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XunMi explained their situation within three sentences and easily threw the blame on the two of them.

On the other hand, Si YuFan realized that his XunMi seemed to be this scum man's ex-girlfriend?

Goddamnit, he was unhappy. He really wanted to punch someone.

XunMi squeezed Si YuFan's hand and used her finger to scratch the palm of his hand trying to comfort him.

Yu LingXi's face reddened from anger after XunMi's words. "Who are you to speak? You couldn't get him yourself so you came to try to break up Ling ge and I? How could you be so malicious? I'm already preparing to get married with Ling ge. Do you think by doing this, Ling ge would return to you?" She pointed her finger at XunMi.

XunMi was more worried about her shaking peaches. She was really worried that it would jump out. That would be too unsightly.
Yi Ling pulled Yu LingXi back and comforted her. His affectionate gaze immediately made Yu LingXi's dark expression into light.

If you ignored the passionate looks he was shooting at XunMi from time to time, people would really believe that this man was truly in love with the woman in his arms. Before Si YuFan could explode, XunMi spoke softly. "Although I only agreed to get together with you because I was so bored that year, I still dislike men that flirt with other women while together with me. Even if you meant nothing to me, no one likes it when your plaything runs out of your palm. Moreover, you two were afraid I was going to expose your affair and even pushed me out of the safety zone. Since I was just one breath away from death after my accident with the aerocar, I had to come and demand an explanation. You two really have taught me so much. As expected, scum men and scum women make the perfect couple." She wasn't angry, nor did she aggressively attack. She simply stated the truth, gaining the crowd's good impression. They saw that this was a catfight for a guy, but with numerous secrets to uncover. Most importantly, they saw that one of the parties seemed to have Marshal Si clinging to her side. Everyone held in a laugh. When you had such an extraordinary partner, this Yi Ling would be nothing in comparison. As long as the individual wasn't blind, they would know who to pick out of the two. Moreover, there had been such big breaking news: this scum man and his other woman had hearts with black cores. Who would dare do business with them in the future? What if they were also betrayed?

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