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Chapter 25. Locked?

An Sueun thankfully looked at Sa Y Nin, if it weren’t for her she had trouble because of Lan Y.

E Xinghe also was thanked her he knew that she wanted to help An Sueun.

Lan Y is standing with moody face he didn’t expect that Sa Y Nin supported E Xinghe. He wanted to strike a blow E Xinghe, but if here is Sa Y Nin he didn’t want to say anything, because he very liked her.

-If Sa Y Nin said that we while wouldn’t touch this theme, but you are still suspected, let’s wait for director he will judge everything! – Lan Y said sniffed.

E Xinghe wrinkled his brows looked at Lan Y, he looked calm, he isn’t killer alternatively he wasn’t so calm, who did it then?

-E Xinghe look, it doesn’t look human handiwork! – Lin Hun said.

Heard what Lin Hun said he once again looked at Lan Zan’s corpse there were a lot of wounded on him, wounded like from sharp clutches.

Apprentices were discussing who was killer.

Teacher Chu said:

-It is necessary to think over everything to find the killer. At this moment we can’t identify who killed but we thought that he died no from human handiwork, it must be werewolf suddenly attacked and killed!

-Which werewolf could attack and kill?

Heard teacher Chu’s words all apprentices petrified.

They began to look over everything. Actually it doesn’t look human at all, there are trees around, and there are traces from clutches of more than ten centimeter deep!

-Then why did Lan Zan late night go so far? – Lan Y wrinkled brows asking, he didn’t want to humble with fact that E Xinghe wasn’t suspected yet.

-This is not clear for us.

Teacher Chu swung his head said:

-It is necessary to wait for the director and then we solve everything! – This werewolf at least had the third level, everybody must be careful, who knows when else he could attack!

Teacher Chu’s words sent apprentices into spin, they aren’t experienced yet, if here actually werewolf hides he can attack in any moment, they are very afraid!

E Xinghe wrinkled his brows. There are wild beast’s traces everywhere, but he was killed by werewolf? Why did he go so far at deep night?

-Don’t be panic this werewolf is on the third level we with leaders protect you! – Teacher Chu said.

While apprentices were discussing the situation, one of the leaders sent to director to talk about situation.

-Why did you return so fast? Did you report the director? – Teacher Chu asked. From here to Heaven’s starlight Academy get during more than an hour!

All pale from scare he said to teacher Chu some phrases into ear.

Teacher Chu was surprised by heard:

-What did you say? This bridge which we should to return home is destroyed?

As long as teacher Chu was shocked by this news he unconsciously pronounced it.

Heard this news apprentices were scared because this bridge is the only way but it is destroyed and this means that they stuck here. And there is no any chance to report about it!

It is unknown where this werewolf hides it is necessary to be ready to fight with him, no two ways about it!

Everybody was scared.

E Xinghe also was afraid he changed look with Lin Hun.

-We are locked here and can’t return?

-Who can do it? What for?

An Sueun couldn’t even imagine such as, she was standing not far from Sa Y Nin wrinkled her brows.

Teacher Chu calmed down at first.

-Everybody listen to me here are six teachers everyone has charge of five, six apprentices you can choose with whom to be!

Teacher Chu a little kept silent said:

-Firstly we should to protect apprentices and avoid the last incident!

-I am with you Sa Y Nin! – Lan Y said looked at Sa Y Nin.

-No, I will be with An Sueun! – She came up to A Sueun.

Looked indifferent Sa Y Nin Lan Y got angry. Every time when he gets his attention she refuses him, he swears that someday she becomes his girl!

An Sueun looked at E Xinghe and he nodded his head.

In the end An Sueun, E Xinghe, Sa Y Nin, Lin Hun and Mo U turned out to be in one group with leader Hun Suan.

Czhao Niner and In Lu wanted to be with E Xinghe, but saw An Sueun and Sa Y Nin founded other people. Looked at An Sueun’s silhouette Czhao Niner grinned – what conscienceless she is – plighted and looks like a generous lady, and in reality she is slag.

-In Heaven’s Starlight Academy everybody knows that we are locked here it is necessary else several days to them for repairing of bridge, I’m afraid all this time we are here. We will hunt on fiery birds together, though their meat is acidulous but it is decent enough. –Teacher Chu a little kept silent, -though food is important but also it is necessary to hunt!

Teacher Chu lowered his head and looked at Lan Zan’s corpse:

-We must to bury him, if we leave him there, he will be eaten fast!

Heard teacher’s words, in E Xinghe’s head flashed that if he had been attacked by werewolf then why he wasn’t still eaten?

-Teacher Chu, if my tribesman’s body will be buried in this case it’s necessary to find the killer? – Lan Y asked.




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