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Female President Otsuki Miwako

Oki Manami in Mobile Fujimori Communication who is in charge of the quality check and product management is being driven crazy after returning from her business trip

I’m called by Director Sawamura and briefed about my next business trip.
The destination this time is Sabae-shi of Fukui Prefecture. The printer that our IT company sell is quite famous not only in Japan but the whole world too.

The latest model HT2511B210 2nd edition is the highest quality printer with a wholesale price of 125000 yen. With the newest development, it can use 8 different color ink and even if exposed to direct sunlight for 10 years it would not fade. Therefore it is a perfect use in posters.

“This president is quite tough. Until now she has criticise 5 of our salespeople, even though all of them are honorable. It causing quite a headache”
My director said so crossing his arm.

“So…. If you could convince the president. You who had successfully defeated Shimada special unit. If you can do it in 3 days, I will give you a bonus that 20% salary. Won’t you try it?”

My director said to me, smugging.

“…… For how much do you want to sell it?”
I ask him. 
Until now there was 5 salesperson that died with honor. I think it would be impossible for me, but to hang my tail between my leg, it would disgrace my title as the top performer.
“Just 100000 yen. About 200 unit. Since it is our top of the line product, the discount will be 25000 yen. Not any lower”
Director Sawamura says drinking his coffee.
“There is no discount, is it…”


(Ma, to take a hit and break. Guess tasting defeat is also a part of learning)

“I understand. I will go with the resolve to die”
I said and bow my head to Director Sawamura.
“Oi Oi. I in trouble if you are defeated! You are our last stand after all. Please don’t say such cowardly thing!”
My director expresses earnestly.
“I’ll go for now. I will inform you of my progress”
Lowering my head I left the director office.

The next day.
I told Saori about my business trip and she was about to burst into tears, I loved her twice that morning. With ejaculation control off, I came about 7 or 8 times inside of Saori and she was extremely elated.
After all, Saori is the best. It can’t be help that I will fawn over Saori when she was about to cry since I love her. Saori who let her white slim body be in agony with pleasure and giving me countless kisses finally faint. And me too, being inside of Saori〈Creature〉I reach climax many times.
I look forward to embracing Saori when I came home after 3 days and 2 night this time.
I was sent off by Saroi and headed for Fukui Prefecture after Saori came to from the rough sex twice.

Fukui Prefecture Sabae-shi.

The Otsuki electricity corporation where the stubborn president is. What kind of dictatorial company president are you?
My director told me that the appointed meeting time is at 10:00 am.
But I arrive at the company at 9:50 am. I am waiting for it to be before 5 minutes exactly. I gave my business card to the receptionist and applied with an interview with the president.
This woman, as expected of a famous IT company, is quite beautiful. Since receptionist seems to be called the signboard of a company as well. Following this, the president secretary should be a beautiful woman too.
But by no mean would she be able to match my Saori.
The receptionist looks at me and blushes.
“The president office is on the eighth floor. Her secretary is waiting by the elevator exit”
The receptionist blushes while saying to me.
“Thank you”
Staring into her eyes while giving my best smile. She stood up slightly bowing to me while looking down.

“Akabane-sama. Welcome. President Otsuki is waiting for your arrival. Please follow me”
As I step out of the elevator, a woman who seems to be the secretary was waiting while lowering her head toward me.
As I thought, she is a beautiful woman. It looks like she about 30 years old, same as me. Her leg is thin but generally, her style is good.
Tonight, should I try entrapping this woman.
In my head, I was already imagining this woman completely naked.
This woman seems to be blushing bashfully looking at an ikemen.

“Welcome. You seem to be on time. I am president Otsuki”
Being guided by the woman, another woman greeted me in the president office.
She looks to be around 40 years old. She quite a fair beauty. Rather than that, if she was in her twenties she would be an extremely beautiful woman. Whether she in her 40’s or not, her style is good with slender leg and a small butt. Her breasts are considerably big but not quite my preference.
“Nice to meet you. I am Akabane Kureha Kosuke of Yuki scientific industrial. Thank you for taking your time for examining our products.”
I bow my head while presenting my business card.
“I am president Otsuki Miwako of Otsuki electricity corporation”
President Otsuki who was wearing a leopard print jacket and skirt took out a business card, handed it to me while slightly bowing.
(A woman with leopard print? Doesn’t look like a director, but this is going to be tough…)
I grimaced in my heart.
Wearing such flashy clothes, sure give a strong impression that she likes to show off. President Otsuki eyes look sharp, eyes that can read a person’s heart.
But she not wearing a wedding ring so that means she is single. Certainly, there wouldn’t be many men that can look directly in her sharp eyes.
“Please, have a seat”
President Otsuki said so and motion me to the sofa. As for the woman who seems to be her secretary, she knelt down on the carpet on the floor and place cold barley tea on the table at the same time.

