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Chapter 107 [Rio Feeling And, The Start of The Third Day of Evening Party]

TL : Cnine

ED/PF : Jake1456

Part 1

After meeting with Rio, Liselotte’s returning to the mansion of duke Kretia and then resting for a while in her own room.

Currently with only her trusted friend Aria inside of the room, Liselotte has completely flipped her “Work Mode Switch” to OFF.

「U~h, so tire~d」

After changing her attire to an easy to move one piece in her room, she’s plunging herself as if collapsing on top of her soft bed.

As expected, Liselotte was worn out due to a heavy schedule and doing various things for the sake of attending the evening party in the capital in this few days.


Liselotte who’s burying her face on the pillow is showing a happy expression from the slight gap of her face that peeking out of the pillow.

The people who know of her true face after she unfasten the mask of a lady is extremely few in number.

Aria was one of those few humans.

Thereupon, there’s no change on her expression despite seeing the negligent Liselotte.

But then, Aria herself never shown that kind of huge reaction aside from a slight twitch of her eyebrows when she saw that side of Liselotte for the first time.

「Thank you for the hard work. Will you take a short nap till the start of the evening party? 」

Aria asked while looking fondly at her lovely master who’s loosened her guard.

「U~hn. I’m good. I want to think about something for a while」

Her reply is a tad slower than usual.

She picks up the cushion that was nearby and then hugging that cushion as she lifts her face to look at the ceiling of her room.

「Is it about Haruto-sama?」

「That’s right. I knew so many things from our meeting a while ago. And that’s all of it……………. Hey……………」

Liselotte is letting out a weary sigh as she replied to Aria.

「Have you noticed some sort of trouble?」

「It’s not a trouble. It seems we’ll be able to keep our favourable relationship even from now on」

Following after their meeting a while ago, Liselotte can feel that her relationship with Rio will keep as it is even after this.

She was certain about that.

Certainly, the matter of him knowing her greatest secret will put her under a disadvantageous situation but, she judged that she didn’t need to worry about such things.

(In the first place, the matter of me using j.a.panese names for our product has also acted like some sort of message to the people who are put under similiar circ.u.mtances as myself. Things like someone suddenly transferred from the other side is a bit of a unexpected case though)

When Liselotte’s thinking of such things,

「Well then, which point is the one that's troubling you?」

Aria asked with a clear voice.

「I was thinking of closing my distance with Haruto-sama a bit more from now on if possible but, the result is our distance remained as it was……… didn’t it 」

Part 2

Liselotte’s sighing while letting out her complaint.

She’s been marking Rio and really wants to invite him.

That is absolutely nothing like only want to become a precious contract partner to use Rio's service as the intermediate between her and the craftsman of his finest liquor.

His calm and intellectual personality while being a gentle person himself, receiving an education which is meant for n.o.bles despite being a commoner, his battle prowess which at least will easily be able to overwhelm several trained knights at minimum and unknown number at maximum, moreover, his artifact-cla.s.s magic tool which can hold a large amount of things by manipulating s.p.a.ce――.

To be honest, he’s way too good to be left as just a hidden talent.

「The way he brings himself is definitely great differences from the n.o.bles and merchants  who are usually facing Liselotte-sama. Even the way he’s coping with the situation is also different」

「Right. You can say that he’s not the kind of person who’s moving for things like status or money」

After she changes to sitting position from her bed, Liselotte agreed with a yearning expression.

「But, seeing his inauguration as a honorary knight, the n.o.bilities who’ll come to interact with him from now on will keep increasing right?」

The abilities and the existence of Rio is exposed in large scale amongst the n.o.bilities and the royalties who was attending yesterday's evening party.

In addition to that, he even received the invest.i.ture of a honorary knight.

It’ll be even stranger If that kind of existence is loitering around without being attached to any faction and yet not receiving any invitation.

But, even if he’s from a small country when comparing to Galwark kingdom.

Nevertheless he’s receiving the t.i.tle of honorary knight in spite of not serving under Galwark kingdom which will in turn strengthen the relationship between Rio and Galwark kingdom.

Even so, in spite of it won’t be a strange thing for some country to suddenly appear to make a pa.s.s on him, he needs to constantly mind his own actions in regard to Galwark kingdom.

「Yeah, I want to be closer to him for this reason. Geez, and yet I’m the first one who found the true worth of Haruto-sama………」

Liselotte is pouting her lips.

