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Chapter 167                The First Encounter of The River Spirit

Since the materials were not yet ready, Ye Shaoyang was not in a rush to go sailing. So all of them went back to the village, which then gave the village head a chance to take them to a restaurant. The village head gathered all the elders to come over too.

Zhou Jinru did not like this kind of occasion. She pushed Li Anshengi to the ‘elderly’ table and wanted another table for herself, Ye Shaoyang and Xiao Ma. After having lunch and a break, Li Ansheng came over and told Ye Shaoyang the material were ready.

When they got back to the dam, all the things were already placed on the boat. Then Ye Shaoyang asked the village head, “Can you ask someone to teach us how to operate this?”

“That’s easy, even I know how to,” the village head hopped onto the boat enthusiastically and poured some diesel into the motor. Ye Shaoyang pulled Xiao Ma along and learned how to operate it. Soon, Xiao Ma took over, gave it a try, and he was ready.

The villagers watched as they sailed further and further away. It had already been two years since someone had gone out on a boat.

“For a few youngsters, they are quite gutsy,” mumbled the village head, “I just hope they’ll be okay.”

Zhou Jinru instinctively put her hands together and wanted to pray for Ye Shaoyang, but a thought came to mind, Would Jesus protect a Daoist?

On the boat, Ye Shaoyang and Xiao Ma put on their life jackets and then Ye Shaoyang ordered Xiao Ma to drive slowly as he took out his Yin Yang compass and navigated.

Xiao Ma, unsure about his methods, asked, “You can find the water spirit like this?”

“Of course. As long as they are in a certain range, the Yin Yang compass will lock on to the spirit.”

“Isn’t that thing alive? Won’t it just swim away once it has been spotted?”

Ye Shaoyang smiled and said, “It can run, but her lair can’t move. If she’s not around, then I’ll just break its lair.”

“Lair? Like a cave?”

Ye Shaoyang looked at his compass and explained. “A lair is where a spirit stays and cultivates. It takes a few months to pick a place and build it up. Since everything in the lair is built from their cultivation, the more powerful the creature is the bigger and more complex the lair will be.”

Xiao Ma was shocked, “If that’s the case, then we should easily find it right? Since this thing is powerful, the cave it lives in must be huge.”

Ye Shaoyang rolled his eyes and said, “Lair not cave! Since lairs are created from their cultivation, they can be big internally but may be very small when looking at it from the outside. It could be a rock, a flower, or even the size of one grain of sand. There’s a poem that says it best, ‘To see a world in a grain of sand, and a heaven in a wild flower’.”

Xiao Ma suddenly realized something from this, and gained an understanding, “Oh, no wonder you said that you couldn’t deal with Madam Chee even though you knew she was in the temple. It was because you couldn’t find her lair, right?”

“It’s hard to spot their lair with the naked eye. That’s why you need this,” Ye Shaoyang pointed at the Yin Yang compass in his hand, “But it wasn’t because I couldn’t find her lair, it was because the power of the formation disrupts the compass, and--”

Suddenly, Ye Shaoyang stared at the compass and said. “Go north! Faster!”

Xiao Ma was shocked by the sudden order, but he obeyed. Xiao Ma stared intently into the water around them, fearing that something might just jump out.

“East! Quick!” Ye Shaoyang still stared at the compass.

Xiao Ma changed the direction and moved east. However, after some time, there was nothing.

Nervous about the situation, Xiao Ma asked, “What’s next?”

Ye Shaoyang did not respond. So Xiao Ma became even more nervous. He turned his head to look behind him and saw something that shocked him.

A skinny girl wearing dirty clothes had her back to the duo and sat on the end of the boat. She had a jug of water that she held close. Her skinny, dried up hands seemed to be washing something.

Was this the girl the villagers spoke of?

Xiao Ma took a deep breath and looked at Ye Shaoyang who stood at the front of the boat, and stared intently at the girl.

The girl washed for a while then turned to look at Ye Shaoyang. Her pupilless eyes stared at Ye Shaoyang as she held up a fresh vegetable.

She opened her mouth and asked, “What do I do if I just can’t clean the vegetable?”

Ye Shaoyang gave a cold laugh and said, “Then, the one cleaning it should have their hands chopped off!”

The girl laughed in a strange manner. Green liquid flowed out of her mouth.

“No, I should use more water to wash the vegetable. When it’s all crushed up, then it’ll be clean.”

Ye Shaoyang did not wait any longer. He took out a piece of talisman paper and threw it at the girl.

The girl reacted quickly. Her hands hit the boat, and she jumped into the water. Ye Shaoyang quickly went to the back of the boat, but he could not see her anymore. Ye Shaoyang mumbled no and quickly went to his bag to get the Pixiu Seal.

He sliced his finger and dabbed some blood on the seal. Then, he held it with two hands and sat in a lotus position.

“O’ hail the power of the Pixiu. Sever the calamities from the sky and the land; usher the way for men and close the door on all evil. Let your net of justice envelop everything!”

With the activation of the seal, the boat sank slightly. The water was so close to coming into the boat that a small wave would have capsized it.

Xiao Ma did not understand this and yelled, “Little Ye, are you trying to kill us?”

“Shut up and shove some lime realgar mixture to that wave!”

“Wave?” Xiao Ma was still puzzled. Suddenly, he saw a giant wave that was two meter high coming toward them.

Ye Shaoyang shut his eyes and kept on chanting and used the power of the seal to hold the boat steady.

“Holy crap, such a huge wave in a pond like this?”

Xiao Ma was scared, but he still recalled what he had to do. He quickly picked up the shovel and shoved some lime realgar mix toward the wave ahead.


When the lime realgar mix hit the wave, it parted. Their boat went between the waves and was safe. When the small waves from the sides came close, they were blocked by some sort of invisible barrier, and no water entered the boat.

Just as Xiao Ma started to relax, another bigger wave came toward them.

Ye Shaoyang left the Pixiu Seal on the boat and pulled out his Qixing Dragon Sword. In an instant, a purple glow surrounded him.

Ye Shaoyang used his left hand to throw his peach wood sword onto the water. He jumped onto it and used it to surf the water. He went toward the mountain-like wave without any fear or hesitation.

This scene shocked everyone on land.

Li Wei mumbled, “Is Mr. Ye some sort of...divine being?”

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