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Oki Manami Translator note: For divine protection could you comment if you want me to put the name beside what they say or not. Thank you for reading.
Will edit the lower half after work tomorrow

Mie prefecture Kameyama city.

The partner should have already received the 〈Sample〉 of the new printer. Because test should have been performed, the product quality should be understood to some extend. The sale pitch will depend on my ability.

This new printer, should have significantly improved performance compared to our own and third-party products.

From the normal 9600 dpi to 21000 dpi, also the printing speed with 10 A4 is only 12 seconds from start to finish. This is the result of our laboratory too.
Not to mention wireless communication, when a small tablet is attached to the front panel, the printer itself become a substitution for the PC. The retail price is 67800 yen, for a high performance printer, the price is also to the high end.

I rented a car from the station and approximately 20 minutes later, I arrived at Fujimori information and communication Co. Ltd on the other side. In the 8-storey company building, the first floor become the product exhibition hall and cafeteria and the staff parking lot.

It is an office from the second floor to the fifth floor. The six floor is a product management and warehouse. The seven floor to eight floor is the employee parking lot.
I waiting until the promised time in the car in the parting lot and was told to gave my business card at the reception desk on the first floor when I came to the business talk.

There were two woman at the reception. Both of the woman are good but when compared to my wife Saori their 〈level are different〉.
To me who was good looking and smiling, the two receptionist face redden. Being a ikemen is advantageous (TN: ikemen = handsome dude)

9:58 am.

I was guide by Miss receptionist and got onto the elevator to the sixth floor.

However, her breast are extremely large. The uniform button seem to be bursting from suppressing the giant tits, the bra is cutting into the flesh at the back.

“I am Akabane Kosuke Kureha of Yuki scientific industrial Sales Division. This time you have examine our product, and I thank you very much while you are so busy.”
I bowed waist deep and hand out the business card to the Director Hashimoto. Director Hashimoto said hello to me and handed me his business card.

Then a female employee in her mid 30s came and brought tea and put it before me and sat down next to the director.

I was puzzled over the female employee who served tea and sat down.
“Akabane-san. She is Oki Manami and in charge for quality control and product inspection. Akabane-san, I have entrusted Oki to be in charge of the examination of the printer.”

Director Hashimoto said so and introduced the employee who sat in front of me.
Her height is about 160 cm, and is quite a good woman. Her waist and leg are rather thin but her the style is good too.

“In charge of quality control and product inspection, Oki Manami desu.”
Oki Manami lowered her head to me and gave me her business card. I handed her my own business card while introducing myself.

“Akabane-san. If your printer is introduced. Probably it be, 250… No around 260 replacement in total. Oki have very sharp eyes. Since the final decision of the deployment is left to Oki, about the little detail Oki…”

“Yes. I will do my best to be able to comply with this request with upmost effort. Thank you in advance !”

The contract for 250 printer, at one for 42800 yen. It is at 10.7 million yen. From the beginning 25000 yen have been cut over the phone call.

“Then, at once, in my office, I want to tell you about the impression of the product. I will guide you.”
Oki Manami stood up and bowed toward the director and went to her office.

I was guided by the woman responsible for the product management of quality and inspection, and went to her office. Like an exclusive office for Oki Manami, her room was partitioned off with glass.
“Please have a seat.”

Oki said so and smiled. Her smile is very nice too. Surely she will be a female employee that is popular inside of the office.

I though so momentarily.

To have our product introduced, the quickest way is to remove this woman from the final decision, but to make a happy looking married woman my captive, it feel awkward.

Oki Manami began to say her impression, including the performance while printing several document using our printer.

I sometimes stare into Oki Manami eyes while listening to the talk, while writing my though of Oki Manami in my notebook.

Oki Manami said so and looked at me.

For 250 unit, it is 10.7 million yen. But if it reach 300 unit, the introduction price as 42800 yen, our company profit would be 12.84 million yen.
“I sorry. I will consult with the director.”

I stood up from the chair and called my director, I conveyed the request on the Fujimori information and communication side. They said to call back in about 5 minutes.

5 minutes later. A call from Director Sawamura.

“Try to lower the price by about 2600 Yen for one unit. If they are still unwilling, I will overlook up to 500 yen more. Anyway advance with that. With 300 units, it can also pay your salary properly !”

“Oki-san. It is from our director. When even reducing one unit to 41800 yen….. How about it …”

“……. It that so…. With us an estimate price of 40000 yen but…. ” Oki Manami said so.

I pretended to be trouble and sigh heavily.

《Shit…. I am an employee in first place for achievement too. I can’t be made light of by a married woman !》

I pretend to look at the time and applied 〈Aphrodisiac electromagnetic wave〉 set at level 2 with 〈Perfect Sex〉 to Oki Manami. The clock face flash red on and off indicating that 〈Aphrodisiac electromagnetic wave〉 was discharged.

