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Chapter 46        Xiang Dragon Sword Qi

Junior martial sister Jin’er might not be coming here anymore. 

Zhong Yue bathed himself amidst the lightning while he played with the sword token in his hand, feeling the immensely strong power the sword token contained, he thought of the bright and sweet young maiden and his heart could not help but slightly despondent, he thought to himself, I don’t know where she stays either, there is no way I can find her. I can only wait until I become a Qi Practitioner and enter the inner hall, then I can return her this sword token.

Swords Gate had a strict rule on its inner hall disciples, they must be able to manifest a spirit and become a Qi Practitioner. There were numerous upper house disciples in the outer hall but only a handful of them were able to enter the inner hall. 

It was a tremendous chasm that separated the mortals and the Qi Practitioners, on one side were the ordinary mortals while at the other side stood the strong and supernatural Qi Practitioners. 

“The power in the sword token is not bad at all, this should be the most profound art within Swords Gate.”

Xin Huo was finally awake, the little flame leaped out from the Dragon Scale Sword, he stood on the sword and was the same size as Zhong Yue’s soul, they were both small and little with the height of an inch tall. 

The two little fellas sat together, Xin Huo looked at the sword token that appeared to be huge in their eyes, he sensed the power in it and praised, “The power in it is profound, the sword totem contains an abstruse art, it is still beyond what you can comprehend.” 

Zhong Yue’s soul was in the Sui Sovereign dragon-headed human form, he sat in the lotus position with the lightning continuously refining his soul, he nodded and agreed, “I’ve also noticed the art in the sword token, but as it is meant for the Qi Practitioners, I can’t fully understand it.”

“The Qi Practitioners of the Swords Gate can fully study this sword totem?”

Xin Huo was shocked and said, “To be able to study and fully understand this sword totem requires high intelligence and perceptions. Even the innate spirit body could only understand 40-50% of it, it seems like there are indeed strong and formidable Qi Practitioners in the Swords Gate!”

Zhong Yue was puzzled, he mumbled to himself, But didn’t junior martial sister Jin’er said that most of the Qi Practitioners have all learnt it before? Then why is that the Geng Jin Sword Qi is so difficult to learn in Xin Huo’s opinion?

He was confused, but what he did not know was that Qiu Jin’er was referring to the thirty-six totem carvings in the sword token rather than the one sword totem he saw. 

“This sword art is known as Geng Jin Sword Qi? What a name!”

Xin Huo was perplexed, he gazed at the sword art in the sword totem, he then told Zhong Yue, “Techniques-arts and skills, one art and the other skill. Arts are foundation of a martial artist, they are the ways the they cultivate on. On the other hand, skills are the extraneous manifestations of that foundation that would turn its prowess into focused strength and power. That’s why they are called skills! What are skills? Why would the skills have the character denoting gate in it?” 

Zhong Yue listened as he spoke, it then dawned on him as he surmised, “The gate is a gateway! The human body house the prowess and it would need a medium and a conduit to unleash its strength, hence the skills!” 

Xin Huo nodded and praised Zhong Yue, “Precisely, the name of the Swords Gate hid an abstruse meaning in it. But sadly, only a few Swords Gate Qi Practitioners are able to understand the hidden secret of the name, most of them just obtusely practiced the skills of swords without knowing what they are practicing and for what purpose. This sword totem contains an art and skill in and of itself, the art would require the successful manifestation of spirit but the skill is rather easier, simply merge it with the other totem carvings and you will be exposed to limitless permutations of skills, no one would ever know the true skill you practice. Strange, is this really practiced by every Swords Gate Qi Practitioners?” 

Even with his broad scope of knowledge as one who lived all the way back from the the time of the Flame Order Sui Sovereign Era to the Human Sovereign Era, Xin Huo was still quite puzzled.

Zhong Yue was disappointed as he said, “If I hadn’t manifest the spirit then I can’t practice it?” 

“Only when you have manifested your spirit can you glean the quintessence of the technique, to absorb the energy from the nature, heaven and the earth and manifest them into Swords Qi. But this is only the way an ordinary Qi Practitioner practices the techniques!”

Xin Huo sat at the edge of the sword blade, his two legs swung back and forth in the air as he said proudly, “But the Xin Huo inheritors are different, they are unfettered by such restrictions, although you aren’t truly a Xin Huo inheritor, but nonetheless, I would need your help to search for a pure-blood Fuxi celestial race. Hence, your prowess must not be too low otherwise I would lose all face. I will now show you the quintessence of this sword skill and let you have a preview on it.”

A hologram shot out from the little flame’s eyes and a screen curtain slowly appeared, it showed all the little nuances and the quintessence of the sword token.

Zhong Yue’s third eye, the divine eye opened and he casted his gaze at the sword totem, he was able to use the divine eye with his soul in the Sui Sovereign form. Zhong Yue noticed that he could see things deeper and more insightfully with the third eye.

This was also how he had noticed the sword totem hidden behind the other thirty-six sword totems.

In his eyes, the totem carvings were getting clearer, from afar it seemed like a sword gate, a gate that was shaped like a sword while within it was contained Sword Qi.

The gate was getting bigger, larger, taller and higher; turning even more imposing and majestic.

All of a sudden, carvings like dragons appeared on the surface of the gate, it was the totem carvings of the sword totem!

The sword totem was a totem carving itself, but who knew its structure would be so complex as it was a totem carving formed by countless totem carvings.

Zhong Yue stared at it, the totem carvings were like dragons and pythons coiling around the gate, the aura they gave off was quaint and ancient! 

Gradually, the sword gate before him grew to a thousand feet tall while Zhong Yue was as tiny as a little flame of an inch high in comparison; but even with the sword gate appearing a million feet tall in his eyes, the enlarged totem carvings retained the same level of complexity!

