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Suddenly, the squeaky door was pushed open and they heard Ye Dong speaking loudly from outside, "It doesn't matter. Come in, please. There's no one sleeping in our dormitory right now. Come on in, we can play cards!"

When Ye Dong saw the girls staring at something speechlessly, he turned around. The three boys had identical shocked expressions on their faces. F*ck! Qin Guan and Wang Lei were naked before an audience again!

Wang Lei's upper body was bare, and Qin Guan was in his colorful Calabash Brothers shorts.

Ye Dong realized that this would cost him a lot.

Sniffing, Qin Guan pulled his pants up calmly. No big deal. Compared to yesterday's disaster, this is nothing.

Wang Lei didn't care. I have no boobs after all.

Qin Guan pulled his pants up and waved at the girls shamelessly. "Come on in. Let's play cards!"

The onlookers were so shocked by his attitude that they dropped everything in their hands to the floor.

The girls entered the dormitory as if nothing had happened.

Li Jie shut off his computer and made room for them on the largest table in the dormitory.

Some people had private affairs to attend to, but the rest were divided into teams by lottery.

Wang Lei and Qin Guan were in one team, and Yang Jing and Ye Dong were in another. The two girls were in one team each. Wang Lei, Qin Guan and a chubby girl made up one team.

They began to shuffle the cards. Yang Jing was unsatisfied with the plain deck, and she wanted to punish the losers to make the game more fun.

Therefore, they decided that the winners would draw tortoises and paste post-its on the losers' faces.

The challenging game began. They competed in "twos".

Ye Dong threw a diamond two down and got on the offensive. After two rounds, Wang Lei and Qin Guan were losing by a lot. Unlucky guys couldn't blame anyone but themselves. They had only three poor diamonds in their hands, so nothing could help them.

The chubby girl put down a card, then looked at the rest of her cards carefully. Suddenly, she shouted, "Oh! I could have gained the advantage with a pair of twos, right?"

Qin Guan and Wang Lei nodded as she confessed, "I had two hearts, but I forgot."

After playing for a while, the chubby girl made a mistake that caused them to lose. Staring down at the good cards in his hand, Qin Guan blamed her subconsciously. "Did you forget how to play?"

The girl was very shy. After a long while, she said, "I was thinking of Calabash Brothers."


Li Jie had fallen off the bed.

What could Qin Guan say? What dared he say?

He could only advise the girl, "Pay attention, please."

The fat girl grinned and patted her chest, promising, "Don't worry, I'm the queen of cards."

Qin Guan and Wang Lei mustered all their courage to finish the game. As expected, they were destroyed. They got one post-it and one tortoise each.

Oh, no! Qin Guan got two tortoises and one post-it, and Wang Lei got two post-its and one tortoise. The girls were their guests, so the two gentlemen took the punishment for them.

"Ah! I broke up the successive cards!" The chubby girl made another mistake.

Ye Dong and his partner were promoted to the highest level. They had reached a "four". More post-its and tortoises were pasted on Qin Guan's and Wang Lei's faces.

"Oh, no! 'Four' was the King. I was wrong!" There was an abundance of tortoises. Finally, Ye Dong's team reached a "Five". Liu Xiaoyang drew more tortoises with ease.

After one round, the girls returned to their own dormitory in satisfaction. On their way back, they were talking about Qin Guan.

"He has a good figure."

"Yeah, it's pretty good."

"Calabash Brothers..."

"Ha, ha, ha..."

When the girls were gone, Qin Guan and Wang Lei turned to Ye Dong angrily, the post-its on their faces flying in the air.

Everyone else pointed at them and laughed. "Could you please wash your faces first?"

The two of them went outside with their basins and soap.

Suddenly, a group of parents and students with a guiding tutor passed and saw the two silly students with post-its on their faces.

Silence prevailed. Finally, Qin Guan and Wang Lei went through the crowd and into the bathroom, pretending that nothing had happened.

The parents pretended not to see anything either. They remained silent until the tutor had left. Then some of them pulled over their children and urged them, "Try to get along with your roommates. If they bully you, tell us and we'll beat them."

A mother's boy had been shocked by Qin Guan, but he was comforted by his mother's words. I'm well-behaved. Those college guys are terrible!

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