Her employee training is also perfect. Maybe because the president is a woman that the hospitality is thoughtful.
The problem is how do I persuade such a strong-minded president.
It would be a simple task for me even if the other person is about 10 years older than me if I used my trump card〈Perfect Sex〉. Frankly speaking I not good with such strong-minded woman that are able to wear such bold leopard prints. If anything, the secretary is my preference.
“Then, I’ll explain the summary of the product that our company is recommending…”
“Regarding the product, you do not have to explain it in particular. Because I myself have seen it with my own eyes and used a sample”

President Otsuki said so interrupting my words.

“Yes… Then, how was it considering the result?”

I stare into the president’s eye and ask.

“We are considering around 200 unit but the discount is small though. I will express it clearly and bring it back to square one. But, the speed of the printing and the vividness of the color it like a photograph, the efficiency of the product is something to be amazed at”
President Otsuki said so flipping over the brochure.
“Thank you very much for your praise. Even for me it a product that I recommend with absolute confidence”
Saying so I lower my head to the president. But president Otsuki doesn’t look at me who lowered my head and continue looking at the brochure.
“How about 95000 yen for one. With 5 set of ink and a spare head for each printer… Closing at 19 million yen… Let sign it immediately in that case”
President Otsuki said so looking up. Her eyes as sharp as ever.
I thought〈That impossible〉.
I can’t sell one for under 100000 yen. That is the director intentions. And the wholesale price for 8 color inks is 4000 yen. The wholesale price for the exchangeable head is 9000 yen. It would be lead to a net loss of 5.8 million yen from the 20 million yen only with this.
Given such a condition, it’s no wonder that the 5 salesmen died an honorable death.
I sigh heavily.
“That a problem…”
I stare at President Otsuki and said.
“I understand the condition that President Otsuki said. However, the B2 2nd edition printer is our company greatest development that have our absolute confidence and is ahead of our competitor. We also do not plan on releasing it at a retail price in the coming three years. The price that I currently showing is the price that our director is giving this company without any loss or profit…”
Saying so to President Otsuki.
“If we were to agree to your price, we would make a loss that exceeds 5 million yen. Even if I sever my stomach, the loss will be too great. So…”
I stare into the president eyes.

“I have been asked by the director to〈Visit you〉. I can’t return with such useless result. As for the printer ink and head, it is our flagship model that our company had an approved patent for”
Saying so while bowing to President Otsuki.
“About President Otsuki suggestion for 5000 yen discount per printer, I am determined to suffer that burden… As for the ink and head, it is regrettable…”
I have decided to use my own pocket to cover the discount. Though 1 million yen is not something that can be done with savings. But if this is able to preserve my company honor then as a salesman, it is also part of my training to shed some blood.
“…… Did you say that you will burden yourself with that 1 million yen…”
President Otsuki stares at me with her sharp eyes.
“Yes. So if you could consider the contract with that…”
I stare right back into the president’s eye.
President Otsuki nods while staring at me.
“I’ll think about it… I will give you a reply by tomorrow… Could you tell me your hotel and mobile phone number?”
President Otsuki took out her smartphone.
I then enter my mobile number and made a call to my phone.
“I will contact you about the following schedule, so let end it for today. I’ll give a reply to you tomorrow”
President Otsuki said while sighing lightly.
“Certainly. Thank you for your consideration. Then I shall leave for today”
I stood up and bowed. As President Otsuki continue to stare at me.

Today, I did not use〈Perfect Sex〉on President Otsuki.
The reason was that the woman is about 10 years older than me but above all, she have not smiled once. With such a strong character in leopard prints, she definitely doesn’t suit my taste.
But I believe that saying I would burden the 1 million yen myself, President Otsuki would have a slight change of heart. Otherwise, she would have already declined.
Besides the printer that I trying to contract with is definitely high performance that not found in other companies. If they wanted to have such a high performance they would need to wait 7 years before the patent for the ink and head to expire. Such a product with absolute confidence.

