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Chapter 15 — Going Home

That night, the employees of Resplendent Entertainment witnessed a once-in-lifetime occurrence—Su Yanyi actually got off work on time!

Or rather, it would be more accurate to say that she impatiently got off work on time. Everyone who caught a glimpse of her rushing out was surprised, to say the rest.

Su Yanyi in her past life could be considered a qualified workaholic. She had very few interests outside of work, and she didn't like to go home much.

Sometimes if the hour was late, she would just spend the night at the company. On those days, her a.s.sistants and secretariats would often have to accompany her in working overtime.

In other words, the concept of leaving on time was practically non-existent to her. This all contributed to why so much discussion was set off after her departure.

"Did something come up? How come I didn't hear about President Su having any arrangements today?" One of the secretariats asked in shock.

"Now, this is where you're poorly informed. It's not that the president didn't have arrangements, it's that she pushed all of them aside! I heard that she was supposed to attend a business c.o.c.ktail party today, but she had a.s.sistant Kang go in her stead." Another secretariat explained proudly. She'd gotten the news from Kang Zhong himself.

The first secretariat blinked and asked curiously, "What did the president leave to do then?"

"…" The other secretariat blinked to show her own curiosity and cluelessness.

What did Su Yanyi leave to do? To go home and make Qin Jiran smile, of course.

Although she had already succeeded once, she felt indignant and perplexed just thinking about how he had laughed at her expense.

During the entire trip home, she was racking her brain for ways to make him smile. Once she reached her long-awaited destination, she hastened into the house… only to have her excitement dashed when she saw that aside from a busy servant, there was no one else inside!

For Su Yanyi to be home before Qin Jiran… that was simply illogical!

Su Yanyi was frustrated.

As she saw it, that man should always be at home, waiting for her. She should be able to see him whenever she wanted. It was unjust for him to be gone like this when she was already home and more than ready to see him!

One might accuse Su Yanyi of being inconsiderate for thinking this way, but she actually couldn't be blamed for her unreasonable belief. It had most likely developed over her hospital years in her past life. Subconsciously, the expectation had become ingrained in her.

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