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Chapter 17 — Just as Dense

Although Su Yanyi wanted to loudly refute with "You're the one who's sick, your whole family is sick!" it was obviously too improper for an imposing ice queen like her to say. Therefore, she merely tossed Qin Jiran a very reserved glance before showing him her rigid back as she coldly returned to her bedroom.

The married couple lived in the same house, but they each had a bedroom and study of their own. The boundaries were clear. For Su Yanyi, closing her bedroom door meant closing the door to a world where Qin Jiran and her could communicate. Or maybe, even if they were in the same world, they would not be able to communicate!

She'd clearly wanted to act as a family member would and eat with Qin Jiran so that they could interact and understand each other more, but why did he come to the conclusion that she was sick? Why!

Qin Jiran's thoughts were also a mess. Su Yanyi's strange behavior lately was impossible to ignore, and now just mentioning her being sick made her immediately turn away. It was worrying.

Could it be that she was actually sick?

He hesitated and hesitated some more, took some time to read over a script, and mulled over the film crew for the script, and still felt unsettled. From time to time, his gaze would drift in the direction of his door as he wondered if he should go ask Su Yanyi for clarification.

If she really was sick, then she needed to get it cured as soon as possible!

Finally, Qin Jiran was no longer able to sit still. He left his study and stationed himself in the small living room outside of Su Yanyi's bedroom. With his script in hand, he appeared as though he was reading it, but in reality, he was staring at Su Yanyi's bedroom door.

He rarely ever knocked on her door because he knew what kinds of things annoyed her, and he'd refrain from doing said things. Since he moved in three years ago, he'd noticed something about the villa—it was implicitly divided into two areas.

One area, he could go into, and the other, he could not. Just like with Su Yanyi's heart, there was an unbridgeable distance.

He would always work hard in an attempt to make this place feel like a home, and he'd tried equally hard to make Su Yanyi feel like they were a family. Even if he couldn't foster romantic love, there was still the possibility of family love or friendship.

However, he was unsociable by nature. Whenever he faced Su Yanyi, he would become especially wooden and clumsy. His IQ and his acting skills would both fail him, causing the distance between him and Su Yanyi to grow further and further apart. In this villa, he was more like a guest… and an unwelcome one at that.

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