The actual structure of the totem carvings were unearthly complex! 

Even if they are so complex, it is still way easier than the Sui Sovereign.

Zhong Yue gazed at the sword gate without the slightest thought of retracing his gaze, he had seen techniques even harder than this; the【Sui Sovereign Flame Order Palace Visualization Art】bestowed upon him by Xin Huo was one such example!

【Sui Sovereign Flame Order Palace Visualization Art】... that was even more complex than this sword totem, its complexity was beyond his imagination!

Although he had been cultivating the【Sui Sovereign Flame Order Palace Visualization Art】, he could only roughly visualize it. The Flame Order Palace, Fire Tree and Sui Sovereign, he still could not fully visualize the details of the totem carvings. 

In order to fully visualize the【Sui Sovereign Flame Order Palace Visualization Art】, it was a vast and mighty challenge, tens of times harder than the sword gate before him, he would need an unearthly strong and formidable psyche to visualize the entirety of the【Sui Sovereign Flame Order Palace Visualization Art】.

With the current psyche in his psyche ocean of three thousand mus, mustering all his psyche could probably allow him to visualize a pinky of the Sui Sovereign in the unblemished state!

“Actually … En, the fundamental of this Geng Jin Sword Qi, is also visualization.”

Xin Huo was resentful towards the name ‘Geng Jin Sword Qi’, he thought that the name was an insult to such a profound technique. Unwillingly he instructed, “Form a sword gate in your psyche ocean and nourish the Sword Qi in it, but not all by your psyche, but the energy from the heaven and earth, the world and the planet. If you have a spirit, you can extract Gold Qi from metallic items, Wood Qi from the trees, Water Qi from the oceans, and Fire Qi from the Sun, manifesting them into your own Sword Qi, rather than having it only as the Geng Jin Sword Qi. But you don’t have a spirit in you yet, it is impossible for you to extract the Sword Qi from the world.”

“Abstracting energy from the world to form the Sword Qi?”

Zhong Yue was envious and admired the Qi Practitioners, he said, “Even a commonly practiced sword skill is so strong, the Swords Gate is really amazing. Xin Huo, without the spirit, I really can’t do it?” 

Xin Huo said proudly, “You can’t abstract energies from the world to form a Sword Qi, but you have the essence of the beast god. They are energies abstracted by the beast god, as long as you can master the beast god essence, you can form a beast Sword Qi.”

“Beast Sword Qi? What kind of weird name is this?”

“It is basically a Sword Qi from the Xiang Dragon.”

Xin Huo thought for a moment and he said, “It is indeed a weird name, we shall then call it the Xiang Dragon Sword Qi. You can form the Xiang Dragon Sword Qi from the essence in the beast god inner core. Now, visualize the sword gate and perfect it, then absorb the beast god essence and place them into the sword gate.”

Zhong Yue blinked and asked, “Xin Huo, is there anything I need to be aware of?”

“None at all, rest assured, I promise you will be safe….”

Moments later, Zhong Yue’s soul was engulfed by the beast god essence, he turned into a Xiang Dragon standing in the midst of lightnings, getting struck, burned and spurting out black fumes. A pair of furious eyes stared fiercely at Xin Huo.

“Um … It seems like it is indeed a little bit dangerous.”

Xin Huo was diffident, he whispered, “But not very dangerous, just be a little bit more cautious.”

Zhong Yue spent another half a day to refine the excessive beast god essence and reverted his soul back to the Sui Sovereign form. He formed the sword gate with his psyche and cautiously, he absorbed the beast god essence into the sword gate.

After over ten days, he was finally able to form the Xiang Dragon Sword Qi, it was five feet long and shaped like a sprinting Xiang Dragon, with sharp edges and a wild, brutal aura!

The moment it made appearance, the surroundings turned red and the air around were starting to get burning hot!

With a shift of his thoughts, the Dragon Scale Sword flew up and clashed with the Xiang Dragon Sword Qi – Chui – a single blow and the Xiang Dragon Sword Qi was smashed away; Zhong Yue could not help but furrowed his brows.

It was only formed for tens of day and I am hoping it to be comparable to a soul weapon, how can it be possible?

Zhong Yue moved his psyche and the broken Xiang Dragon Sword Qi was recovered, he thought in his heart, Dragon Scale Sword is crafted with the mystic gold and darksteel, it was one of the strongest soul weapons among the upper house disciples, it would only be abnormal if the newly formed Xiang Dragon Sword Qi was able to break Dragon Scale Sword. But the good thing is, Xiang Dragon Sword Qi didn’t need my soul to control it, even if it is crushed, the loss will not be as grievous.

Zhong Yue lifted his finger and the Dragon Scale Sword flew into the sword scabbard, while the Xiang Dragon Sword Qi flew into his psyche ocean to continue absorbing the beast god essence so that it would grow stronger and tougher.

Every day and night, the Sword Qi was getting stronger and stronger, it totem carvings on the sword gate grew more detailed. With such a cultivation speed, it would not take long for the Xiang Dragon Sword Qi to surpass the Dragon Scale Sword.

The Lawless Battle is coming close, I wonder how strong the Xiang Dragon Sword Qi can reach before the year-end battle?

All of a sudden, Xin Huo jumped out and clapped his hands, he said, “I have a good name, from today onwards, Geng Jin is history. This technique has unlimited possibilities and it manifests energies from the world, we shall name it as the【Boundless Great Sword Qi】!”

“【Boundless Great Sword Qi】?”

Zhong Yue startled, he then suggested, “It’s better if we call it【Great Boundless Sword Qi】.”

“【Boundless Great Sword Qi】it is, it sounds more imposing! With a swing of the hand, Sword Qi as big as a mountain comes and slams down, don’t you think it’s very cool?”

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