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Chapter 316: Stopping Over Hong Kong

Hong Kong International Airport. 

Carrying travel bags, Tang Xiu exited the airport after Yi Lianyan and saw Hao Lei waiting outside. The present Hao Lei looked even more beautiful and attractive; however, what Tang Xiu cared about was the faint fluctuation of true essence coming out from her.

‘That’s a very fast progress!’ Tang Xiu secretly praised inside, as he then approached.

“Boss, it’s been laborious for you!”

Hao Lei looked at Tang Xiu, while her eyes only swept over Yi Lianyan. She smiled and respectfully said.

“You’ve been waiting for long, haven’t you? Anyway, I’ll be staying in Hong Kong for the night, please arrange accommodations. And, remember to book me an early morning flight to the mainland,” said Tang Xiu as he nodded to her.

Hao Lei nodded with a smile.

Then, Tang Xiu turned to look at Yi Lianyan, asking, “Are you going back today or tomorrow?”

Hesitating for a moment, Yi Lianyan then whispered, “Big Brother Tang, is the hotel you’re going to stay particularly expensive? If it’s too expensive, I may not be able afford staying there.”

“Hahaha,” Tang Xiu couldn’t help laughing. “I’m not going to stay in the hotel. I’ll stay in my own place.”

“You have real estate in Hong Kong?” Yi Lianyan was astounded.

“You can say that!” Tang Xiu chuckled.

Yi Lianyan quickly said, “Then I presume I’ll be staying overnight in your place! Are there enough rooms?”

"Yes!" said Tang Xiu.

Secretly relieved inside, Yi Lianyan then said with a smile, “Being in a trip for two or three days rather makes me worn out, so it’s great to rest for the night. Right, I think it will be great to go straight home tomorrow, have a day off and then register myself for school afterward.”

“Anyways, I haven’t asked you about it. How were your CET scores? Which university you applied to?” Asked Tang Xiu curiously.

“Shanghai Uni. It’s fantastic, right?” said Yi Lianyan with a proud expression.

Such coincidence?

Tang Xiu’s mouth twitched a few times as he forced out a wry smile. However, looking at her proud expression, he smiled and raised his thumb up exclaiming in praise, “Yup, that’s amazing!”

“You don’t know who I am,” said Yi Lianyan with a gentle smile. “Once we get there, you’ll know that I am entirely worthy to be a Goddess of the top students. Though I didn’t get the top scorer in the CET’s science subject, I’m still in the top ten.”

“You are hella amazing!"

Tang Xiu replied with a smile as he turned and walked toward the outside.

As the duo followed Hao Lei to the parking lot, Yi Lianyan’s eyes instantly stared wide with shock. She pointed at the Rolls-Royce limousine, asking, “T-this car… is here to pick us up?”

At this moment, Hao Lei had already opened the door for Tang Xiu. Upon hearing Yi Lianyan’s question, she smiled and said, “Of course, why the question?”

Yi Lianyan hurriedly nodded.

She knew that Tang Xiu was filthy rich. Because he was, after all, someone who could buy the entire Nine Dragons Island, thus he was definitely someone with money. But she didn’t expect that Tang Xiu would even have a house in Hong Kong. Even the car that picked him up was worth at least thousands of luxurious cars.

At this time, her curiosity toward Tang Xiu’s identity was really piqued.

After very carefully sitting on the car, she was seemingly afraid of dirtying it, looking uncomfortable and uneasy. Yi Lianyan stealthily glanced at Tang Xiu, trying to look calm as she spoke, “Big Brother Tang, what business are you in exactly? And this… beautiful big sis driver, what is she to you?”

“My business is rather mixed to speak about, so I can’t say anything about it specifically. As for who she is, you can ask her yourself. Anyways, I’ll take a nap for a while,” said Tang Xiu.

Having said that, he directly closed his eyes.

Hao Lei, who was driving, turned around as she revealed a charming smile. She gently used her hand to caress the hair on her forehead and then said with a slight smile, “I’m the general manager of Grand Fortune Jewelries, you can call me manager Hao. Or you can directly address me by my name, Hao Lei.”

“How do you do, Big Sis Hao Lei!” Yi Lianyan hurriedly cried. 

Immediately after, she stealthily took out her phone and browsed the information about Grand Fortune Jewelries online. A few minutes later, an extreme shock covered her face as her eyes turned saucer and jaw-dropped. The information she got from Baidu said that the Grand Fortune Jewelries possessed total assets of over 10 billion yuan, whereas its general manager—Hao Lei herself was touted as a successful and strong business woman in the business world, with distinguished social status, beauty and intelligence mixed into one...

‘Heavens! Such a great person turns out to be… Tang Xiu’s employee? She even does such trivial matter as going to the airport to pick him up by herself? No… it isn’t right. Could it be Tang Xiu is originally the big boss of Grand Fortune Jewelries?’

Deepwater Bay Road 13, Hong Kong.

As the Rolls-Royce limousine entered the villa courtyard and parked in the parking lot, Hao Lei then got off to open the car’s door for Tang Xiu as she said softly, “Boss, we’ve arrived.”

Tang Xiu opened his eyes and stretched out his body after getting out, saying, “You’re not bad. Where are Tian Li and the others?”

Hao Lei could clearly grasp the meaning behind Tang Xiu’s sentence and quickly said, “They are still in Jingmen Island. I was ahead of them a step, so I returned to Hong Kong to deal with the work here. I’m also acting as ad interim.”

Nodding in response, Tang Xiu then said, “It’s been laboring for you. Anyway, you can go back, I’ll be fine here by myself! I’ll be leaving Hong Kong tomorrow, but you don’t need to send me off. I’ll be just fine with a taxi.”

