.

Saori moan loudly from the intense pleasure.

Saori sought after the pleasure while losing consciousness.

Saori clung onto Akabane Kosuke and scream loudly.

Saori cried aloud. When screaming so loudly, it would cause the blood vessel in the head to snap. Such an intense pleasure was attacking it in waves.

Saori was prepared to die in the arm of her beloved Akabane Kosuke while enduring the wave of pleasure that hit her continuously.

Saori felt that her brain is melting while speaking of the pleasant feelings.

Akabane Kosuke groans while moving.

Saori lost her mind while feeling the hot thing collect inside of her.

《Akabane Kosuke perspective》 “AUUUUU ! Kuuuuu”

“Ahhhhh, Ahhhhhhh ! NO, NOOooooo ! IYAAAAA ! Gonna die ! I going to die !”

Auuuu ! Uaaaaaaa !”

“Ughh, Kuuu, Kuuuu !”
I released three time the amount of sperm into Saori for the second shot, and as I lost strength I fell on Saori upper body from the pleasant feeling that came.

After all Saori was a virgin.

I have embrace two woman using 〈Perfect Sex〉. The first person, was Mami who have yet to become a high school student. Mami was also a virgin.

Am I so lucky.

Shimada Saori is already my woman. A beauty and also very good natured. And this beautifully balanced body. I will hand Saori over to no one.

But it insufficient only with this. Enough juice came out just by looking at my face. Then I can use 〈Perfect Sex〉〈Aphrodisiac electromagnetic wave〉 on Saori anytime I want.

After cleaning Saori pussy using a wet tissue, I licked Saori pussy who had fainted. Saori closed pussy still retain it pinkness as if nothing happened.

Saori awoke and was staring at me. Still absentminded.

I said while kissing Saori.

Saori cheek reddened. Saori became endearing, and I gave her a long kiss. And I lick her breast and nipple.

Saori twist her body and moan. My penis is maintaining it hardness like iron, and thrust at Saori thigh.

Saori said delirious like word while being agonized with her nipple being caressed with my tongue.

I bit Saori ear and whispered it.

Saori place both hand on my neck and twist her body and breathe into my ear.

Saori said to me feebly.

I stared into Saori eye and said.

The tears of Saori look to be demanding more sex.

《Saori perspective》 Saori body that had sex for the first time have already become broken. When a man like Akabane Kosuke entered me, a big pleasure and fear about an alien substance was pushed into my 〈Woman〉.

The pleasant feeling that I felt that time, could not have compared to the masturbation I do sometime. I did not think that a male sexual organ was so big, hard and hot.

But, Akabane Kosuke 〈Man〉 was pierced into the depth, and 〈Man〉 begun to move, both Saori body and heart seem to melt as she was attacked with the pleasant feeling.

I am only for Akabane Kosuke. On the day that I met him for the first time, a mysterious feeling came gushing forth, and I was swept away by that wave of feeling.

Saori heart was only filled with such thing.

Saori hugged Akabane Kosuke and wrap both hand around his neck in order to kiss him experiencing pure bliss.

Ahhh, Kosuke-san… I love it, I love it very much. More, Love me more…
Saori was wrapped in a big sense of relief while Akabane Kosuke was caressing her body.

《Akabane Kosuke perspective》 “I will drive you mad next. It perfect now.”

I caressed the back and butt of Saori while facedown with my hand and mouth. The skin as white as snow. There is not a single mole too.

Saori super sensitive state seem to remain, my hands touched the body and her body twist and moan.


I bit Saori ear lightly with my lips.

Saori who bent her body lie face down immediately, while raising an amazing voice. And the body that was stretched out, curl up like a shrimp like a child holding her knees.

“Ah, Ahhh, Ah…”

Saori ear is extremely sensitive. Because of 〈Perfect Sex〉, her whole body have become a highly sensitive erogenous zone. By chance, I have caress Saori most sensitive ear. I seem to have climax her in one go.

I hugged and kissed Saori.

Saori opened her eye slowly and is breathing heavily.

Saori stare at me and shedding tears.

Saori said so, and I kissed her again. Saori feebly tried to cling to my neck. She will be drowning in the climax for a while.
I hugged Saori who become like a konjac for a while and caress her breasts and nipple gently. (TN- Konjac is something like jelly) Saori is smilling joyfully while speaking.

I lifted Saori waist and made her be on all fours. It is time to make Saori completely into my woman.

“Saori-san. Your ass is beautiful.”

“I glad. so glad… Ah, Ahhh…”

I held Saori butt with both hand and place my mouth on Saori pussy lips.