Even if it is a married woman, tonight, I will drive you mad badly. Please show something quickly, like getting your pussy fully wet.

Oki Manami open her eyes wide and spoke softly.

Oki Manami face redden and is now gasping for breath. The big eye which stared at me began to tear up and become vacant.

“Oki-san, how about it ? Even if it was me, the director reducing it below the suggested price, it a little…”

“Ah, well, yes…. I understand…. For your product, the managing director and chief director are very satisfied too. In this situation Akabane-san… Then concerning it to be 41800 yen…”

The effect of 〈Perfect Sex〉 are enough. Even if I turn it off now, Oki Manami brain should be full of the expectation held by me.

“I will do the procedure to make a temporary contract immediately. By tomorrow morning.” Did Oki Manami sanity return slightly, I push the button of the extension telephone as if nothing happen.

As Oki Manami and I leave the office, I thank Director Hashimoto of having receive the unofficial notification of introduction. Director Hashimoto seem to be rather appreciative of the 1000 yen price re-reduction for one unit.

I had a pleasant chat with the director and Oki Manami on the sofa for a while, pretending to look at my watch I switch 〈Aphrodisiac electromagnetic wave〉 on. The level is 1.
“Akabane-san. If it alright with you, let celebrate having close the deal. Though she is a married woman, lunch with Oki…. But because I have a business trip to Osaka, I can’t join in now…”

Director Hashimoto said to me while looking at me and Oki Manami in turn.

Oki Manami stared at me with moist eyes. 〈Aphrodisiac electromagnetic wave〉 hit Oki Manami brain and pussy directly again.

I lowered my head to the director with a smile. The director laughs out loud.
Oki Manami breathes slowly trying to calm down. Whenever Oki Manami exhale her chest sway.

I entered a nearby local restaurant by Oki Manami guidance.

While eating at the restaurant, with expectation of having sex with Oki Manami, and a delusion of driving this woman mad with my penis, my crotch is already fully erect.

“Then after having a meal together with such a beautiful wife. I will return to the hotel and have a drink. Thank you very much for making that temporary contract.”

“Ah, YES! Likewise, to have the price reduce by 1000 yen…. Thank you very much…”

It apparently does not go easily.

I though while staring at Oki Manami. By being a married woman, Oki Manami mind is filled with her child and husband, she would not give me an invitation.
I pretend to confirm the time and set the level of 〈Aphrodisiac electromagnetic wave〉 to 2.

“Then Oki-san. I will leave today. Tomorrow at 11am, I ask that I would be greeting you and the director again.”

Oki Manami shook hand with me while gasping for breath.
“Ah, well…”

Oki Manami spook as soon as we shook hand. Her face turn red. Because 〈Aphrodisiac electromagnetic wave〉 is at level 2, even with the fidelity of a married woman, she should not be able to overcome the desire that come directly from the soul. Her pussy would be flooding.

Oki Manami with moist eye and hand clenched, stares at me so that I may cling on.

I had a smile as I stared at Oki Manami.

Oki Manami stares at me with a serious expression.

Oki Manami said so while breathing heavily that the shoulder shook.

I cried in my heart.
With this, from today to tomorrow, I going to have sex with the married woman Oki Manami !

“Anyway, let sit down once again…”

“I am honored. To Oki-san, your husband and child…”

“There  no children. Concerning my husband, a telephone about a sudden business trip…”

“I understand. I will spend the night with you. I will not let you regret it.”

“Ah… Haa…”
With that a high pitch cry was raised from Oki Manami.

Oki Manami left the restaurant with me.

I don’t really know whether the married woman Oki Manami would accept my invitation readily. You don’t need to come if you do not want to. There are other woman.
But if Oki Manami really come to my room, will I drive her mad from the beginning.

20 minutes later.

Oki Manami visited my room.

“Ah, ahhhh… Ak, Akabane-san… Ohhhhh….”

From the stimulation of taking off her clothes while having her chest rub and kisses on top of that, Oki Manami is losing her strength and may soon collapse.

“Ahh !, Ohh, Ohh….”

Because Oki Manami is a married woman, I think that she should be experience with sex with her husband. To be considerably larger than average, I set the length to 16 cm. Thickness is set at 4.5 cm.

“Oki-san. You are so beautiful. I do not want to separate from you today.”

“Nnn, Ahhh… Mmmm…”

This is the first attempt.

I took off Oki Manami skirt and bra. While rubbing Oki Manami breast with my right hand. The lovely shape of the breast is rubbed by my hand and is squashed.

