Spare Me, Great Lord! Chapter 199: Are Your Thoughts So Complicated? (Part 1)

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"What if… I wish to obtain certain information from a certain location, will you, and them, be able to help?" Lu Shu asked little fury gleefully.

After hearing that, little fury started gesturing, flailing his arms around, pointing outside and making all sorts of weird actions which confused Lu Shu.

Lu Shu replied, "... Are your thoughts so complicated?"

The whole room was suddenly quietened down and little fury saw that Lu Shu didn't understand its intentions. Once again, it started its gestures and actions.

But Lu Shu was still confused and couldn't comprehend little fury at all.

Lu Xiaoyu suddenly butted in, "It's saying that they're too stupid to be of any use."

Little fury nodded.

Lu Shu looked at little fury with a shocked expression, then turned to Lu Xiaoyu, "Are you serious? You can understand that?!"

He suddenly realized that if he wanted little fury and its little rat brothers to become his assistants, there were two things he had to settle.

The first one would be for the rats to become smarter!

And the second would be the communication barrier between him and little fury!

As long as these two problems weren't solved, Lu Shu would never be able to employ this simple and convenient 'underground intelligence network'...

Looking at little fury and the rats behind it, Lu Shu suddenly felt that his choice of 'underground intelligence network' these three words were an overstatement for them…

In actuality, Lu Shu found the first problem easier to solve as he handed the refresher fruit to little fury, "eat it and let's see if there are any effects."

Little fury took the refresher fruit and its mouth was already watering. The red fruit right in front of its eyes was the ladder to its evolution and just the look of it gave little fury a sense of unlimited possibilities.

Evolution, the word itself refers to the sacred origin of all species.

Humans have been multiplying for so many years, animals have been multiplying for so many years and all creatures are constantly adapting to this world. During this process, all living things have evolved.

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Spare Me, Great Lord! Chapter 199: Are Your Thoughts So Complicated? (Part 1) summary

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