Saori shook her body and moan loudly.

“Nooo, IYAAAAA ! Ahhhhh, AHHHHHHH !”
Saori scream loudly and try to shake me away, but I held onto her white ass firmly and continue the attack with the tongue and mouth. The small clitoris began to shine with my saliva. Saori is in a blackout state. The power in both hand disappear and her face fall onto the bed.

《Saori perspective》 Saori is lying on the bed while Akabane Kosuke is giving a pleasurable caress to her butt with his hand and mouth. With that intense pleasure is surging.

Saori is on all fours, while Kosuke is licking the 〈Woman〉. Electricity ran up immediately, and pleasant feeling is floating in the air. Kosuke finger open 〈Woman〉 and the tongue taste it.

Saori moan loudly. The lower body is burning and become numb.

“Haaaaaa ! Ahhhhh, AHhhhhhh !”

“AH, AH, AH ! Ah, Ahhhhhh !”

Saori was blown into the air. Trying to hang on to something, but Saori hand grasped at the air in vain.

Saori screamed while clutching the sheets.

in the pleasant feeling that push me up, I heard Kosuke voice in the distance.

Saori did not know what was happening to herself. Her own 〈Woman〉 is burning. 〈Woman〉 is blazing and melting.

Saori moan loudly.

“Ah, Ahhh, AHhhhhhh …”

Dyng, dying…
Saori head became blank, feeling the pleasure that is burning below, her consciousness is fading.

《Akabane Kosuke perspective》 I put my face into Saori butt, and the penis that is expose is standing. Because I have suppress the ejaculation, it all right, but my patience is slimming and my ball are wet. …

I caught Saori butt who was lying facedown and breathing heavily and thrust into the depth of Saori. The pleasure was so intense when I thrust in such that my brain was burning.

Saori scream and bend her back backward.

“Ah, Ah, Ah ! Ah, Ahhhhhh !”

“Ughh, Ughh, Ughhh ! Sa, Saori-san !”

I would love to ejaculate from the back.

“Ah, ahhhhhh ! Ko, Kosuke-san ! Dying, I am dying ! Iy, IYAAAAAA !”

“Saori-san it good. It is good !”

“Ah, Ahhhhh ! Iku, Iku ! I cumming ! Ah, Ahhhh, Ahhhhhhhhh !”

“Ku, Kuuuuuuuuu ! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh !”

Because it possible to ejaculate as many time as possible with 〈Perfect Sex〉, my penis release as much sperm as the first into Saori. Doku, doku, doku ! Repeatedly ejaculating. Such a great feeling.

Saori body lost all her strength. Saori who have felt me cumming into the depth of the flower, should have fainted while breathing heavily.

I begun to move slowly while inserting it from behind Saori. Whenever I thrust, the sperm that I shot earlier made a kuchi kuchi sound while flowing out.

Saori woke up from the constant piston motion, and moan again. The 〈Creature〉 that live inside of Saori, climb over my glands and twine around it.
Though I had just ejaculated, an intense feeling of ejaculation is coming.

《Saori perspective》 “Saori-san. Is it all right ?”

Kosuke is still inside my 〈Woman〉. Kosuke body is above Saori back. With that pleasant feeling are emerging one after another.

“Was I always a lewd woman ?…”

When Saori felt Akabane Kosuke 〈Man〉 inside of her 〈Woman〉 it was enough for her to say so. I wouldn’t mind fainting to this pleasure. though Saori.

Saori said to Kosuke while breathing heavily. I wanted him to call me Saori. If Akabane Kosuke call me Saori, he will be much more familiar than other men. I myself want him embracing me.

Kosuke 〈Man〉 began to thrust in and out of Saori 〈Woman〉 slowly.

From Saori, pleasant sensation have erupted. It wasn’t as intense as before, it was a gentle jolt that came from the slow swing.

When I noticed, he was moving intensely from behind. The pleasant sensation that seem to attack Saori to the point of death, I fainted many time due to Kosuke.

《Akabane Kosuke perspective》 “Saori-san. Are you all right ?”

Eeee, Yes… Ah, Ahhh…”

“Saori… Please call me Saori. Kosuke-san…”

“Saori… My one and only cute Saori…”

Ah, Ahhh… Kosuke-san… Ahhhh…”

“Saori. Please remember the four thing I about to say now. You must never forget it.”

