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Chapter 176 - One Wrong Move & Everything Was Lost

Zhong Yue, ‘Shui Qingyan’ and the others were paying careful attention to the battle and they were all stunned when the saw the enormous number of green beans that fell from the sky.

Lei Teng murmured, “What is Junior Martial Sister Qiu doing? Is she trying to make a joke with these beans? Hall Master Zuo and Hall Master Tian, what do you think about the battle?”

What he saw was Qiu Jin’er being suppressed by Xiao Chuwen who had the upper hand and all she could do was keep on evading his attack. At this rate, she would be defeated by Xiao Chuwen for sure!

If she wanted to win, she would need to attack eventually but she had been in constant evasion because she was no match for Xiao Chuwen. However, the move where she spreaded the green beans all over the ground had caused great confusion among the observers.

Zuo Xiangsheng frowned and said, “I have no idea as to what she is doing. Senior Martial Brother, what do you think?”

“It’s the【Sword Seeding Art】 from the【Great Boundless Sword Qi】.”

Tian Yanzong replied, “ As one of the top ten clans in the Great Wilderness, the books in our Tian Feng Clan spoke of the various arts contained within the【Great Boundless Sword Qi】and among them was the【Sword Seeding Art】. It is natural that Brother Zuo knows nothing about it since your clan is a smaller clan.”   

Zhong Yue got curious and he paid even more attention back to the battle.

As someone who had practiced the【Great Boundless Sword Qi】and only had the sword carvings without the other skills, his curiosity was naturally piqued as he heard the Tian Yanzong’s comments about the skill used by Qiu Jin’er.

Tian Yanzong continued saying, “The【Sword Seeding Art】is a type of skill that plants sword seeds made with wood elemental Sword Qi into the ground. Once triggered, the Sword Qi would develop rapidly and is a type of skill that could allow one to defeat a strong enemy easily, especially in small and confined areas. According to the history book in our Tian Feng Clan, a headmaster of the Swords Gate was once ambushed by six strong individuals and he was trapped in an array formation cast by the six ambushers. However, the headmaster breached out from the array formation with this art and bodies could be seen everywhere on the ground as he unshackled himself!”

“【Sword Seeding Art】

Zhong Yue immediately looked towards the secret realm and he saw the green beans start to grow; countless huge vines started growing crazily and shot towards the skies!

Tian Yanzong then said, “Junior Martial Sister Qiu is an Innate Wood Spirit Body and this 【Sword Seeding Art】is the most suitable art for her. In her hands, the 【Sword Seeding Art】will be cultivated to a much more superior level than the others. Seems like this art was personally taught to her by the current headmaster so that she could participate in the battle!”
In the secret realm, the attacks of Xiao Chuwen became even more vigorous, making it even harder for Qiu Jin’er to evade his attacks.

His Yuan Shen had three heads and his body also had three heads, allowing him to attack six times quicker than any other average Qi Practitioners. He knew the situation would soon become dire if he were to allow Qiu Jin’er to continue pulling off her stunts. Therefore, he started to dish out quicker and stronger damage!

Just imagine how vigorous his attacks were with his ability to dish out six attacks in the time needed for others execute only one!

As his attacks rained all over Qiu Jin’er and continue to place her in a quagmire, her wheelchair was no longer able to sustain her movements and suddenly shattered into pieces.

Qiu Jin’er screamed and she started falling down from the sky.

Xiao Chuwen’s expression brightened up and he immediately dashed towards her as he sent his palms smashing towards her!

Qiu Jin’er quickly raised her palms and tried her best to defend herself by smashing her palms towards Xiao Chuwen’s attack. As their palms came in contact, an extremely loud noise could be heard and sound waves could be seen emitting towards all directions!

Out of Xiao Chuwen’s expectation, Qiu Jin’er only flinched a little bit as he thought her body would be weak and he planned to kill her with one hit after closing the distance.

Who knew that the body of the girl was not as weak as the rumors said and instead, her body was even much stronger than most Rebirth level Qi Practitioners!

And this was all thanks to the art taught to her by Zhong Yue. The【Sun Moon Prodigious Emanation Art】may not be able to extract most of the excess Wood Qi accumulated in her body but it could greatly strengthen her body! With a period of hard work, Qiu Jin’er managed to strengthen her body greatly and although she was not as strong as Xiao Chuwen, she would not be killed by him in one hit.

