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Chapter 315: Proper Placement

Squinting his eyes, Tang Xiu smirked at the proud expression on the big man’s face. He then shook his head and said, “You were once a soldier. Moreover, you were an elite soldier. So you should’ve known better than anyone the fate that awaits you if you look down on your opponents. All of you better come at me together and put out all of your abilities.”

The big man clenched his fists and growled, “Unless you can defeat me, you’re not entitled to waste everyone’s time. I have to tell you in advance that I was the fighting tournament champion in the entire XX military region four years ago.”

Looking at his serious expression, Tang Xiu sighed, “Let’s cut the crap, shall we? Since you’re hell-bent on fighting me one-on-one, then I’ll break you as an example. Come!”


The burly man coldly snorted as he dashed and arrived in front of Tang Xiu two seconds later. His big callused fists sent out whirring wind sounds as it smashed Tang Xiu’s face.

His speed almost reached the limit an average person could achieve! His strength was evidently able to smash a big cow!

However, what was beyond his expectation was that Tang Xiu didn’t even dodge it, and just seemingly casually extended a hand to catch his fist. 

‘How could this be?’

The burly man’s eyes stared wide. He had the sensation that his punch didn’t simply get caught by Tang Xiu’s palm, but was pinched by an iron plier. Furthermore, he couldn’t even pull it back after trying his best.

Each and every one of 29 men around were also astounded, because they were perfectly clear about who the big man fighting Tang Xiu was. Not only was he the champion of the fighting tournament four years ago in the entire XX military region, he also possessed an inborn superhuman strength, as each punch he sent out was nearly a thousand catty in weight.

However, how could his fast and powerful punch be so easily caught by the other party?

Tang Xiu indifferently smiled, “Didn’t I tell you that you’re just an ant trying to shake a giant tree? You’re over-confident, trying to bite off more than you can chew. Come!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Tang Xiu kicked the burly fella’s chest and loosened his grip on the man’s fist just before the big man had time to avoid it. As a dampened sound was heard, the burly guy was heavily thrown and smashed to the ground four to five meters away. Though he possessed a rather strong physical resistance and was not directly knocked down, he constantly shook his head. Only after a long period of time was he finally able to get up.

A deathly silence engulfed the whole scene.

The other 29 men stared dumbstruck as a shock that hit their hearts reached its apex. Never in their wildest dreams did they expect that this would be the outcome. They never thought that the very champion of the fighting tournament in entire XX military region, as well as an elite of the special forces, would unexpectedly go straight to the ground without even being able to act.

In the case Tang Xiu wanted to kill the guy, wouldn’t he easily become a corpse?

After looking at their shocked expressions, Tang Xiu’s gaze then finally landed on the big man, who looked alarmed and afraid. He then said to him with a smile, “Originally, I purposefully wanted to use my strength as a warning to the others, yet you wanted to beat me up as a warning as well. How is the taste of being defeated? Does it feel good?”

“I was too negligent!”

The big fellow bitterly replied.

The smile on Tang Xiu’s receded as though a tide as he coldly replied, “That’s not it, it’s due to your arrogance. I originally thought that you understood the truth that there is always a sky beyond the sky, a human beyond another; but now I finally realize that you’re just conceited and arrogant! You might have thought that you’d only experience some pain because it was me you were facing, but if I were the enemy, I’m afraid you’d already be dead by now.”

“Yes, it’s my mistake!”

An ashamed expression was painted on the big fellow’s face as he lowered his head.

After taking a glance at him, Tang Xiu then crooked his fingers toward the other 29 men and shouted in a heavy voice, “He knows his mistake because he tasted the taste of failure, but you all haven’t yet. So, all of you, come at me at once! If you can win against me, I’ll give you the best treatment; but if you can’t, you gotta be well-behaved and do well in every work I give you as well as accept the designated people that will drill you in your training.”


The big fellow shouted loudly and strode out.

At this time, the rest of the men also knew how terrifying Tang Xiu was, so they no longer kept bickering. At a breakneck speed, they swiftly encircled Tang Xiu and launched fierce attacks.

Tang Xiu’s feet was as though rooted on the ground as he waved his arms. His palms blocked all the storming attacks and, though those men possessed a very strong individual strength and also had tacit understanding in coordinating attacks; yet, in Tang Xiu’s eyes, their coordination was way too flawed. Even the lowest level of joint attack techniques in the Immortal World was hundreds of times better than them.

“If you can’t touch me, then I’ll fight back.”

Tang Xiu’s feet finally began moving. After treading out half a step, his hands had already accurately caught two flying kicks as he pulled them out one by one, causing the bodies of the two men to collide while at the same time, his palms instantly shot at the two men and directly sent them out.

His speed was several times faster than theirs, to the extent that these men couldn’t see clearly how Tang Xiu acted as they flew upside down and were thrown out everywhere in succession. All the twenty-nine men were hit by Tang Xiu.