For the time being, I return to the hotel and report to Director Sawamura.
“Is that so… However, it good that you were not turned away immediately! And to receive an answer tomorrow is a great thing. Preserve for the final push!”
The director said so while slightly laughing.
Goddamn director!
I hang up my phone while thinking so.
(Ok. There no point even if I dwell on it. Time to hunt some woman while looking for seafood!)
While having a quick shower I decided to look for a woman while eating out.

Having taken a shower and about to open my door and leave, my mobile phone vibrated.
(Oi, impossible…)
The person calling my phone was President Otsuki.
Is it about the reply for the contract? Shit. If she declines it would be〈Perfect Sex〉turn.
“Hello, Akabane”
I answered with the third ring.
“Akabane. It Otsuki”
President Otsuki voice came from my mobile phone.
“Hello, President Otsuki. Is it about the talk from before…”
I stood in front of the unattended door. It may be an occupational disease for a salesman.
“Now. I am on the 11th floor of the royal continental hotel. Would you care to keep me company for a meal?”
President Otsuki invited me.
“Certainty. I’ll come immediately”
Answering so.
I was thinking of looking for a young woman and driving her mad until morning with〈Perfect Sex〉but now I will be having a meal with a leopard print woman. Anyway, after having a good meal with her, I can go look for a woman afterward.
I push the button of the elevator and went down to the first floor.

I went to the royal continental hotel by taxi and arrive at the 11th floor with the elevator. While surveying the wide lounge, a bellboy came to me.
“Akabane-sama. President Otsuki is waiting for you” he said while bowing and then led me to a private room.
“Ah, welcome. I am sorry to suddenly call you out. Am I being a nuisance?”
On the Kotasu set on the floor, President Otsuki seems to be drinking wine look at me and stood up. Now she was not wearing leopard prints but a very bright suit.
“No no. It an honor to be invited by you”
I reply while lowering my head.
President Otsuki smiled but her eyes did not seem to laugh at all.
“Do you dislike a woman who smokes”
The president said while taking a seat and took out a cigarette and lit it.
“No. In the past I smoked too so please don’t mind me”
President Otsuki smiled at me.
(Looking at her like this, she good…)
I thought while staring at President Otsuki.
Her clothe is not too flashy and her makeup is not thick too.
“You probably think that such a strong will woman is unpleasant…”
President Otsuki laughed while dropping the cigarette ash into the glass ashtray.
I was troubled on how to answer her.
Meanwhile, the draft beer and appetizer of the course have been brought here.
“If I wasn’t strong-will I couldn’t have been a female president. I would have been underestimated just because I a woman even in business talk. Therefore I changed into an〈Iron Woman〉…”
President Otsuki said so and laugh.
Is she a little masochistic. When her expression isn’t that stiff, she is quite a beauty with good proportion. There would be many men lining up to court her, so I thought.
“It is my treat. There no need to be reserve so please eat and drink”
President Otsuki smiled and began her meal.
“Then I shall take your offer”
I bow my head and had a mouthful of the draft beer, grabbing my knife and fork.
“Even to this year, I am still single because I put up such a strong will character…”
President Otsuki smiles while eating her appetizer salad.
“President you are a very beautiful and attractive woman. This isn’t a compliment so that you will accept the contract though”
I stare into President Otsuki eyes saying so.
“Oh. You’re good. But as a woman I am glad…”
President Otsuki smile sincerely. Her smiling face is moist. Such a beauty even at this age.
(Ok. Today will be her. I shall completely conquer her and make her madly in love with me with my penis and complete the contract)
Deciding so in my mind.
Maybe I would be the first man that the president had in a long time. However, I doubt that I would be her first. Even if I am not, her body is at the peak of womanhood. She may faint just from me caressing her body while I insert my penis if she had not had any contact with〈Man〉for a long time.
(For now, let’s set it at the weakest level…)
Under the table, I set〈Aphrodisiac electromagnetic wave〉of〈Perfect Sex〉to 1 and push the crown.
“Ah, Haa…”
President Otsuki spat out a small breath.
“What happen? Did you drink too much…”
As I said that she took another two big breath.
“Are you ok? You look a little tipsy… Here, drink some water…”
I pour some ice cold water into President Otsuki glass and made her grasp it.
President Otsuki whose hand was grasped raise a small cry and stare at me. Her eye began to moisten a little. After drinking the cold water, President Otsuki seems to have calmed down a little. Her face that became red was returning to normal too.
After that, I turn off〈Aphrodisiac electromagnetic wave〉and continue our meal while talking about silly topics.
After the meal ended, I set〈Aphrodisiac electromagnetic wave〉to 1.5. If this female president up till now didn’t embrace any man, 1.5 should be enough.
As soon as〈Aphrodisiac electromagnetic wave〉was activated, President Otsuki sigh “Ah, Ahh” while closing her eyes.
“President Otsuki. It was a feast. It was an honour to keep you company. Thank you very much”
I presented my right hand as I said so to President Otsuki who open her eyes.
The president grasp my hand and soon after her eye became completely moist.
“Ah, Ahh…”
As soon as we shook hand President Otsuki closes her eye and moan.
“President, Is everything all right?”
While shaking hands with President Otsuki, I look at her face. Her eye couldn’t focus. I wonder what happened to a 40-year-old woman vagina after receiving〈Aphrodisiac electromagnetic wave〉. Look like it started getting wet.
“Ah, Ahh, Ah…”
President Otsuki continues to close her eyes and moan.
“Should we leave now and take some fresh air outside? Be at ease”
I stood up and sat beside the president. And as I held the president’s shoulder, I kiss President Otsuki who was closing her eyes.
“Ah, Nnn… Nnnnn…”
President Otsuki didn’t resist much and receive my kiss. Since it was set at 1.5 and that she has not been kissed in a long time, her heart and body should be mero mero. 〈Perfect Sex〉is awesome.
My penis is completely erect. It throbbing hard in my sports supporter.
“Hold me… Embrace me…”
President Otsuki turns her head to me and utters such delirious words.
(Here it comes!)
I hug her tightly and kiss her but the president feeling didn’t change. I then massage her breast on top of her clothes. Her breast shake greatly.
“President. Where would you like me to hold…”
I separated from President Otsuki and stare into her eyes.
“Miwako… Call me Miwako. Akabane-san…”
President Otsuki look into my eyes and fawn.
Saying so, I push President Otsuki down and pile on top of her and kiss her again. My erect penis is trembling, it rubbing against Otsuki Miwako thick thighs. Otsuki Miwako can probably feel that. But since it a private room, I more or less can do something.
This woman is already mine since the moment I came to this place.

