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Female President Otsuki Miwako

Oki Manami in Mobile Fujimori Communication who is in charge of the quality check and product management is being driven crazy after returning from her business trip

I’m called by Director Sawamura and briefed about my next business trip.
The destination this time is Sabae-shi of Fukui Prefecture. The printer that our IT company sell is quite famous not only in Japan but the whole world too.

The latest model HT2511B210 2nd edition is the highest quality printer with a wholesale price of 125000 yen. With the newest development, it can use 8 different color ink and even if exposed to direct sunlight for 10 years it would not fade. Therefore it is a perfect use in posters.

“This president is quite tough. Until now she has criticise 5 of our salespeople, even though all of them are honorable. It causing quite a headache”
My director said so crossing his arm.

“So…. If you could convince the president. You who had successfully defeated Shimada special unit. If you can do it in 3 days, I will give you a bonus that 20% salary. Won’t you try it?”

My director said to me, smugging.

“…… For how much do you want to sell it?”

Until now there was 5 salesperson that died with honor. I think it would be impossible for me, but to hang my tail between my leg, it would disgrace my title as the top performer.

Director Sawamura says drinking his coffee.
“There is no discount, is it…”


(Ma, to take a hit and break. Guess tasting defeat is also a part of learning)

“I understand. I will go with the resolve to die”

“Oi Oi. I in trouble if you are defeated! You are our last stand after all. Please don’t say such cowardly thing!”

“I’ll go for now. I will inform you of my progress”
Lowering my head I left the director office.

The next day.

After all, Saori is the best. It can’t be help that I will fawn over Saori when she was about to cry since I love her. Saori who let her white slim body be in agony with pleasure and giving me countless kisses finally faint. And me too, being inside of Saori〈Creature〉I reach climax many times.

I was sent off by Saroi and headed for Fukui Prefecture after Saori came to from the rough sex twice.

Fukui Prefecture Sabae-shi.

The Otsuki electricity corporation where the stubborn president is. What kind of dictatorial company president are you?

But I arrive at the company at 9:50 am. I am waiting for it to be before 5 minutes exactly. I gave my business card to the receptionist and applied with an interview with the president.

But by no mean would she be able to match my Saori.

“The president office is on the eighth floor. Her secretary is waiting by the elevator exit”

“Thank you”
Staring into her eyes while giving my best smile. She stood up slightly bowing to me while looking down.

“Akabane-sama. Welcome. President Otsuki is waiting for your arrival. Please follow me”

As I thought, she is a beautiful woman. It looks like she about 30 years old, same as me. Her leg is thin but generally, her style is good.

In my head, I was already imagining this woman completely naked.
This woman seems to be blushing bashfully looking at an ikemen.

“Welcome. You seem to be on time. I am president Otsuki”

She looks to be around 40 years old. She quite a fair beauty. Rather than that, if she was in her twenties she would be an extremely beautiful woman. Whether she in her 40’s or not, her style is good with slender leg and a small butt. Her breasts are considerably big but not quite my preference.

I bow my head while presenting my business card.

President Otsuki who was wearing a leopard print jacket and skirt took out a business card, handed it to me while slightly bowing.

I grimaced in my heart.

But she not wearing a wedding ring so that means she is single. Certainly, there wouldn’t be many men that can look directly in her sharp eyes.

President Otsuki said so and motion me to the sofa. As for the woman who seems to be her secretary, she knelt down on the carpet on the floor and place cold barley tea on the table at the same time.

Her employee training is also perfect. Maybe because the president is a woman that the hospitality is thoughtful.

It would be a simple task for me even if the other person is about 10 years older than me if I used my trump card〈Perfect Sex〉. Frankly speaking I not good with such strong-minded woman that are able to wear such bold leopard prints. If anything, the secretary is my preference.

“Regarding the product, you do not have to explain it in particular. Because I myself have seen it with my own eyes and used a sample”

President Otsuki said so interrupting my words.

“Yes… Then, how was it considering the result?”

I stare into the president’s eye and ask.

“We are considering around 200 unit but the discount is small though. I will express it clearly and bring it back to square one. But, the speed of the printing and the vividness of the color it like a photograph, the efficiency of the product is something to be amazed at”

“Thank you very much for your praise. Even for me it a product that I recommend with absolute confidence”

“How about 95000 yen for one. With 5 set of ink and a spare head for each printer… Closing at 19 million yen… Let sign it immediately in that case”

I thought〈That impossible〉.

Given such a condition, it’s no wonder that the 5 salesmen died an honorable death.

“That a problem…”

“I understand the condition that President Otsuki said. However, the B2 2nd edition printer is our company greatest development that have our absolute confidence and is ahead of our competitor. We also do not plan on releasing it at a retail price in the coming three years. The price that I currently showing is the price that our director is giving this company without any loss or profit…”

“If we were to agree to your price, we would make a loss that exceeds 5 million yen. Even if I sever my stomach, the loss will be too great. So…”
I stare into the president eyes.

“I have been asked by the director to〈Visit you〉. I can’t return with such useless result. As for the printer ink and head, it is our flagship model that our company had an approved patent for”

“About President Otsuki suggestion for 5000 yen discount per printer, I am determined to suffer that burden… As for the ink and head, it is regrettable…”

“…… Did you say that you will burden yourself with that 1 million yen…”

“Yes. So if you could consider the contract with that…”


“I’ll think about it… I will give you a reply by tomorrow… Could you tell me your hotel and mobile phone number?”

I then enter my mobile number and made a call to my phone.

President Otsuki said while sighing lightly.

I stood up and bowed. As President Otsuki continue to stare at me.

Today, I did not use〈Perfect Sex〉on President Otsuki.

But I believe that saying I would burden the 1 million yen myself, President Otsuki would have a slight change of heart. Otherwise, she would have already declined.
Besides the printer that I trying to contract with is definitely high performance that not found in other companies. If they wanted to have such a high performance they would need to wait 7 years before the patent for the ink and head to expire. Such a product with absolute confidence.

For the time being, I return to the hotel and report to Director Sawamura.

The director said so while slightly laughing.

I hang up my phone while thinking so.

While having a quick shower I decided to look for a woman while eating out.

Having taken a shower and about to open my door and leave, my mobile phone vibrated.

The person calling my phone was President Otsuki.

“Hello, Akabane”

“Akabane. It Otsuki”

“Hello, President Otsuki. Is it about the talk from before…”

“Now. I am on the 11th floor of the royal continental hotel. Would you care to keep me company for a meal?”

“Certainty. I’ll come immediately”

I was thinking of looking for a young woman and driving her mad until morning with〈Perfect Sex〉but now I will be having a meal with a leopard print woman. Anyway, after having a good meal with her, I can go look for a woman afterward.
I push the button of the elevator and went down to the first floor.

I went to the royal continental hotel by taxi and arrive at the 11th floor with the elevator. While surveying the wide lounge, a bellboy came to me.

“Ah, welcome. I am sorry to suddenly call you out. Am I being a nuisance?”

“No no. It an honor to be invited by you”

President Otsuki smiled but her eyes did not seem to laugh at all.

The president said while taking a seat and took out a cigarette and lit it.

President Otsuki smiled at me.

I thought while staring at President Otsuki.

“You probably think that such a strong will woman is unpleasant…”


Meanwhile, the draft beer and appetizer of the course have been brought here.

President Otsuki said so and laugh.

“It is my treat. There no need to be reserve so please eat and drink”

“Then I shall take your offer”

“Even to this year, I am still single because I put up such a strong will character…”

“President you are a very beautiful and attractive woman. This isn’t a compliment so that you will accept the contract th

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