The information given by Tian Myriad Mother was wrong! thought Xiao Chuwen.

He then continued to unleash a barrage of attacks, pushing back Qiu Jin’er each time she defended his attacks.

“Fighting in close quarter combat with me is asking for death!” 

Xiao Chuwen roared and his six heads continued to cast strong skills that showered all over his opponent. On the other hand, Qiu Jin’er’s body shook and a Yuan Shen appeared behind her back. It appeared to have a human head, wings and the claws of a bird. Under its legs were two green dragons. It held two steel brushes and as it swung the brushes, a huge circle was created in the air that absorbed all the attacks of Xiao Chuwen.


A loud sound was created again and in the next moment, Qiu Jin’er could be seen flying away. Even with the support of her Yuan Shen, Xiao Chuwen’s attacks were too strong and relentless that they rendered her defenses useless, sending her and her Yuan Shen flying!

Xiao Chuwen then started running and suddenly, he shifted back to his original form, which was the three-headed Pan Ao. He then pounced towards Qiu Jin’er and he opened up his jaws and bit towards Qiu Jin’er when he was still in the mid-air!

At the same time, he was still casting skills towards Qiu Jin’er!

As the attacks were about to land on Qiu Jin’er, Lei Teng and the others shouted but Zhong Yue said in a tone of relief, “The outcome of the match has been decided!”  

Before he could even finish talking, greens surged all over the secret realm. Those were the vine leaves, huge vines and flowers that grew from the green beans.

Qiu Jin’er then flew into the green ocean and she disappeared among it quickly. 

Whereas for Xiao Chuwen, his attacks managed to blast open the green ocean apart but before he could do anything, even more vine leaves, huge vines and flowers quickly swarmed again and they continued to surge upwards.

Xiao Chuwen frowned and as he looked around, he saw that the entire space in the secret realm was filled with these vines and flowers. These plants slithered and they covered the mountains, land and rivers under their shadow, preventing one from seeing anything hidden under them.

Other than that, these plants were still continuing to grow and they slowly devoured the remaining space, limiting him into a smaller and smaller space.

“What is there to be afraid of? These are just plants and along with these plants, I could burn you together with my fire!”

Instead of charging blindly into the plant ocean, Xiao Chuwen immediately visualized countless huge blazing giants that charged towards the plants in an attempt to ignite them.

Surprisingly, as soon as these blazing giants appeared, countless gigantic vines slithered and pierced these blazing giants. Although the vines were set ablaze by these giants, they managed to extinguish the flames immediately became even stronger after absorbing the energy of these blazing giants.

These vines may have looked like ordinary huge vines but they were actually created by the Sword Qi based on the totem carvings formed by sword carvings. Therefore, the blazing giants only managed to incinerate the Wooden Qi on the surface of the vines instead of the sword carvings, which acted as the base of these vines.

And if one wished to destroy these vines, that person would have to destroy the sword carvings that formed the base of these vines so that the Wooden Qi that created the sword carvings would leak. Only with that would one be able to destroy these vines.

However, Xiao Chuwen’s strength was almost about the same with QIu Jin’er’s, making it almost impossible to destroy the sword carvings even though he could. This was because the speed of destroying the sword carvings was not even close to the speed at which these vines regrew!

At the time he summoned the blazing giants, the vines managed to surge even higher to occupy even more space!

Left with few options, Xiao Chuwen could only continue to ascend higher and he gritted his teeth as he looked at the ocean of evergreen beneath him. His six heads then moved and they cast countless skills that created a huge perforation in between the vines.

He then charged into the hole before entering the plant ocean and he said, “Human! Let’s see how long you can hide!”

The space left for him to maneuver became lesser and if he continued to stall, the plant ocean would continue to grow before finally engulfing him entirely in the end. Therefore, he might as well just charge into the plant ocean to seek out the hiding Qiu Jin’er and kill her to obtain victory! 

“Xiao Chuwen lost.”

The high priest of the Xiao Mang Celestial Race sighed as he said to Feng Shouzhu, “We the Xiao Mang Celestial Race surrender this match.”

At the moment he spoke, Xiao Chuwen dived into the deepest part of the ocean and he saw only a jungle consisting of only huge vines with huge vine leaves – the scene was reminiscent of a prehistoric jungle!

He looked around and saw Qiu Jin’er sitting atop a vine in between layers of green leaves, staring at him.