I stop〈Aphrodisiac electromagnetic wave〉and waited for President Otsuki to calm down a little. If I took her now she may faint as she is. Beside, she allow me to kiss her. Her sexual desire as a woman probably cannot be stop even by herself anymore.
“Err, to the hotel I staying at… Can you help me stand?”
Otsuki Miwako uses my hand as a support. She slowly stood up after I nodded “Un” to her. Since〈Aphrodisiac electromagnetic wave〉is cut, she should be fine with walking and shouldn’t suddenly collapse.
Before going out of the private room, I hug Otsuki Miwako again and gave her a french kiss while massaging her breast on top of her clothes.
Otsuki Miwako leg nearly gave out from my kiss and caressing.

Luckily President Otsuki was able to complete the payment at the cashier.
“Err, I’ll hold you slowly. Is that all right President?”
While in the elevator I set〈Aphrodisiac electromagnetic wave〉to 2 and held the president shoulder and kiss her.
“Ee, eeee… Embrace me. Please, Akabane-san…”
Otsuki Miwako said while resting her head on my shoulder. I held Otsuki Miwako shoulder who looking like she may collapse.
“Here… This is the room where I have an annual contract with. In this room…”
Otsuki Miwako said and stare at me.
As expected of the president of an IT company, she has an exclusive room contract with the royal continental hotel which is famous even in Fukui. The scale is completely different.
I held onto Miwako body and got off on the 10th floor.
In the room that Miwako have a contract with, there is a spacious living room, a nice kitchen and bedrooms, it an equal match to a 2LDK apartment.
Entering the room I lock the door and lifted Miwako who’s half awake and lay her on top of the bed. I went on top of Miwako and began to kiss her while taking off her clothes. For a 40 year old, her style is outstandingly good like an athlete. As expected she taking care of her health.
“Nnn, Nnnnn…”
While receiving my kiss Miwako body was trembling in agony. After I took off her clothes and remove her bra, I suck on her bare breast. Her breast are rather large, even on her back they do not sag and kept their shape nicely.
“Ah, Ahhhhhhh~!”
Although I only held her nipple in my mouth, Miwako let out a loud moan. Then with elaborate pain I took off Miwako thong from her butt. I was careful not to pull out any pubic hair from her thong.
My penis that completely erect is above Miwako thick thigh. Precum began to come out from the tip and it was eager to thrust into Miwako thigh. I touch Miwako pussy with my hand.
“Ahhhhhh~! Haaaaaa~!”
As soon as my hand touch Miwako pussy, Miwako screamed. As expected Miwako pussy was completely soak in love juice.
(It look fine putting it in as it is…)
I thought to myself while looking at Miwako.
(Ok. First with my tongue and finger)
I spread Miwako legs apart and tasted her pussy. Even though her pussy doesn’t seem to be use in a long time, the colour is good.
“Oh, Ahhh~! Ahh, Ahh, Ahhhhh~!”
Miwako bend her body back as she moans.
“Miwako-san, you are so beautiful. I may become crazy about you”
While saying so, I put more effort in licking Miwako pussy. I also inserted a finger deep inside of Miwako pussy.
“Ha, Haaaaa~! Ahhhhhh~! Ku, Akabane-san! Ahhhhh~~!”
I continue to stir Miwako pussy with my finger. Miwako continues to squirm while her body is trembling.
I then turn Miwako over and lifted her butt up and force it in. Love liquid began to spray out of Miwako insides. She squirted.
Miwako pussy is unexpectedly good and continues tightening. As expected she is quite distanced with man. Rather than that, maybe it should be said that no man was able to approach the president.
(Really, this is the first time…)
While thinking so, I pull my finger out of Miwako and decided to attack with my mouth and tongue. For now, let make her climax once. After that, I shall thrust my penis in and taste it to my heart content.
I spread Miwako leg apart and set〈Aphrodisiac electromagnetic wave〉to 4 while tracing her pussy with my tongue.
“Ahhhhhh~! No, useless~~! Ahhhhhhhhhhh~!”
The moment I set it to 4 Miwako screamed. Look like an intense pleasure attack her all at once.
