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Chapter 176: Never Looked for Xiao Yan Again

Even with the situation like this, Su Meng still didn't look for Xiao Yan. Xiao Yan's face had probably given her too much of a shock.

Later, Li Xiuwen got married to the daughter of a wealthy family rather than to Su Meng. When Su Meng found out about this, she felt like her entire world had turned dark. Li Xiuwen, that gentle man, had also betrayed her. Su Meng felt like the Heavens were making her endure all the sufferings of the world. She felt really really hurt ah.

During Li Xiuwen and that wealthy miss's wedding ceremony, Su Meng asked Li Xiuwen why he betrayed with a despairing expression in front of everyone. At that time, Li Xiuwen's entire face turned black and he had people directly throw Su Meng out.

When Ning Shu found out that the supporting male lead-sama didn't end up together with the female lead, she curled her lips in disdain. He had already successfully taken the spot of the male lead, yet he decided he didn't want the female lead anymore? That was such a sad amount of ambition, he deserved his fate of being a supporting male lead.

However, it seemed like after the main couple, Xiao Yan and Su Meng's relationship was destroyed, the supporting male lead halo above Li Xiuwen's head also disappeared.

Li Xiuwen's new wife wasn't some pushover either. She immediately took back the apartment Li Xiuwen had given Su Meng back and kicked Su Meng out. Su Meng, who had nowhere to go, could only rent a small and dirty apartment to stay in.

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Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder's Record Of Counterattacks Chapter 176 summary

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