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The capital, autumn.

In the elegant bedroom of a small family villa, a mirror held the reflection of a perfectly-shaped face. The looks were clean, its eyes full of life.

Luo Yangyang scrutinized her reflection in the mirror.

A while later, she at last stood up.

Donning a strapless light-blue dress, she walked out of her room and went downstairs.

Today, her mother was getting married, and she was the bridesmaid.

At the intersection of the winding staircase, Luo Yangyang ran into the man of honor: the eldest son of her stepfather.

"Big Brother."

She observed his dark-blue suit, deep features, and cold eyes. Luo Yangyang didn't dare linger in the presence of this frosty man.

"…" Feng Sheng looked at the frowning Luo Yangyang.

She quietly and obediently stood there; her tender face unexpectedly surprised him.

Silent and clear-eyed, her temperament was so pure it was terrifying.

Terrifying to a point where others want to ruin her.

However, the indifferent him didn't respond to her.

On the narrow intersection, just as she was about to walk by, Feng Sheng stopped in his tracks.

"Don't call me brother; you are not qualified to be my little sister."

The two stopped on the same step, Feng Sheng never giving her a glance.

A cold breeze filled the atmosphere. So frigid it could chill all the way to the bone marrow. Luo Yangyang's beautiful eyelashes trembled and her clear eyes fell farther.

She knew that her stepfather's son didn't acknowledge her.

After that brief exchange, Feng Sheng continued up the stairs. Luo Yangyang stood on the staircase for a while, not moving. She only lifted her head just as Feng Sheng was about to disappear upstairs.

In a blink, Feng Sheng's tall and straight figure vanished around the corner.

This man, even his back exudes a cold and dangerous feeling, scaring people away.

The wedding was smooth-sailing.

There were not a lot of people attending the wedding. They were mainly the friends and relatives of her stepfather.

Night fell, the younger generation clamoring to continue the party. As the daughter of the bride, Luo Yangyang couldn't leave and was forced to go to the biggest club in the capital: Crown Club.

In a luxurious private room, Luo Yangyang looked as the handsome men and beautiful women that drink drink, chatterboxes chatting. The silent her sitting on the sofa in a corner seemed strangely out of place.

Less than 10 minutes in such an environment, she wanted to leave. But due to her special ident.i.ty, she couldn't.

When a waiter brought in a bottle of wine, she asked for a cup of hot water. The waiter was surprised for a moment before leaving and entering again, placing a cup of hot water in front of her.

Luo Yangyang didn't want to drink alcohol. She unhesitantly lifted the cup and took a sip.

Seeing Luo Yangyang drink water, the man sitting diagonally across from her chatting with a brown-haired lady gave her a glance. The corners of his mouth lifted in a sneer.

Because of boredom, Luo Yangyang downed cup after cup of water. She suddenly noticed something wrong halfway through a cup of water.

Her body was hot, inexplicably hot. A wave of heat rushed from her chest to her lower abdomen.

Luo Yangyang's breath was a bit rushed, her beautiful brow furrowed as if thinking of something.

She inadvertently peeked at the cup in her hands, and quickly placed it on the table like a hot potato.

What happened?

Why is her body so hot? Could she have been drugged like Youyou told her about?


This is not some rowdy bar, how could her drink have been spiked?

Even though the room was packed and they were all letting loose, no one was paying her any special attention.

Slowly, Luo Yaoyao's mind clouded and she became a little dizzy. When she rubbed at her temples, she missed the look Ye Shayan gave her and the look he exchanged with a young man.

Even though Jiang Haifeng was flirting with other beauties, he was also discreetly paying attention to Luo Yangyang's condition. After receiving a look with Ye Shayan, he put down his wine cup and nonchalantly walked over to Luo Yangyang's side and sat down.

"You are called Luo Yangyang, right? Nice to meet you, my name is Jiang Haifeng," he said with a big smile, appearing friendly.

Her abnormal condition, paired with Jiang Haifeng's sudden appearance, made Luo Yangyang wary. She concentrated and coldly replied, "h.e.l.lo."

"How come your face is so red? Are you not feeling well?" Jiang Haifeng looked at Luo Yangyang with concern. Her small, red face surprised him a bit. He pulled her as he said, "Should I send you back to rest?"

Although Jiang Haifeng had an inquiring tone, his actions were forcing her to comply.

Being suddenly pulled up, Luo Yangyang's sight went blurry. While standing up, she had brushed against Jiang Haifeng's body and unexplainable l.u.s.t surged within her.

She shook her head to clear her mind and didn't dare to think more. She shoved Jiang Haifeng away and ran out.

She definitely can't return home with another man! Especially if the other party is a man!

Jiang Haifeng was stunned for a moment: he didn't expect Luo Yangyang to still have the strength to push him away. Seeing her rush out of the room, he suddenly shot back to his senses and chased her.

Luo Yangyang awkwardly ran and with great difficulty, managed to get out of the room. But she suddenly hit straight into a firm chest.

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