Oki Manami said so while squirming around from the caress of my hand. I slid my hand down from her breast to the belly area, and caress Manami pussy from above her underwear.

Manami bent her back and screamed. I took elaborate pains with Manami underwear and lowered it to around her thigh while hearing her gasping. Manami then took off her underwear by herself.
“Let me do it…”

When Manami look up at me and say so, she knelt on the carpeted floor, gripping the penis that is standing erect she suck on it. A blowjob from the beginning, aren’t you considerably used to the sex life with your husband. Or is this the effect of 〈Aphrodisiac electromagnetic wave〉.

Manami said so and stared at my penis and suck on it again.

Inside of Manami mouth, the feeling of a big ejaculation came but instead cause many small ejaculation. I closed my eyes in pleasure. Manami lick my penis clean and move her tongue to breathe. As expected of a married woman.

I received Manami blowjob while thinking about it. While holding it in her mouth, Manami look up at me.

But, if I were to give up it should be in the pussy.

When I said so I grab Manami shoulder and stood her up. And I hugged Manami and kissed her. Manami chest collapsed with my chest. If anything her big breast, does not sag.

Manami clinging on to me received my kiss while breathing heavily. While kissing her, I place my hand onto Manami pussy.

As soon as I touch Manami pussy, she moan loudly. Manami pussy is soaked as I thought.

“Ahh ! Ohhhhhh !”

Manami squirm about while moaning loudly.

“Here it come , Manami-san”

“Ahhhhhhh ! Ohhhhh !”

16 cm is a good length. The average for a Japanese man is 12.5 cm. The thickness is 3 cm. It is much longer, and the penis head stretches when it was inserted. This is the effect of 〈Aphrodisiac electromagnetic wave〉 too and, feeling it more I moan.

Her pussy tightened but not to the extend of Saori pussy. But, like with Saori pussy there is not a feeling of being loose. Moreover, I felt the urge to ejaculate several times.

Manami crease her eyebrow and screamed. The penis length and thickness of her husband is surely average.

I raised up Manami foot and push up from the bottom intensely Manami cling to me while moaning loudly.

I kiss Manami many time repeatedly. Manami looking glad with my kisses, moan loudly from the pleasure.

“Ahhhhhh ! Ahh, Ahh, Ahhhhhh !”

It is no wonder. 〈Aphrodisiac electromagnetic wave〉 was set at level 3. It have penetrated to the depth of the core, and the pleasant sensation would attack Manami mind till she faint.

“Ahhhhhhhh ! Ohhhhh, Ahhhhhhhh !”

“Ahhhh ! Cumming ! Cumming, I cumming !”

And the climax came. I held Manami butt firmly and thrust for the final time. Sending the right hand that grab her ass to the front, I stimulated Minami Labia minora and clitoris where I thrust my penis with a finger.

Manami screamed in a voice crying to the stimulus.

I pulled Manami waist closer and, and thrust hard into Manami.

The pleasant sensation attack Manami brain and she shake her head.

Manami bent her back greatly as she reaches climax.

With Manami screaming, I reach my climax too, pulling Manami waist closer and with the building pleasure as the trigger I came. An intense pleasure was transmitted from my penis to my brain.
While my penis was pushed up against Manami womb, a large amount of sperm was fired. Bikun, Bikun ! While having convulsion, a large amount of semen was flowing into Manami vagina, large amount of sperm was poured out over and over again.

Manami who dying from the pleasure is lying down with a bewitch expression, I took Manami to the shower. Manami who was exhausted cling on to me in the shower.

Whenever I am using my finger to scrape out the sperm inside, Manami is having big orgasms. It is no wonder since it at level 3.

When I said so, I opened Manami leg who sat down on the edge of the bathtub and place my mouth as water is cleaning out her pussy.

As soon as I lick Manami pussy with my tongue, a loud moan is heard and my head is held down. Using my tongue and finger, I teased Manami pussy with regard to such thing. Manami is on the verge of fainting. From Manami pussy viscous liquid is coming out.

And in the evening.

Finishing the meal, while walking I grasp her hand and ” Ah, ahhhh. ahhh…” squatting down, reaching her climax.

“Now, Manami-san, firmly. When I return, I will hold you more.”

That night.

We do need to worry about physical endurance thanks to 〈Perfect Sex〉. Until Manami became tired and fell asleep, I responded to Manami request.

Still, turning off 〈Perfect Sex〉, I can somewhat reset it back to the beginning.
In addition, if I come back to this company, I may embrace Manami again.

Well, I got the temporary, and tomorrow I will return and embrace my beloved Saori.

Saori perfect body, being wrapped up Saori 〈Creature〉, reaching climax so over and over again with Saori.

I will embrace Saori until we go mad. Saori…

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