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What pissed Shi Sheng off a little was the fact that Fu Qin had a room to himself!

No one dared to stay with him; thus, he got his own room…

'We're both villains, so why is there such a drastic difference in our treatment?!'

After eating, Shi Sheng returned to her room. Lin Yin and the other girls decided to play around a bit before going back, but not long after returning they heard a loud noise from the corridor outside. Curious, Lin Yin opened the door to take a look.

Ji Xiaoyu had been shoved out of the room opposite Shi Sheng's.

"…Country bumpkin! You really think you're a lady? Even if you're rich, you're still just an upstart! I don't want to live with you! Get out!"

"Jiang Nana, who are you calling an upstart?!" Ji Xiaoyu became furious.

Jiang Nana put her hands on her hips, disdain written on her face. "Whoever asked that question, obviously!"

A few doors along the corridor opened as people peered out curiously at Ji Xiaoyu and Jiang Nana.

Ji Xiaoyu's roommate, Jiang Nana, had always disliked her. Jiang Nana always stirred up trouble for Ji Xiaoyu on a normal day, so now that they were stuck in the same room together it was natural that things wouldn't pass by peacefully.

Shi Sheng praised herself for having foresight. 'When you're staying with the female lead, trouble is sure to pop up!'

"Jiang Nana, don't go too far!" Ji Xiaoyu wore only a pyjama top. She hadn't had time to put on her pants, so her bottom half only had a pair of panties with cartoon pictures covering it up.

Although everyone in the area was female, Ji Xiaoyu still felt awkward when exposed to so many gazes. She tugged her shirt down in an attempt to cover up her lower body.

"Oh my, look at what you're saying! Who dares to bully you?" Jiang Nana blocked off the doorway with an expression of ridicule. "After all, you're Bei-shao's rich girlfriend."

"It's good that you know!" Ji Xiaoyu subconsciously puffed up her chest.

"Pfft! How old are you again? You're still wearing these kinds of cartoon panties?"

"How childish."

"Even money can't change what's on the inside."

Ever since her father had won the lottery, Ji Xiaoyu had done everything she could to make herself out to be a rich person. At first, others had said she'd gotten a sugar daddy. Enraged, she blurted out the fact that her father had won the lottery. As a result, everyone knew Ji Xiaoyu was new money.

A single contract could earn profits in the tens of millions, so to these elites from wealthy families, what Ji Xiaoyu had wasn't anything to look at. They were naturally completely disdainful of Ji Xiaoyu's 'fortune' and usually ridiculed and mocked her quite often.

'You think some tens of millions is a lot? Once it's all gone, do you think you'll still have another ten million? What, are you planning on winning the lottery for the rest of your life?'

"Jiang Nana, let me in!" Ji Xiaoyu's face was red from the ridicule. She only wore this underwear out of habit and hadn't expected to one day be exposed like this in front of so many people.

"Aren't you very rich? Go and rent your own room ah!"

"Yeah! Ji Xiaoyu, since you're a rich person now, why should you have to settle for staying together with our Nana?"

"With your 'status' you should have a room to yourself!"

The onlookers who didn't mind adding to the chaos started mocking her. Ji Xiaoyu glared at them angrily. 'Why are they ridiculing me like this?! We're all the same now, so why?!'

"What's all the fuss about?" The teacher came over upon hearing the noise, and when she saw Ji Xiaoyu standing half-bare in the corridor, her expression turned unsightly. "Ji Xiaoyu, why are you just standing here in your underwear?"

"Teacher, Ji Xiaoyu said she didn't want to stay with me." Jiang Nana snatched the initiative.

"I didn't, teacher! It was her who said she didn't want to stay with me and tossed me out!" Ji Xiaoyu felt inwardly aggrieved. She had thought that these people wouldn't ostracise her so much now that she had money. She hadn't expected them to ostracise her even more!

It was as if bullying her was their pastime. She didn't understand why.

"What are you people doing, crowding around here? Go back to bed!" The teacher scolded the onlookers and ordered them back to their rooms before she handled this matter.

The end result was that Jiang Nana would switch beds with Lin Yin. As the class leader, Lin Yin could only go and live with Ji Xiaoyu.

Jiang Nana was a first year so she wasn't that familiar with Bei Zhi, but she knew Bei Zhi was Bei Ze's younger sister so she was still polite. The two of them coexisted fairly peacefully.

In the middle of the night, after making sure that Jiang Nana was asleep, Shi Sheng opened her door and planned to go out. However, she hadn't yet fully opened her door  when the door opposite hers swung open. Shi Sheng hurriedly shut her door.

'Where are you going in the dead of night, oh female lead-sama?'

Ji Xiaoyu looked both ways. After making sure there wasn't anyone out there, she furtively made her way to the lift.

Shi Sheng noticed that the lift carrying Ji Xiaoyu stopped on the third floor.

'If I remember correctly, Bei Ze doesn't stay on the third floor…'

Shi Sheng also went to the third floor. It was completely silent and the lighting was a bit dim. She walked around for a bit, but because she didn't know where Ji Xiaoyu went she could only go to Room 3066 to look for Fu Qin.

Fu Qin wasn't asleep. He opened the door a short while after she knocked.

"Come on, I'll take you to see the stars." Shi Sheng's voice was very light, but in the silent corridor it was still a bit loud. Fu Qin furrowed his brows as he looked at her. Shi Sheng knew his reaction speed was a bit slow so she just stood there and waited for him to consider.


Shi Sheng looked over and shoved Fu Qin into the room, following close behind and shutting the door. This series of movements only took her a couple of seconds.

Outside, one of the doors had opened. Ji Xiaoyu exited a room and scanned her surroundings alertly as she left.

"Who stays in that room?" Shi Sheng asked.

"Don't know."

Shi Sheng, "…" 'My brain must've malfunctioned when I decided to ask him…'

She waited a while before pulling the door open. "Let's go."

Shi Sheng brought Fu Qin out of the vacation resort. After making sure there weren't any onlookers or any form of surveillance, she took out her sword. The sword expanded and came to a rest while floating in front of her. Shi Sheng brought Fu Qin onto the sword and made it fly deeper into the mountains.

A trace of surprise had finally flashed through Fu Qin's calm eyes when he'd seen the sword enlarge.

"You're a cultivator?" Fu Qin calmly spoke while watching the landscape quickly fly past.

"You've been watching too much TV." 'There isn't even any spirit qi in this world! The hell would I cultivate?!'

"This sword…" 'How come it can change sizes? And fly?'

Fu Qin reached out to rub the surface of the sword. The surface had many indentations as if something had been carved into it, but he hadn't seen such carvings back when he'd first looked at it

"It's the Sword of Righteousness." Shi Sheng turned to face Fu Qin. "According to legends, its wielder can conquer the world. How about it? Want to conquer the world?"

Fu Qin, "…" 'Even if that sword of yours can change sizes and fly, you don't have to be so chuuni, right?

Conquer the world…'

Shi Sheng made her sword fly higher, past the heavy cloud layer.

Lifting his head, Fu Qin saw that the night sky was like a dark blue curtain stretching out overhead. The bright moon that had been hung there was like a jade plate radiating a clear moonlight that caused one to feel chilled and lonely.

As Fu Qin was looking at the moon, a sudden feeling of weightlessness overtook him. At some point, the sword had shrunk and he had started falling.

The air pressed against his chest, causing him to feel very uncomfortable—at least 10 times more uncomfortable than the time he jumped off the building.

His mind suddenly lost its ability to think and turned blank. 'This time… I'll probably die, right?'

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