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Translator note: It lives!!!!!!!!!!!!

《Kosuke perspective》

As I had made the married wife Manami Oki came many time with my penis, I made a temporary contract with Mobile Fujimori Communication of about 300 new printers and returned back to my company. Since both of our presidents will be signing this contract, there no place for me to appear.

But there will be another business trip again next week.
While thinking of the bastard department manager, it is also the fate of a salesman.

6.00 pm.

When I open the door of the apartment, the sight of Saori enters my eyes. Saori also being a president secretary also return at the appointed time.

I entered the front door while calling out Saori name loudly.

Saori came running immediately to greet me.

Spreading both of my hand apart, I ran toward Saori and hug Saori who jumps into my arm and kissed her. It was a long deep kiss.

Saori buries her face into my chest and started crying.

I hug Saori tightly. The smell of Saori hair tickles my nose. I kiss the top of Saori head. Saori chest was pressing against my chest. Her chest was exactly like a marshmallow.

I lifted Saori and sat her down on the sofa in the living room.

Saori stares at me and began tearing up.

“Nn, Nnnn… Nn…”
Saori began to raise a painful cry. Having been kissing and hugging Saori, my penis was erect. It’s no wonder since I was separated with Saori for one whole day. Saori who was madly in love would surely feel completely devastated. I who couldn’t hold onto Saori was also feeling lonely.

I lift Saori up from the sofa and went into the bedroom.

From now on I will not be using 〈Perfect Sex〉in particular because my intention is to 〈embrace〉 Saori, her body is aching just from removing her clothes.

“Saori, was lonely. I wanted to meet… I love you, Saori…”

“Ah, Nnn, Nnn… Haaaa~…”

“Kosuke-san, Kosuke-san…. I was so lonely, I wanted to meet…”

If looking just from her eyes, Saori pussy must have already been flooding. My penis was erect to it limits for my beloved Saori.

I want to fire the first shot into Saori soon.

“Haa, Haaaaaa~! Ahh, Ahh, Ahh~~. Ko, Kosuke-san!”

“Ahhhhhh~! Kosuke-san, Kosuke-san!”

“Saori, I love you…”

“Kosuke-san, I love it, I love it!…”

I pile on top of Saori body and lick a tear from her eyes, guiding my penis with my hand to Saori virgin-like pussy, I spread it with my glands.

Spreading apart Saori legs, I thrust deep into Saori in one stroke. Guided by Saori viscous liquid, my penis push the small Saori open and reaches the mouth of Saori uterus. As I close my eye while thrusting into Saori, I tasted the highest pleasure.

Saori lean back and gave a shrill scream.

It’s seized by intense pleasure by Saori tightening up. That〈Creature〉was tangling with my erection like a eel guni guni.

(Ku, Kuuuu! USELESSS!)

My limits was passed without the ejaculation control of 〈Perfect Sex〉. Saori pussy which is making me go crazy is looking forward to it.

Saori wrapped her hand around my neck and cling to me with all her strength. I gritted my teeth while continuing the intense piston motion.

“Sa, Saorii, Saoriii~!”

“Ah, Ahhhh~~! Haaaaaaaaaaa~~! Ahh, Ahh, Ahhhhh~~~!”

“Uu, Ahhhhhhhh! Saoriii!”

I persistently kiss Saori while piling my body above hers and ejaculating intensely inside Saori. Look like Saori about to faint. No matter how many time my penis ejaculate into Saori it still kept it hardness.
I want to embrace Saori more. I want to thoroughly enjoy ejaculating into Saori.

《Saori perspective》

My body was floating in

My body was floating in the air.

Hold on. Please hold on!

Kosuke rub my breast with his hand.

I clung onto Kosuke and said so many times. I was brimming with tears and it doesn’t stop.

“Ahh, Nnn, Nn… Ahhh~…”

“Haa, Haaaaaa~! Ahh, Ahh, Ahh~~. Ko, Kosuke-san!”

“Ahhhhhh~! Kosuke-san, Kosuke-san!”

“Saori, I love you…”

“Kosuke-san, I love it, I love it!…”

Kosuke sturdy〈Man〉was being push against my〈Woman〉.

Spreading apart my leg, Kosuke〈Man〉was stabbing deep inside of me. His hot hard〈Man〉even reach my uterus.

My body felt it was burning.

I melted.

“Ah, Ahhhh~~! Haaaaaaaaaaa~~! Ahh, Ahh, Ahhhhh~~~!”

I clung onto Kosuke back and reach climax.

Being in the storm of all that pleasure which was given to me, I fainted.

《Kosuke perspective》

I fixed my breathing and Saori had fainted on my stomach. Saori body which look like konjac was fair and slim with long legs.I fixed my breathing and Saori had fainted on my stomach. Saori body which looks like konjac was fair and slim with long legs.

Such a Saori is said to be an excellent secretary who the president and managing director of a company rely on. But I have never seen Saori work.

However he hardly talk to me in particular and mostly with the laboratory manager.

Of course not only in the laboratory, but was popular with the male employee in the company and the female employee were envious. It seem that on valentine day, a large quantity of chocolate was given from the female employees.

My treasure. My proud cute wife. And the best woman in the world.

“Ah, Ahhh… Kosuke-san… So happy, So happy… Ahhh…”

“Saori… I’m happy too. The happiest in the world…”

“Nn, Nnnnn~!… Nnnnnn!”

“Nnn, Nnnnnn! Ahh, Ahhhhh~~!”

I lifted Saori waist and had her on all fours. Saori pink pussy is right in front of me.

And my penis was ecstatically erect. Even though I ejaculated so intensely, pre-cum was coming from the tip again.

While looking at Saori expression that dead tired lying face first on the bed, my penis which was pointing toward the sky in front of Saori pussy, I grab Saori waist and thrust it in.

Saori bent back and screamed.

I grasp Saori waist and piston intensely. Saori〈Creature〉began to twine around my penis and tighten’ up around it.

“Kuuuuu~! Saori,Saoii~!”

“Ha, Haaaaa~! Ko, Kosuke-san! Mou, Mou… Ahh, Ahhh~~~!”

Saori screaming loudly while her body became stiff.

Saori whole body lost it strength.

Saori pulling the trigger I came simultaneously with her.

Still with my penis in Saori, it was constantly firing off semen into her without running out.
Saori had fainted completely.

I fell right beside Saori and hug her from behind while my penis was still inside of her and little by little began to sleep. Inside of Saori〈Creature〉my erect penis is being firmly wrapped and is twitching.

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