“Miwako-san, is it good. I S good”
I said while rolling my tongue over her clitoris and vagina.
“Ahhhhhh~~! C-Cumming. Cummin! Ahh, Ahhhh~~! Cumming~~!”
Miwako grimace and screams. With just my mouth and tongue she had reach climax. Miwako lost all strength in her body. Miwako then became like konjac.
(Now I shall make you cum with my penis this time)
I position my raging penis in front of Miwako expose pussy. Look like I can insert it anytime since it became soaked from cumming just before.
(GO, My penis!)
I spread Miwako leg apart and plunge my penis right into the depth of her vagina. This moment is truly the best. My penis which was wrapped in love juice had been adjusted to a normal erection size of 15cm with〈Perfect Sex〉but was able to reach deep enough into Miwako that it reaches her uterus.
“Ahhhhhhhhhh~~! Ha, Haaaaaaaa~~!”
When a big thing was inserted into Miwako who looks like she was about to faint, she let out such moans.
(This is good. It far from Saori, but it pretty close)
I continue to support Miwako legs and slowly continue to thrust it, savoring Miwako pussy.
“Ahh, Ahhhh~~! Ah, Haaaaaa~~!”
Miwako continues to moan with wrinkle forming between her eyes.
“Ah, Ahh… Miwako-san…”
I continue to slowly pull out while savoring the feeling of Miwako with my gland. Miwako looks like she just on the verge of fainting. Raising my own voice, I pull both of her leg toward myself.
“Ah~~, Aahhhh~~! Ahh, Ahh, Ahhh~~~!”
Miwako moan echo in the room.
“Ikuu! Ahh, Ahhh~! Iku, Ikuuuuu~!”
Miwako stares at me with her eye wide open and scream.
“Good. Miwako-san, me too”
I kiss Miwako as I move my waist while staring into her moist eyes.
(Go go! It time to fly! I am also excited!)
I continue to move my waist quickly as I am assaulted with many intense ejaculation feeling. And after releasing the ejaculation control of〈Perfect Sex〉. At that moment the amount of pleasure skyrocketed.
“Ah, Ahh, Ahhhh~~! Ahh~! Ikuu, Ikuuuuuu~!”
Miwako screams as she bends her body backward.
“Ahh, Ahhhhh~! Ah, Ahh Ahh…”
And Miwako climaxed.
“Kuu, Kuuuuuuu~~! Ku Ahhhh~”
I gave a cry and pull the trigger. My desire that had accumulated into a reservoir and the pleasure which seem to break through my urethra, Doba!, Doda! and it was fired. Along with an intense pleasure, twice, thrice, it was deposited into Miwako vagina.
“Ahhh… Miwako-san…”
I fell on top of Miwako body. Sweat from two people body made it slippery.
“Miwako-san. It was really pleasant… And lovely…”
I hug Miwako who in a trance and repeatedly kiss her face and mouth many time over and whisper into her ear.
“Ah, Ahhh… Akabane-san. I like you, I like you…”
Miwako stares at me and said without much strength left.
“Ahh, Ahhhh~! Ahh~”
With my penis inside of Miwako and adding a bit of power, Miwako began to tremble with biku while letting out such sound. And my penis is still as hard as iron.
I embrace Miwako from the front while thrusting into her. The so-called face to face sitting position. And I made my penis length to 16cm.
The moment I embrace her, Miwako let out a scream. Miwako weight also helps and I was able to penetrate deeper inside from the bottom. In addition, it is level 4 of〈Perfect Sex〉. It a pleasure that would make one lose their mind.
I push up hard into Miwako from the bottom. And I turn off ejaculation control this time. The pleasure is assaulting my penis.
“Aahhhh~! No, Noooooo~! Iku, Ikuuuuu~~!”
As soon as I started thrusting into Miwako in this face to face sitting position, she screams and clung onto me. It understandable since her core of〈Woman〉is push from the bottom.
The average length of a woman vagina is about 8 to 10 cm only. A penis of 16cm which is longer pushes up like a rocket.
And my climax is approaching closer. However, if I ejaculate now, the amount would be lesser than before. Still, an intense pleasure attacks my brain.
“Ahhhh~! Kuu, Akabane-sann! C, Cumming, Cumming, Cummingggg~!”
I stimulate Miwako vagina with my super erected penis glands by scratching it.
“Wow~! Miwako-sann! Ah, Ahhh~!”
My cock began to swell greatly and from the tip like a fountain! Semen rush out. Miwako completely faints on top of me.