“My God, is he still a human?

“How can his abilities be so fearsome?”

“How can he be so amazing?”

“We’re not at the same level at all!”


While enduring the pain on their bodies, the twenty-nine people crawled up from the ground one after another. But they didn’t dare to act again since Tang Xiu’s strength was not something that they could go against.

Tang Xiu flung his wrists and felt rather content inside. His strength had risen sharply since he had broken through to the Flesh Strengthening Stage; facing average people was not a problem anymore. Back before his breakthrough, were he to face twenty-nine men, though he would still be able to completely knock all of them down, he would perhaps still have gotten some injuries.

But now, he could easily steamroll them all!

“All of you are not bad seeing as I spent a total of half a minute to finish my counterattack. Were you all ordinary people, I’m afraid it would be less than 10 seconds,” said Tang Xiu with a smile. 


The same thought emerged within all the men’s hearts. 

At the side.

Wolf Head was also shaken to the core after seeing Tang Xiu’s strength. When he first fought Tang Xiu in Star City’s park, Tang Xiu didn’t show him such terrifying strength. He even had experienced several battles with Tang Xiu and yet he didn’t find that his combat power would unexpectedly this strong!

‘Don’t tell me that boss has always been hiding his power?’

After thinking such, Wolf Head’s heart suddenly tightened.

“Line up in formation!”

The big fellow who was the first get beaten by Tang Xiu was now looking at Tang Xiu. There was no longer fear or provocation in his eyes. In his expression, there was only worship and fanaticism.

Strong experts were to be revered and respected!

In particular, he himself had gone through hailstorms of bullets. As a special soldier that had desperately experienced the carnage of death, he knew perfectly well as how important the capacity of a strong powerhouse was.

While watching the thirty men rearranging themselves into three teams, Tang Xiu then lightly said, “Now tell me, are you willing to follow me in the future?”


 The thirty men shouted in reply.

“I have conditions for you to follow me. Once you become my follower, you then will forever be my people. And this is different than when you were in the army. I will give you very good treatment as well as arrange your livelihood properly, including your families. I will take care of your wives and children, making them receive a good education and enjoy more benefits compared to what the average people can have. All in all, you can become strong by following me without any anxiety, restlessness and no looking back. What I need from you is your loyalty as you enforce all of my orders. Can you do it?” said Tang Xiu.


The thirty men answered again.

Tang Xiu nodded, “I’ll send a housekeeper over after a period of time. She will handle all your basic necessities when I’m away. She will also analyze your families’ situations and report it to me. If your families have any difficulties or have any needs that require my assistance, you can also tell me. From today on you’ll be stationed here and are responsible to guard this place.”


The crowd replied yet again.

Then, Tang Xiu looked at the man who was the first to fight him and asked in a deep voice, “What’s your name?”


The big fellow unconsciously saluted, but his hand was stiff and unable to move when it was half raised.

“Your strength is quite good and, just like Wolf Head, I’ll make you a squad leader! Do you see him? He’s called Mo Āwu and he’s also a squad leader, but the three of you must obey Mo Āwen’s commands, for he will command you on my behalf when I’m not here,” said Tang Xiu.


The four men answered at the same time.

Tang Xiu then looked at Mo Āwen and said, “I’m going back to China three days later, everything in this place will be handed over to you. Do keep in mind that this place will be our supreme headquarters in the future, so you must protect it at all cost! In the next three days, I will draw the forbidden zones in Nine Dragons Island, so you must rotate and assign two men to be stationed in each restricted area. The workers are absolutely forbidden to enter those areas, nor let anyone destroy even a rock of the restricted areas.”

“Understood!” Mo Āwen nodded.

Tang Xiu said again, “You will also do the supervising of the reconstruction! You already have the backup for the reconstruction blueprint I designed. If you don’t understand the architectural construction, go ask a skillful engineer to help you with the supervising. All in all, the project must be carried out in accordance with the reconstruction blueprint I’ve designed.”

“Rest assured, Boss. I’ll go to a professional engineer, but I’ll not allow him to intervene in the project’s issues. I’ll only let him oversee the quality of the project and all aspects of problems in the reconstruction,” Mo Āwen could feel that Tang Xiu was putting a heavy attention toward the reconstruction, so he replied solemnly.

“Alright!” Tang Xiu nodded.

In the next three days, Tang Xiu, Mo Āwen, and the three squad leaders had drawn eleven restricted areas; which were the nine trails to the nine ports surrounding Nine Dragons Island, the castle, as well as the core of the dragon’s vein on the island. As for Long Zhengyu and Tom Reggie, Tang Xiu also gave them a call to restrict the workers under them.

Three days flashed by, and finally, Tang Xiu and Yi Lianyan boarded the cargo ship, sailing to Saipan at the beginning of the new day. Ever since the project started, many cargo ships started shuttling back and forth between Nine Dragons Island and Saipan every day.

Here comes the beginning of building his private army.

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