She’s always restraining herself to send an invitation toward Rio up till now.

That was because the clear prospect of victory in dragging Rio to her ground is none.

Naturally if it’s only an invitation since she knows by Rio's character in the fact that he will definitely take some distance from her if she’s sending an invitation so many times over.

Thus, she goes with the strategy of keep decreasing their distance to make Rio let down his guard without sending an invitation.

And yet, the movement of the royalties and n.o.bilities during this time is just a little―― Wrong, it’s not amusing at all.

They’ll just raise the possibility of Rio taking some distance from n.o.bility and royalty for being fed up with them, since it’ll make things turn ugly if the game that they were aiming for was s.n.a.t.c.hed from the side.

「But, he refused the invitation from the king. Thus he won’t easily serve under anyone isn’t it? 」

「I’m also including those factors but, the possibilities aren’t zero」

From now on, Rio’ll be involved with various royalties and n.o.bilities regardless of his own will.

It’s not strange if some amongst them even offer something that will satisfy Rio.

「Refusing the direct invitation from his majesty. The matter of him not moving for status or money is clear. Though his majesty is half-forcing his way by using his authority as some that he should do…………」

「That’s a poor move right. Today's matter is an exception. Since your majesty has to do that and even gave the t.i.tle of honorary knight to Rio-sama」

Part 3

Though there’s several more in the list of what's necessary, thus he’ll be dragged in by the country even if his deed of protecting Miharu and the others alone is because he’s aiming for a big one, there’s a saying that Rio's achievement is also the Galwark kingdom's achievement.

And in the matter of giving the t.i.tle of honorary knight to Rio means that Galwark kingdom partic.i.p.ated in the case of protecting Miharu and the others.

Though Takahisa is the first in the list for the right to claim for their protection as the family for Masato and Aki, there’s no difference in the order between Takahisa and Satsuki in the matter of protection of Miharu as he’s just her friend.

Though the maximum priority should be Miharu’s own will, it’ll become an insurance when the matter gets complicated.

「Well that aside, I felt that I should at least try to invite him sooner or later but I want to at least have some card in my hand」

Humans are creatures that were full of contradictions as long as they’re making their move based on profit and loss.

Therefore there’s a need for stimulating their emotion such as offering some sort of profit to change the other party.

But, the matter of Rio making his move without thinking about profit and loss is already widespread.

If for example another person is trying to invite Rio――

「It might be more interesting if you just going from the front and trying to seduce him with your s.e.x appeal」

Aria suddenly muttered those words.

「S-Seducing him?」

Liselotte’s looking at Aria with a startled expression.

「Yeah, since almost all of those who made their move toward the men who left their name in the annal of history is a woman」

She don’t know whether Aria’s joking or not since she said those words with a flat tone.

「Seducing him………….. Is it」

Liselotte’s letting out a voice which is filled with suspicion.

The certain strong point of a woman is to become a weapon to build a relationship with a man. [TL : You know, in adult way……. Snusnu by animesuki language]

Many woman also agree to that.

(Even so, it seems that no one is using seduction toward Haruto-sama. It seems that Cosette is boldly trying to approaching him but the result is unfavourable)

The chamberlain of Liselotte’s not only for a.s.sisting her with Rikka firm work or prefectural governer work everyone of them is also a woman since they’re basically doing maid work.

They’re cream of the crops which is picked directly by Liselotte purely based on their natural disposition without caring about their status thus their ability and personality goes without saying.

After being employed, they’ll be put under strict training one by one and learn the necessary knowledge to do their work.

To make matters worse, everyone of them is only consisting of women or girls who’s in their prime age, they’re basically consisting of various kind of beauties

Naturally there’s a proper reason for why she’s gathering not only the girl with beautiful face but also powerful.

Whether it’s as a n.o.ble or as a merchant, majority of Liselotte's negotiation partner is a man.

If she can make the strong point of the girl standing out aside from their ability, it’ll surely give her an advantage in negotiation――

Part 4

In that case, she has no need for trickery if alluring words of the girl is enough to give her an advantage against her negotiation partner, that was Liselotte's business policy.

Though it’s not to the degree that her negotiation partner will do s.e.xual hara.s.sment beyond the threshold, when she found that there’s some girls amongst her chamberlain who’s being favored by her negotiation partner, that chamberlain will naturally be put in charge of those negotiations.