Miwako wasn’t a virgin. Nevertheless, she did not allow a single man to came close to her because of her position of president. Although〈Perfect Sex〉is powerful, Miwako unrest was abnormal. I may have been the first man in several year or decades.

That night.
Miwako fainted 5 times while doing it in doggy style and cowgirl position. And lastly, it ended with shooting a large load into Miwako mouth while using〈Perfect Sex〉ejaculation control during her blowjob.
Miwako swallows it all without letting one drop of semen to leak.

Before I left the room, I hug Miwako who had fainted stark naked and kiss her over and over again. I erase Miwako memory of us indulging in the pleasure of sex till morning with the power of〈Perfect Sex〉.
I wonder how Miwako will conduct the business negotiation with me tomorrow.
Anyway, regardless of whether the contract will be formed or not, Miwako will probably have sex with me again.
Tomorrow night, I will make this female president go crazy again.
Miwako is now totally asleep on the bed stark naked. I cover Miwako with a thin futon and kiss her gently.
Even though she acts with a strong heart, after all, she still a woman. Women are made to have sex with men. The pleasure obtains from having sex is the same for women no matter if you are the president or a clerk.
It seems that Miwako body and mind realize this.
Even so, you can train your body.

The next day.
I visited Miwako company. I had an appointment at 11 am. It is to hear the final decision of the contract.

