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After putting the group of troublemaker inside the carriage. Lin Chujiu didn’t let Xiao Wangfu’s guardsmen to sent those people alone in the Lin Fu. She also decided to go with them and personally talk to Lin Xiang.

Because Lin Chujiu can’t guarantee that her unscrupulous father will solve this case.

Su Cha got worried, so he asked: “Wangfei, I think this is a bad idea. Do you still have to do this?” If Lin Chujiu show herself in front of Lin Fu with them, won’t Lin Xiang tear her apart?

After all, everyone knows very clear that these group of troublemakers won’t dare to cause trouble in front of Xiao Wangfu if no one is backing them.

“What’s so bad about it? I’m giving my father an opportunity to rise up his name. So, I think there’s nothing wrong with that, right?” Lin Chujiu said, but her almond eyes flashed with hidden murderous intent. Hearing her words, Su Cha got daze and took two steps backward. Liu Bai immediately pulled him and ask: “Didn’t you said that we only have to listen to her, so why are you stopping her?”

“Liu Bai, don’t play dumb! You know what is Wangfei really going to do in there. But, does she have to go that far? At the end of the day, Lin Family is still her relative.” Su Cha tried to put himself in Lin Chujiu’s shoes, so he couldn’t stop himself from being considerate.

Lin Chujiu was married off to Prince Xiao because she is Lin Xiang’s daughter, not because she wanted it on her own.

So, if she didn’t have that identity, Lin Chujiu is not worthy to be married off to Prince Xiao.

And if she didn’t have that identity, it will be very hard for her to have a place in the palace.

“We only need to listen to Wangfei. And in fact, Wangfei knows it very clear that Lin Fu and Xiang Wangfu can never work together. So, sooner or later, she has to make a choice.” Liu Bai is selfish, but what he said is true.

“Young Master Liu Bai is right, I need to make a choice.” After Lin Chujiu said those words, she closes her eyes and sighed long. Her closed eyes soon enough revealed her fatigue.

She is not good in confronting someone like Xiao Tianyao, so what more if it’s a crowd of people.

Su Cha took another glance at her before bowing his head in silence.

“Wangfei, everything is ready.” Zhenzhu came forward and reminded Lin Chujiu that they need to set out.

When Lin Chujiu opens her eyes, her eyes no longer has a trace of fatigue. Then, she just put her hand to Zhenzhu’s arm and said without any hesitation: “Let’s go.”

Lin Chujiu step by step walk down the stairs. As if she was a warrior that is going on the battle field.


Lin Chujiu and Xiao Wangfu’s people haven’t left the mansion. But, Xiao Tianyao who is still inside the Jing Tian Courtyard already learns what happened in front of the gate. Xiao Tianyao rarely smiles, but right now, his thin lips were actually revealing a very shallow smile. As if the winter snow finally melted by the star. Unfortunately… …

Aside from Housekeeper Cao, no one else have seen it.

“She really didn’t let benwang disappointed.” Hearing those words are enough to show that Xiao Tianyao is very satisfied with Lin Chujiu.

Housekeeper Cao is also very happy that Lin Chujiu is their Xiao Wangfu’s mistress. And for him, she will always be their Wangfei, even if Mo Yuer sent him a thousand-year-old ginseng or knot weed. His heart will never be shaken..

Some people still keep their eyes close, even if what she’s doing is right. But, not him.

“Go and send all the steamed bread that Wangfei ordered to Lin Fu.” Although Lin Chujiu played unexpected scenes. He is very satisfied with her performance, so he wants her to know that he is still supporting her.

“Let all the people learn what happened today.” He can’t go out, but it doesn’t mean that he cannot do anything. The Emperor wanted to sully his name, but he won’t succeed easily.

“Yes.” Housekeeper Cao turned around and immediately commanded the other servants.

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