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Paris shrank her head back like a tortoise. You have the award. It's your responsibility now.

Qin Guan put the large award in front of him and showed it to the audience. He received a rapturous applause. A few sensitive girls even took some tissues out of their pockets.

This is so exciting, we just want to cry. We were with you when you won an award!

 Despite the childlike award in his arms, Qin Guan managed to look serious. He cleared his throat and began his speech.

"Thank you for your support. This is my first Teen Choice Award, so the credit is yours, not mine. I would like to express my grat.i.tude to all the people under the stage, as well as the audience at home. Thank you for your votes!"

His bow aroused an even warmer applause. Everyone loved him and had high expectations for his future. Admiring you is a blessing!

"I will work really hard to make you proud!"

His sincere words were the best response.

The autocue reminded Qin Guan that he had to surrender the stage to the next winners, so he waved at the audience once again and put a full stop to his speech.

"I hope to present you with good films every year and see you at this ceremony again. This is a promise. We all have to work hard for it to happen. Okay?"




Qin Guan received loud responses. His fans watched their idol return to the backstage area with his heavy award, waving at them as he disappeared.

Their excitement and sorrow lasted till the end of the ceremony. Fans of other stars dared not cerebrate over the next awards. If they so much as laughed amid that sad atmosphere, they would have regretted it.

When Paris Hilton announced the end of the ceremony, she let out a long sigh of relief. As the curtain fell down, the director rushed to the Technology Department with his headset.

"The audience ratings of the whole ceremony reached 7%. When Qin Guan got on the stage, they boomed up to 8%! According to the statistics, we outdid the MTV Awards! The feedback from the advertisers is really good!"

The director collapsed on a chair. The FOX board of directors wanted the awards to do better. Despite that huge pressure, the TV station had tried its best to promote the event. If it wasn't for the sake of the stars and some sponsors, the awards would have been cancelled. Their rival, the MTV Awards, had a more solid fan base after all.

One person had turned things around completely though.

The director slept well that night. The next morning, his head was buzzing with good news. According to the statistics, the ceremony had reached the top of the entertainment ratings.

Plus, 8% of the audience had been adults!

This meant that the Advertising Department could get back to the sponsors with some good news. See? We can earn money in the adult market. It's not much, but it's still a good start.

While the TV station boomed with loud cheers, Qin Guan and Cong Nianwei were sighing in their messy apartment.

They were packing up to leave. They had lived there for two years, so the apartment was full of warm memories.

They had finally graduated from Columbia. All the procedures had been taken care of. Qin Guan had decided to move all his work headquarters, including his accounting firm and studio, to China. He and Cong Nianwei would move into a new house.

 They would spend some time in New York for their PhDs, but that small apartment did not meet their needs anymore. It was Lan Jin who had helped Qin Guan make that decision.

Qin Guan had acted right away. He had used his advanced payment from the accounting firm to buy a villa in Long Island. The villa was in an upscale residential area just a 20-minute drive away from New York. The house was close to the mountains and the sea, but far from the bustling city center.

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