“Akabane-san. Our company has made its decision…”
Otsuki Miwako sat down on the sofa with a hard look like the previous day, leg crossed and stare at me. She wasn’t wearing leopard prints today.
I bow my head to Miwako while standing,.
“Please, take a sit…”
“No. I stay as I am”
I said as I stare at Otsuki Miwako.
“So… Then…”
Miwako move her gaze from me to the document.
Tea was brought in by her secretary but with me remaining standing she couldn’t serve the tea.
“The result of the board meeting. Our company have decided to accept your offer of 100,000 yen per unit as per your offer. Please treat me well”
Otsuki Miwako said so and stood up while presenting her right hand to me. Her expression is as stiff as ever.
I bow my head to Miwako and shook her hand in response.
“I not going to let you pay that 1 million yen by yourself Akabane-san. Even so I am entrusted with this company. But I do admire your enthusiasm Akabane-san”
Miwako smile while saying so.
“Thank you very much. I will never forget this favor for life!”
I bow my waist and lower my head to Miwako.
The president secretary place the tea in front of me as she saw me sat down on the sofa and left the office.
“I wonder. If I should take a day off now. Would you mind accompanying me for a meal to celebrate the newly form contract…”
Miwako eye shone a little as she said that.
Perhaps the memory from last night had sprung out from Miwako.
“I would be happy to accompany you”
I stare into Miwako moist eye and smile.

That day.
After having our lunch at a restaurant in town, Miwako and I spend the day shopping and watching a movie.
At the cinema, we book a special seat that was separate from the second floor and enjoy the movie with only the two of us.
Miwako and I are seating side by side in a separate place.
In the dark, Miwako held my hand the whole time while resting her head on my shoulder.
During the movie, I caress Miwako face with my free hand and repeatedly kiss her. With teary eyes, Miwako stares at me but halfway through we left.
Look like Miwako also expected it, in the dim lighting I unbutton Miwako clothes and fondle one breast while sucking on the other, I slip my free hand into Miwako skirt and beneath her underwear and slowly thrust my finger in and out while caressing her sweet spot. Miwako pussy was endlessly secreting love juice.
“Ahh, Haaaaa~…”
Miwako began to breath heavily and her body stiffens as I caress her.
“I-I, all these year, Akabane-san, the first…, man…”
Miwako said shamefully.
Eh, Miwako was a virgin.
But there was no bleed, maybe her hymen had been broken when she was masturbating or when she was exercising or training.
I hug Miwako and kiss her repeatedly.
“Come and see me sometime. And embrace me… My only purpose in life is only my current job…”
Miwako said and stare at me.
“I understand. I too like to embrace you as much as I can. I will be sure to meet you again.”
I reply to Miwako.
Hearing that Miwako smile and wrap her hand around my neck.
In turn, I hug Miwako closely and kiss her for a long time.

That night.
In the room of the Royal Continental Hotel which I spent the previous night taking advantage of Miwako and reaching climax 5 times using the power of〈Perfect Sex〉.
Last night. Maybe Miwako understood it too. That she wouldn’t be able to see me for a while. That was the same for me as well.
“Ahhhh~! Ahh, Ahh! Ah, Ohh~~!”
Grabbing onto Miwako ankle, I spread her leg far apart from her waist and thrust my penis right into Miwako pussy. The current length is 17 cm today. The pleasure from pistoning her came assaulting me in waves.
Like a machine, I was continuously pounding Miwako pussy with my penis without a break. Miwako was crying aloud while in agony.
“Ahh~~! Iku, Ikuu, Ikuuu~! Ah, Ahh, Ahhhhhhh~~!”
Miwako scream many times. I probably won’t know how many time Miwako had reach climax. With pleasure too great that Miwako couldn’t handle it, she fainted repeatedly.
Also, I cancel ejaculation control of〈Perfect Sex〉so I am repeatedly ejaculating right in the depth of Miwako pussy with intense pleasure.
I did not intend to carve this pleasure into Miwako memory but I still wanted Miwako to climax over and over again.

After a session of rough sex, I help Miwako who had fainted get dress in her underwear and set〈Aphrodisiac electromagnetic wave〉of〈Perfect Sex〉to zero and made it so that her memory of me will disappear after 10 minutes.
I will meet you sometime again in the future.
Miwako. Until then stay beautiful. Thank you for the contract.
I whisper as I left the room where I and Miwako spent time together.

Saori. I will be back tomorrow.
For the whole day, I want to hug you Saori.

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