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Although, the new house didn’t reach Lin Chujiu’s expectation. It reaches the standard sterilization of this era, regarding about bacteria, viruses and other microorganism that may cause infection.

Lin Chujiu personally went to see the new house again. And when she found out that nothing needs to be changed. She only asks Housekeeper Cao to rub some more vinegar and wormwood (Antiparasitic agent) to the woods and let it dry.

In this era, there are no chemical agents. They just build the house as soon as the wood’s moisture were ready. Not to mention, in order to build this new house, Housekeeper Cao used the best wood, which is called the golden silkwood.

The golden silkwood doesn’t decay. It also doesn’t get infested and very durable. This wood is warm during winter and cold during summer. And it has a fresh and pleasant aroma too. However, the most distinguished characteristic of it is, only the royal family is eligible to use it. The Emperor’s dragon chair, bed, table, and other needed furniture are all made of the golden silkwood.

Of course, Xiao Tianyao’s furniture is all made of golden silkwood too. Xiao Wangfu has a lot of this wood in stock. However, even though they have a lot of stock, Housekeeper Cao was still very reluctant to use it.

Fortunately, the new house is not large, so they don’t need to spend much of it. Or else, Housekeeper Cao will die in distressed. After all, this new house will only be used once.

Everything was prepared. She also now has an assistant. So, it’s time to start the surgery!

The next morning, Lin Chujiu went to Xiao Tianyao and check his body. After determining that there is no problem in his condition, they went directly to the new house.

Doctor Wu has long been waiting for Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu to come. So, when he sees them, he busily came forward and said: “Wangye, Wangfei.”

“Has everything been checked?” Last night, Lin Chujiu prepared every surgical instrument and medicines that she might need.

“Yes, I’ve checked them all, there is no problem.” Doctor Wu repeatedly guarantee. So, Lin Chujiu nodded her head and push Xiao Tianyao into the new house.

After pushing, Lin Chujiu didn’t hurry herself to go inside the operating room. She washes her hands and changes clothes.

The area outside the operating room is not big. So, the changing room can only be separated by curtains. Seeing this, Doctor Wu busily went out, but as for Xiao Tianyao?

He and Lin Chujiu are husband and wife, so why would he go out?

Lin Chujiu was accustomed to wearing surgical clothing, so she finished changing clothes in an instant. And in a flash, Xiao Tianyao saw Lin Chujiu wearing a variety of weird clothes.

He can see her wearing a long blue fabric clothe. Her hair was tied up and has a cap with the same color. Her small face has a mask, so her black and bright eyes were only exposed. Her hands were wearing a pair of transparent gloves that looks a bit big.

Xiao Tianyao looked up and down, then said while frowning: “You look very strange.”

“These things are very convenient.” All the things that Lin Chujiu were wearing came from the modern hospital. So, it’s not very surprising for him to find it strange. But, Lin Chujiu doesn’t have any intention to change them.

The operating room is her battlefield. The surgical gown is her armor. So, of course, she will wear it.

The neat long blue fabric cloth was indeed looked convenient. So, Xiao Tianyao no longer asks anything and just nodded his head. Suggesting, that they should now go to the operating room.

To be honest, he was very curious about today’s surgery. Especially, when he saw that white rabbit woke up just fine the next day. Xiao Tianyao was looking forward to seeing the surgical process on his legs, unfortunately… …

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