“Now that I have found you, you are dead!”

Xiao Chuwen shouted and his six heads cast skills that broke through the layer of vines as he charged towards the pretty girl.

However, the countless vines twisted, carrying and moving the girl away from Xiao Chuwen, maintaining their distance apart even after he had dashed forward for a hundred miles. 

“Senior martial brother, you lost.”

The girl on the vine said softly and Xiao Chuwen received a shock as the plant ocean dispersed quickly. The vines and the leaves disappeared in a split second, leaving only thin Sword Qi behind. Those plants had suddenly turned into countless Sword Qi! 

In just a blink of an eye, the plant ocean surrounding him had become a huge net that was formed with condensed Sword Qi!

With that, even if he became as small as a fly, he would not be able to escape from the sword net at all!

The【Sword Seeding Art】was finally cast!

Countless of Sword Qi in the sword net moved, leaving wounds all over Xiao Chuwen’s body as there was so much condensed Sword Qi that Xiao Chuwen couldn't even defend himself.

Xiao Chuwen roared nonstop but nothing could be done in front of such huge amount of Sword Qi. 

Zhe zhe zhe——-

The Sword Qi flew past him and immediately lacerated his skin, exposing his flesh and causing blood to gush out from his wounds like a fountain.

“Xiao Chuwen, Qiu Jin’er, stop at once!”  

Suddenly, a man’s voice could be heard as the white-robed priest outside of the secret realm shouted, “The Xiao Mang Celestial Race had lost this round. The winner of this match is the Swords Gate.”

As he signaled them to stop, the Sword Qi had already gotten dangerously close to Xiao Chuwen’s forehead and his Yuan Shen. These Sword Qi were on the verge of plunging into his and his Yuan Shen’s head!

Qiu Jin’er hesitated for a while before retracting her Sword Qi while the shell-shocked Xiao Chuwen immediately jumped out from a hole in between the sword net that was opened up by Qiu Jin’er to allow him to exit.

Then, Qiu Jin’er ascended and flew out of the secret realm on a vine leaf after she summoned all her Sword Qi back.

Outside of the secret realm, Xiao Chuwen got extremely frustrated at himself as he saw the now happy girl moving with difficulties and he thought, This must have caused by the excess Wooden Qi in her body. I should’ve forced her to descend onto the ground just now, which would have greatly improved my chances of winning!

However, hindsight was always twenty-twenty. Nothing else could be done even if he regretted it so much.

Zhong Yue welcomed their winner, Qiu Jin’er and he whispered, “Junior martial sister, you are after all too kind. You should’ve killed him after you gained the upper hand and I am sure that Xiao Chuwen would have killed you if he were the victor.”

Qiu Jin’er was shocked and she replied, “Is there a need for me to kill him after he lost?”

At the side, Zuo Xiangsheng immediately answered, “Of course. God knows how many humans would be eaten by him in the future after you spared his life. Therefore, we should kill as many man-eaters like them as we can!” 

Qiu Jin’er’s face turned pale as killing her opponent was slightly unacceptable for her as of now.

The Xiao Mang Celestial Race’s high priest looked at Feng Shouzhu and he said with a smile, “I assume that Brother Shouzhu has already planned this long ago? Xiao Chuwen had only studied Zhong Yue’s patterns. With that wise calculation of yours where you swapped Zhong Yue with Qiu Jin’er and caused panic in Xiao Chuwen, Xiao Chuwen would have definitely lost. Besides, this Qiu Tan Clan’s member was also taught by the old Swords God, which further increased her winning rate. Now, I am curious about the next candidate of Swords Gate for the third round and will Brother Shouzhu’s decision catch me off guard again?”

Feng Shouzhu’s eyes twitched and he gritted his teeth as he said, “I’m afraid that I can no longer surprise you….” 

Then, his vision moved between Zhong Yue and Lei Teng and he hesitated about who to pick.

After a moment, he finally said, “Lei Teng.”

As Lei Teng heard the calling of Feng Shouzhu, he bowed and said, “Lei Teng is here!”

The hesitating Feng Shouzhu then slowly said, “The third round’s candidate will be….”

The candidate will be.... (of course we all knows who it'll be   ) But well, Xiao Chuwen is dumb to ignore Qiu Jin'er's moves in the first place, lesson learned, never underestimate your opponents!

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