“Ah, ahhh… Yes…”

“Number 1, Saori must love me and only me sincerely. I also love Saori more than anyone else…”

“Yes. I will only love Kosuke-san sincerely… I will always continue to think of Kosuke-san… Ah, ahhh… Ah…”

“Number 2. Never accept invitation by other men. If you go on a date with other men, I will never appear in front of Saori, and it become impossible to love anymore. Sound good…”

“Ah, ahhh… Ye, Yes. I am only for Kosuke-san. I will not date other men. I swear to God…”

Number 3. Because I have many business trips, I am unable to meet Saori everyday. Though it will be lonely, endure it and wait for my return. Ok, Saori… I want to make love with Saori a lot when I come home.”

“Ah, ahhh, ah… Ye, yes. I will wait for Kosuke-san to return always. I will wait for Kosuke-san, and make lot of love…”

“Number 4. I love Saori very much. I love Saori the most in the world. I want to love Saori every single day. Therefore, I want to marry Saori. And I want you to bear my child sometime. Do you accept my marriage proposal ?”

“Ah, ahhh… Ye, yes. I love Kosuke-san the most in the world. I want to be Kosuke-san wife… I will devote myself to Kosuke-san with utmost effore… I want to give birth to Kosuke-san baby…”

“Even if I grow old all these year. To be with the beautiful Saori forever. It is my wish.”

“Ah, ahhh… Kosuke-san… I love you, I love you so much… I will make Kosuke-san love me even more. With all my heart…”

Saori with this perfectly proportioned figure whom anyone would envy became only mine.

Grabbing Saori waist whose eye become vacant, I began the piston motion intensely suddenly.

Saori bent her back and moan loudly. Because being awoken from that fainting state, it is no wonder.

Saori let her whole body convulse like an insect jumping up and down, spoke. I continue the piston motion hard while staring at Saori back and ass. For the great pleasure by 〈Perfect Sex〉, Saori is letting tear flow down from the pleasant sensation.

I began worrying a little and reset 〈Aphrodisiac electromagnetic wave〉 to level 1. But Saori have already lost consciousness to the pleasure.

Without setting the ejaculation control of 〈Perfect Sex〉 after the duration set, I came after doing it with Saori for 3 minutes. It because of Saori 〈Creature〉.

I have already become madly in love with Saori.

The following Monday.

As for Saori, the marriage talk with the son of the company is cancelled.

Simply, we have registered but Shimada Saori is still introduced as herself at the company, and remain as the president secretary. The president seem to recognize the excellence of Saori as a secretary and hope that she will continue to work as a secretary.

Because. The whole company would make a fuss if they knew that I married Saori.

After work, I and Saori leave the company to make up for lost time, and it became a custom to spend it on looking for an apartment for Saori.

At the apartment, Saori make love with me like it natural.

Because there is a 〈Creature〉 in Saori I no match for, adjustment of duration is needed. I cut 〈Aphrodisiac electromagnetic wave〉 to Saori whom I irradiated.

Is such a crybaby Saori really a secretary for the president.
I come to love this side of Saori and hug and kiss her while still naked on the spot and embrace Saori.

“Saori. The busines trip this week is to Mie prefecture. It 2 day 1 night. Though it will be loney, please wait for me without crying…”


“hahaha… You’re crying… Have you already forgotten your promise ? Though I said there were many business trip…”


“I love you Saori…”

“I love you. I love you too…”

“I want to embrace your beautiful body… Saori…”

“Ah, ahh… Kosuke-san…”

From the day that I married Saori, I did not use the 〈Aphrodisiac electromagnetic wave〉 of 〈Perfect Sex〉, from the day that I held Saori for the first time, she became crazy about me.

However, I nowhere near the match of the 〈Creature〉 in Saori. If I do not use the function of 〈Perfect Sex〉 I probably wont be able to restraint for 3 minute when I enter Saori.

It the 4th business trip after marrying Saori.

As for the first business trip, wearing〈Perfect Sex〉 while in Toyama prefecture.

It goes without saying that she began to make eye at me. The woman was working under the managing director.

Of course it go without saying that I made the woman go mad till she dying. I used the 〈Bonus〉 function of 〈Perfect Sex〉 temporarily to recommend our printer to the managing director.

In the afternoon the contract was formed.

She will forget about me in 6 hours anyway. Thanks to 〈Perfect Sex〉 there is no risk to disease or pregnancy.

And for the 2nd and 3rd time, the company with the woman who controlled by 〈Perfect Sex〉 and executive came, following which large amount of business talk was established.

Achievement rise, and I received a pay rise and bonus too. And also enjoy sex with woman travelling here and there.

Even so, my love for Saori does not fade.

The face of Saori who embrace with a cute smile appeared in my head.
I completely madly in love with Saori now.

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