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Chapter 5: Hot potato

Zhou Huijiao totally did not predict Huo Zaiyuan will be so eager to sell off the 30% share he just received. The reason she so easily allowed Huo Zaiyuan to take away that 30% is because she plans to wait until the asset distribution matter is settled, then buy over those shares at the lowest price possible. When that moment comes, she will then have 60% of the company shares, which will secure her son's position as chairman of the company. But now…

Seeing Zhou Huijiao's face paling, Huo Zaiyuan is inwardly happily celebrating. Merely from her facial expression alone, he can tell this vicious and merciless woman had already planned her next move to obtain his shares. Looks like this step he took is the right one.

Having survived the apocalypse for a period of time, his thinking is no more as simple as that of his previous life. The way his stepmother readily agreed to let him have 30% of the shares already made him suspicious. If he did not get rid of this hot potato quickly, then he will once again be faced with that woman trying to get him killed, making him a fugitive before the world ends.

Gazing unhurriedly falling on the woman, he said: "Since Aunt Zhou was so heartbroken when giving his 30% to me, how about I just sell it all to you? It wouldn't be very expansive, just six-tenths of dad's assets."

Six fingers gesture the number six as he speaks, his meaning implied very clearly. By selling his portion to her, then 60% of the company will belong to her if she is willing to use hers and her son's acquired properties in exchange. With how much just one share of the company is currently worth, asking for mother and son's portion of his father's properties in exchange is actually fair.

"You - you this greedy lion. Dream on!" Zhou Huijiao raged.

"Tsk, tsk…how am I a greedy lion? Aunt Zhou, you know in your heart that if I really want to sell the shares in my name to someone else, the price will certainly be more than the sixth-tenths I am asking for now. When that happens, you will only have 30% of the company shares and the person I sell too will also have 30%. Furthermore, the other board members together will have 40%…then the position of chairman…"

"Huo Zaiyuan, I acknowledge that you are clever. All right, I'll take it!" Zhou Huijiao obviously knows what is at stake. Although she is furious at Huo Zaiyuan and his actions, but in order to secure her son's position as chairman of the Huo corporation, she absolutely cannot hand this 60% shares to anyone.

"Lawyer Zhang, the contract!" The corners of his lips curling into a smile, Huo Zaiyuan waves the lawyer over, laughing coldly in his heart.

After a year, this 60% company shares will be nothing more than rubbish. No matter how much Huo corporation earns within the year, it is impossible for them to earn an amount equivalent to the six-tenths of his father's other assets. At that time…he wouldn't even need to use his own hands to make this disgusting woman suffer in the apocalypse. Since she wants to run to her death, then let him be the one to hasten it.

In his previous life, she gave him a kick. In this life, he will assist her to endure untold amounts of suffering before death.

The signing of the contract is quite fast, the final agreement being the 60% of the company shares going to Zhou Huijiao while Huo Zaiyuan will receive 100% of his father's assets. That afternoon, he hired a pickup truck to move everything that belongs to him out of the Huo family house. When the last item is moved onto the vehicle, he climbs into the passenger seat of the truck, not looking back as it slowly pulls away.

Just as the truck reaches the end of the street, another sleek military vehicle arrives, stopping outside the Huo family house's gates. The car's door opens and out steps a tall and straight figure, a handsome and smart-looking man clad from head to toe in army camouflage attire. The long jacket over the top is unbuttoned, exposing the black shirt beneath that clung to his figure.

"Huo family…the old man should be talking about this place."

The sharp, sword-like eyebrows raise a little, those s.e.xy lips tightening slightly around an unlit cigarette as he spoke.

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