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Chapter 122        Sniped

Los Zetas flipped out. He could not believe that his Zetas gang was actually experiencing a serious setback. With the steady stream of reinforcements from Brooklyn, Zetas was getting stronger and controlled more of Downtown Manhattan. However, there were always people in the area who refused to obey the great Lord Los Zetas.

For example, those who occupied the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, or maybe those who camped near the NYPD Headquarters, or even those who stayed in Kenney Street. They were truly annoying!

There was a huge amount of gold stored in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, a large number of professional grade equipment in the NYPD Headquarters, and a massive population in Kenney Street. All of them were what Zetas desired.

Los Zetas wanted to clear up all the ‘obstacles’. Hence, he sent Jos, one of his most trusted men, to persuade the diehards from Kenney Street. In the meantime, he sent some of his men to attack the NYPD Headquarters. But all his plans ended in failure.

Kenney Street’s Victor Hugo seemed to agree with Los Zetas, but he beat the sh*t out of Los Zetas’ men during the middle of the night. Furthermore, the dozen blocks of buildings that surrounded the NYPD Headquarters were too difficult for them to deal with as well. After losing over hundreds of his men, Los Zetas finally understood that he should not be launching his attacks blatantly.

Just as Los Zetas became furious, Zetas got themselves new equipment. Six narco tanks modified from ordinary trucks had arrived all the way from Brooklyn. Although all those vehicles were not that amazing in terms of build quality, Lord Zetas was still overjoyed. He could not wait to present his new toys to his opponent.

“Eliminate all of….“ After hesitating for quite some time, Los Zetas realized that it would useless to pit those narco tanks against sturdy buildings. It would be more effective if he used them on those low-rise buildings on Kenney Street. “Just go and eliminate Victor Hugo. How dare he refuse to obey me? I want him to kneel before me and pray for my forgiveness!”

All members of Zetas were overjoyed as well when they saw the arrival of the six narco tanks. With their enthusiasm rekindled, they immediately headed to Kenney Street. Meanwhile, Zhou Qingfeng could not help frowning when he saw the tanks that were getting closer to them.

“We can’t just stay like this. Six tanks are approaching us. We should be running for our lives.” Zhou Qingfeng aimed his muzzle at the few thugs setting a roadblock as he pulled his trigger.

Zhou Qingfeng was literally occupying the high ground, and he was only around three hundred meters away from his targets. He fired his semi-automatic SCAR rifle steadily. After he finished half a magazine, the five to six thugs setting up the roadblock all collapsed to the ground. The remaining two to three thugs got shot as well, and they lay prone on the ground, crying.

There were originally over thousands of thugs blocking the road. However, once the thugs who stayed up front got shot, the other thugs instantly scattered like birds and beasts. The thugs inside those tanks did not even know what was happening out there. They shot indiscriminately at the surrounding buildings after seeing the chaotic situation of the crowd.

Gunshots, the screams of the thugs, and the sound of shattering glass windows. All of a sudden, the entire street became even busier than a market. Zhou Qingfeng began to aim at the drivers of the narco tanks and shoot, but he missed his first few shots.

David Lawrence then untied the M16A2 from his back. He aimed at the tire of the first narco tank and fired two shots at it, resulting in the explosion of the tire.

“Nice shot, but our opponents have started to fight back,” Zhou Qingfeng grumbled, as he immediately kept his distance away from the windows. David Lawrence’s M16A2 did not have a silencer equipped, so his gunshot would attract all their opponents’ firepower. The wall which they used as a cover just a few seconds ago became instantly ridden with holes.

However, David Lawrence did not really care about it. “It’s inevitable anyway. They’ll switch to another route when they realize that this road is blocked. That’s why we’ll need to leave this building and change to another spot in order to intercept them.”

Zhou Qingfeng quickly notified Katrina, who was still in charge of covering their backs, “Katrina, we have to leave now. The members of Zetas are extremely creative. They’ve gotten themselves several trucks and modified them into tanks. We’ll need to come up with a plan and destroy them.”

“Roger that. We can go behind them,” Katrina replied via the wireless radio.

From the eighth floor, Zhou Qingfeng quickly returned to the first floor and walked out of the building. But he stopped walking forward when he decided to scout his surroundings first. As he showed half of his face at the entrance of the corridor, the wall which he was leaning against suddenly burst, and he was hit by the sharp stone fragments. A bullet scorched past his cheek and took a large piece of skin away with it.

Zhou Qingfeng screamed in throbbing pain as he tried to retreat back to the building. David Lawrence, who was behind him, dragged him back to the building and lifted his gun to signal for vigilance.

“What happened?”


Half of Zhou Qingfeng’s face was soaked in blood. He quickly removed the bandage from the first aid kit, but before he bound his wound up, he endured the severe pain and dragged his finger along the bruises on his face. He then gnashed his teeth after estimating the trajectory of the bullet. “It should be the sniper team from the top of the courthouse, but they’ve changed their spot. This time around, they’re just camping on the streets outside and should be about a hundred meters away from us.”

After confirming that Zhou Qingfeng’s life was not in danger, David Lawrence immediately reported to Katrina, “We’ve been stopped by a sniper team. Victor was hurt and we won’t be able to join you for now. You’ll need to lead the search team and escape out of here.”

“No, the search team will stay,” said Zhou Qingfeng. “Divide the search team into two groups and surround the courthouse from both sides. The sniper team might have changed their spot yet again, but they won’t be far away from us.”

David Lawrence felt that it was his responsibility to remind Zhou Qingfeng when the latter insisted on letting the search team face against the sniper team. “We’ll have a lot of casualties if you persist with your plan.”

“Uncle, will you stop your soldiers from fighting just to protect their lives when you’re on the battlefield?” Zhou Qingfeng had bound his wound up with the bandage, but his collar was already soaked in blood, making him look like a man with a strong murderous intent.

“But they’re not real soldiers.”

“Me neither! If I had stretched my head a few centimeters more out of the entrance of the corridor, you’ll now be looking at my corpse.”

Zhou Qingfeng set his face into a grim expression and called the correspondent of the search team using the wireless radio. He ordered them to separate into two groups and surround the criminal courthouse. He began to consume a large amount of food and water while he was giving out his orders.

“Victor, what has happened to you that made you like this? In the past, you’ll never yell at others, let alone dismiss their lives. I always thought that you’re a very nice young man.” David Lawrence was puzzled.

“Really? You claimed that you wanted to kill me when you found out that I’ve been secretly taking nude photos of your wife. Did you think that I was a very nice young man during that time too?” Zhou Qingfeng continued stuffing a few chocolate energy bars into his mouth while he talked. He possessed an efficient self-healing ability, but it required that he consume a large amount of food and water.

David Lawrence was shocked. “I admit that I was extremely mad during that time. You really shouldn't be taking those photos. However, I decided to ask Rachel later on, and she said that you’ve never done anything weird to her. Actually, when I was young, I used to stare at other pretty ladies too, and that’s why I’ve decided to forgive you.”

“Thanks for your forgiveness, but I can no longer return to my original state. So can’t the current world; and not even you.” Zhou Qingfeng took some morphine out of the first aid kit and injected it into his body. After his pain was relieved, he stood up once again and said coldly, “Uncle Lawrence, let’s face the reality!”

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