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Chapter 17: Small mountain village

At the black market vehicle stand, Huo Zaiyuan uses five hundred thousand to buy that Hummer H1, and an additional two hundred thousand to properly modify the car. Since the chassis is originally of good quality, it doesn't need any change. Instead, he allows the expert modifier to reinforce the steel-plating on the outside, change the window glass to bullet-proof ones and install an anti-theft device.

Due to Huo Zaiyuan being pressed for time, the expert modifier worked on the car that very night from three in the afternoon to ten-thirty at night. By then, the car is complete. Because he stayed behind to await his vehicle's completion, the hundred swords were sent to the warehouse at 8pm.

Once the modifying process finishes, Huo Zaiyuan allows the modifier to drive the Hummer and get them both outside the black market. The expert thought he (HZY) is simply scared to drive in the black market this late at night, and seeing as Huo Zaiyuan is quick in paying, eventually nods his head and agrees. Driving the car and departing from the black market, he stops at the main street outside the underground's territory.

Thanking the modifier and watching him walk off, Huo Zaiyuan glances around to ensure there's no one nearby before placing the Hummer in his space. In fact, it isn't because he doesn't want to drive this car to the warehouse, but…the truth is, he doesn't know how to drive at all. However, since he has already bought the car, he can always learn how to drive within his space.

With great difficulty, he manages to catch a taxi approaching the main street after waiting for half an hour. It's time to return to the warehouse.


Early the next day, Huo Zaiyuan exits the space for a shower, and when the owner of the warehouse arrives, he returns the key back and left the place immediately. Because there is still a few hours until his appointment time with the old grandfather, he goes to a gas station to buy a million dollars worth of gasoline and store them away. Now everything has been prepared and ready for use anytime, the only thing left is acquiring fruits and vegetables from the small mountain village. Checking his watch and seeing it is almost time, he starts the engine of his car and drives it to the appointed place.

As he approaches his destination, that elderly is already standing at the roadside waiting for him, with large transport trucks passing to and fro on the cleared mountain road from time to time.

"Old grandfather, hello." Getting out of the car, Huo Zaiyuan pays the parking fee before walking towards the old man.

"Little boss, you've come." Upon seeing Huo Zaiyuan, an honest smile surfaces on his face. "This is the place, please follow me. Because of your down payment, the road is nearly completely cleared after a few days of work."

Following after the elderly, both men passed through the mountain road - which still have piles of soil here and there - and enters the small village within the mountains. Seeing this village surrounded by mountains on all sides from a distance, with houses made from mud bricks and thatch roofs, is a rather spectacular sight city-boy Huo Zaiyuan has never come across before. Furthermore, the air here is very clean and fresh. Looking in the direction of the fields, one can see the lush green plantations and its varied fruits and vegetable crops.

On the second day after meeting Huo Zaiyuan, the old man has already told everyone in the village about the matter the moment he returned. Consequently, the villagers are all very interested in Huo Zaiyuan. As a result, a crowd has gathered at the village's gate to welcome him, whispering and gossiping to each other ceaselessly. Only when the village chief eventually come out to maintain order did the villagers begin to calm down.

"Little boss, this time we are extremely grateful towards you for providing us assistance. If not for you, our road will still be buried under all that debris." The village chief politely says to Huo Zaiyuan. "Cabbage Er has told me early on, you are here to purchase fruit and vegetable produce. Whichever you need, feel free to say, we will give you the freshest ones we have."

"Village chief, no need to thank me. I will browse around and will tell you the quantity I want for each good later."

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