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These poor children seem doesn’t know it yet. That once they had appeared in this place. They’ve already ruined their lives.

The world of adults is very cruel. You can destroy your entire life with just one mistake. So, it can be said that all of the scholar students that had gathered in Xiao Wangfu has no future anymore.

A man should always pay the price of what he has done wrong. With Xiao Tianyao’s personality, he will definitely make these people pay. Even though he knows that they were merely a pawn.

“No, no, we don’t dare to meet Prime Minister Lin. Who we are to bother him.” Liu Yongsheng wanted to cry.

Is she trying to punch her old man to death? How can’t she understand his intention? Seriously, she doesn’t know what’s good for her.

“How bold!

“No, no, no, this student doesn’t mean it like that.” Liu Yongsheng realized that he’s wrong, so he wanted to explain, but… …

It’s too late!

Lin Chujiu wave her hand and commanded: “Someone come, and bring out the carriage now! These people wanted to talk to my father, so sent them all to Lin Fu(Mansion)!”

Lin Chujiu is not joking, she really wanted to send all of these scholar students to Lin Xiang to deal with this.

Her father can bring her trouble, but she can’t bring trouble to her father?

Lin Xiang causes trouble to Xiao Wangfu without considering her situation. So, why would she consider him?

Because children are indebted to their parents? That’s why she shouldn’t make trouble to Lin Xiang?

Lin Chujiu continue pursuing her plan, so after she threatens Liu Yongsheng. She started boosting their young pride by saying that they are a good model of students. Because they fight the evil.

The scholar students know that they are already wearing a paper cap (humiliation) by now. They can’t escape anymore, so even if they don’t go in there. Their reputation is already stinking.

The people live with their face, while the tree lives with their bark. But now that their face is gone, how will they become government official? How are they going to face their friends?

“Go, let’s go.” Liu Yongsheng who got knocked down swallowed his pride.

Xiao Wangfu’s carriage is not that big, but a lot of people can already be accommodated. But, when the carriage arrives, Lin Chujiu let the ordinary people sit one by one.

They will squeeze themselves with these people?

That is simply humiliating, but … …

How will they say no to PrincessXiao who causes their down fall?

All the scholar students gritted their teeth in anger.

But still, they squeeze themselves in the three coaches of the carriage, even though they weren’t happy. After all, Xiao Wangfu’s guardsmen made sure that all of them will be included, because… …

They don’t want to leave anyone behind. 

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