Though there’s no clear evidence whether that step is helping the business or not, the business power of Rikka firm is unmatched by the others firms.

Therefore Liselotte is putting her biggest trust and pride to the chamberlains who’s working under her wings and she can feel relieved to welcome Rio, her important guest.

Even if Rio’s a youth who’s in the peak of his p.u.b.erty, there’s no way he’ll do bad things to the girls who are around his age.

Since he might even fall in love with one of her chamberlains――

Thus she held on to her faint expectation.

But, her faint expectation turned out to be just an expectation.

Well, she shouldn’t be hoping so much for it since it was such a good bargain.

「Maybe Haruto-sama already has someone who’s occupying his heart?」

「He seems to be especially close to Cosette and Natalie amongst my chamberlain right.  Since those girls are the ones who’s often put in charge of Haruto-sama. but, the possibility of success by using seduction is too low」

「Well, that’s just natural」

Liselotte’s nodding to her words.

Because it’s not like Liselotte’s unable to grasp the sign in the case he has some interest in the girls amongst her chamberlains.

「In that case, this is Liselotte-sama's turn to come and seduce him」

Aria suddenly dropped such a atomic scale bombsh.e.l.l remark.


Liselotte’s unconsciously letting out a perplexed voice.

「Amongst all of us, aren’t you the one who’s actually closest to Haruto-sama」

「EH?  EEEH? Well that’s right, even so………….. The chamberlain side is…………」

Liselotte is muttering those words with a weak tone while having a question mark on her face.

「Please have some confidence on yourself. You won’t be able to make the best use of your own charm if you keep hesitating like that」

Aria’s encouraging Liselotte who’s showing a troubled expression.

「As far as I know, you’re my best master. You’re wise, have a n.o.ble heart, and have high pride. And you’re the kind of woman who can stand side by side with a man」

「T-Thank you very much………….」

Liselotte’s giving his grat.i.tude to Aria’s praise with blushing cheeks.

「In spite of me saying to seduce him, I don’t mean it in a way in which you’re ensnaring him by using your womanly charm」

Part 5

Aria’s telling her that while waving her head in denial.

Not in any way she’s telling Liselotte to use honey trap on Rio.

Aria was fully aware that Rio isn’t the kind of man who can be defeated by such means.

「At times, there are some people who are really hard to be moved with such tactic. And he’s definitely that kind of person」

Liselotte’s silently listening to Aria's story.

「In fact, attracting him with your charm as a person without any kind of profit and gain is a better tactic. Let Haruto-sama get to know you as a person called Liselotte Kretia. Because you have the charm to make the people to automatically gather around you. It was the same case for me」

Aria’s telling her that as-a-matter-of-fact.

Liselotte couldn’t even barely notice it despite the long time they’re spending together but, Aria's lips are definitely curved extremely slightly upward.

「My apologies for my admonition. But, in my humble idea, facing him in direct confrontation is even more important than unskillful deceit for an opponent like Haruto-sama」

Aria made a deep bow as she said that.

「………….. That’s right. It’s as you say」

Liselotte’s smiling wryly as she heaved a sigh.

「Thank you. It seems I was a bit too impatient. Thanks to you I managed to regain my composure」

Liselotte told her grat.i.tude to Aria as she smiled calmly.

(It seems I have no choice but to face him with my sincerity by this point. I’ll steadily deepen our personal relationship while keeping our contractual relationship)

It’s as Aria just said, maybe to become even more closer to a person like Rio, going honestly without minding about things like profit and loss is the right choice.

Though Liselotte was always having contact with others as a n.o.ble or merchant, she could build a personal relationship for a long time.

(In fact I want to reward him with today's matter but, he definitely will reject it if I give it to him in a normal way.

Someday I’ll tell Haruto-sama that I’m saved when I’m in a troubled situation)

She’s wondering just how long it’s been since she’s facing someone in this way except for her parents and relatives.

As she thinks so,

(It might be since I was Rikka)

Liselotte’s shutting her eyes as she laid on top of the bed while a nostalgic smile is peeking on her face.

On the other side, Rio was walking alone in the pa.s.sage of the royal castle after his meeting with Liselotte.

(Maybe Satsuki-san went to Miharu and the others' place.)

~To Be Continue in Part 2~


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