“Understood!” Hao Lei bowed slightly, and then went to another sports car, opening its door and driving away.

Having gotten off from the Rolls-Royce, Yi Lianyan felt as if she was in a dream. Being able to ride in such a luxurious car was already quite shocking, but it never came to her that Tang Xiu’s house would be such a large mansion. Though this place was comparable and had no difference with the castle in Nine Dragons Island, Hong Kong was a place where the land price was astronomical; such a mansion was absolutely priceless!

“You’re really filthy rich, Big Brother Tang!”

Yi Lianyan thought it was enough for her to inquire about Tang Xiu at the airport, yet now her charming face turned slightly red as even her ears faintly felt hot.

“Work hard and you’ll be very rich in the future,” said Tang Xiu with a smile.

“Will do, absolutely! Even if what I earn might be less than you, but I must surpass the others,” said Yi Lianyan resolutely.

Tang Xiu couldn’t help bursting into laughter. 

He then commanded a maid and ordered them to take Yi Lianyan to rest. Tang Xiu then went to the room on the second floor. He wanted to call his mother back in the car but recalled that he was going back tomorrow, so he was prepared to give her a pleasant surprise.

‘I have to visit Li Juren!’

In actuality, Tang Xiu himself didn’t feel tired. Given his physical condition, he wouldn’t feel tired even if he had to travel for a year or so. The reason why he wanted to stop over in Hong Kong for a night was that there were some things he needed to discuss with Li Juren.

“Hello, may I ask who I am speaking with?”

After calling Li Juren’s private number, the one who answered his call was a woman.

“I’m looking for Li Juren. May I trouble you to call him over?” asked Tang Xiu.

“May I ask your name, Sir?”

“Tang Xiu!”

“Mr. Tang, I’m really sorry. Our boss is having a midday rest and is temporarily unable to answer. I will inform him after he wakes up.”


After hanging up the phone, Tang Xiu saw the time-- 2PM. He immediately went downstairs and told the maids to prepare lunch. To his surprise, Yi Lianyan, who was originally yelling that she was tired, was unexpectedly full of spirit as she fiddled with her tablet in the hall.

“Aren’t you tired?” asked Tang Xiu curiously.

“I was. But my tiredness went out when I arrived here. Big Brother Tang, do you have anything to do in the afternoon? If it’s fine with you, how about accompanying me shopping?” said Yi Lianyan with a laugh.

“No,” Tang Xiu shook his head. “I have some matters to take care of.”

“You just came back, and you already have things to do?” asked Yi Lianyan, astonished.

“I need to see someone.”

Yi Lianyan suddenly understood as she nodded and said, “Well, since you don’t have time, then I’ll go shopping myself. I originally intended to fly straight to the mainland from abroad, but I didn’t expect that I would actually run to Hong Kong. I heard the place is a shopping paradise, so I must experience it well.”

“Pay attention to your safety. If you have trouble, call Hao Lei! I’ll give her cell number to you later,” said Tang Xiu with a chuckle.

“OK!” Yi Lianyan replied with a smile.

Deepwater Bay 79th.

Li Juren had just woken up from his sleep. The older he got, the lesser his energy day by day. Although he maintained his condition well, yet he couldn’t resist his old age sapping away his vitality.

A few minutes later, he went out of his bedroom and intended to read a book in his study room. But his coadjutress was sitting on the front seat in the corner of the corridor, reading a document.

“Was there something?”

The coadjutress got up and respectfully replied, “You missed two calls.”

“Who were they?" Li Juren came over and asked.

“One is Boss Ma—Ma Kaiwen from the mainland, and the other one is Tang Xiu,” said the coadjutress.

Tang Xiu?

For a moment, Li Juren was surprised, as his expression then changed. He didn’t care about Ma Kaiwen’s phone call, but Tang Xiu’s call made him concerned. Due to the mysteriousness of the Everlasting Feast Hall, he had no choice but be very prudent and careful in dealing with its Boss—Tang Xiu.

He then looked at the call log and then dialed Tang Xiu’s number.

“Little Brother Tang, were you looking for me?” Li Juren said with a smile.

The coadjutress, who stood at his side, had yet to see Tang Xiu. Seeing that Li Juren didn’t call Boss Ma—Ma Kaiwen first and instead called Tang Xiu, whose voice was very young, made her secretly surprised.

“Yes. I wanna talk to you about some things. Do you have some time for us to meet?” asked Tang Xiu.

Li Juren laughed, “Were you someone else, I may not have the time. But for Little Brother Tang, I have time to spare! Anyways, pick the place, I’ll be there shortly.”

“I’m not familiar with Hong Kong, it’s your call!” said Tang Xiu.

Pondering for a moment, Li Juren then said, “Then let us meet in Purple Bamboo Teagarden! I’ll send you the address later.”


After hanging up the phone, Li Juren abandoned his intention of reading a book and said, “Tell someone to prepare a car, I’ll be going out.”

"I'll arrange it now!"

Half an hour later.

Purple Bamboo Teagarden was a rather remote place in Repulse Bay. There were no high-rise buildings in the area, only a lush bamboo forest. After Tang Xiu arrived there, he was stopped by the guards at the sentry post.

“Hello, Sir. Please show your membership card.”

“I don’t have a membership card here,” Tang Xiu shook his head. “But I have an appointment to meet a friend here. He’s Li Juren, you should you know about him, no?”

The security guard was slightly surprised for a moment before he replied with a much more respectful attitude, “Ah, you’re Mr. Tang? Elderly Li has been here for a while. He’s waiting for you inside.”

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