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Stellar Transformations Book 11 Chapter 53: The Ten Thousand Beasts Chart

This chapter was translated by Rylain at Nightbreeze translations. For various reasons, Rylain’s translations for Stellar Transformations are on an indefinite hiatus. Refer to his blog for more information. You can find his blog here! Please note that some terms might be different from the past!
After Ao Feng had breathtakingly passed through the Blue Clouds Road, he sent Qin Yu a transmission message, and then directly went over to gather with the other five people. During the time when the six great leaders had initially made an oath, they had only said that they would set off after the six of them had gathered. That was also the reason why they did not wait for Qin Yu.
That party of people consisted of the Devil Ream’s Emissary Du Zhong Jun, the Immortal Realm’s Emissary Hua Yan, the Dragon Clan’s Emissary Ao Feng, Demon Realm’s Emissary Man Gan, as well as Fang Tian, Zong Jue and Yu Liang.

After those seven people had gathered, they then directly began to set off.

“The Nine Heavens, ah, how high.” When Yu Liang saw the beautiful scenery before him, he unintentionally gave a sigh.

The Nine Heavens was still the core of Ni Yang’s Realm, and it was a nine-storey palace that was suspending in the middle of the sky. There were endless misty clouds surrounding that elegant palace, as well as ponds, artificial mountains, grass and flowers, amongst others. It definitely could be considered as a beautiful and mysterious realm worthy of a superior immortal’s home.

After exiting from the Blue Clouds Road, they advanced ahead and stepped onto a broad, gold coloured pathway.

There were various beautiful scenery at both sides of the broad, gold coloured pathway, but the seven people who were walking together instead did not give any thought to those beautiful scenery. It was as if all of them were unintentionally quickening their pace while walking towards that nine-storey palace. However, as if drawn back by the existence of the other people, none of them dared to be the first to charge ahead.

“Brother Ao Feng, there is no need to rush.”

Noticing that Ao Feng’s pace seemed as if it wanted to increase, Man Gan voiced out. On hearing Man Gan’s voice, Ao Feng once again suppressed his speed.

“Brother Man Gan also do not need to hurry. If you want to obtain the treasure, you will also need to wait for everyone to arrive and compete together,” Ao Feng also voiced out.

It was very obvious…… that Man Gan and Ao Feng were trading blows against each other.

Hua Yan, Du Zhong Jun and the others were glad to see that scene. The capabilities of Man Gan and the side of the Dragon Clan were the strongest. If they began to compete amongst themselves, it would instead be beneficial to Hua Yan, Du Zhong Jun, Zong Jue and the others. However, they did not exactly know that the reason why Ao Feng and Man Gan were trading blows in that manner, was instead due to a scroll.

Amongst the seven people who were present, only Ao Feng and Man Gan had guessed that within the Nine Heavens, with the exception of that piece of treasure which the various influential figures of the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realms had yearned for, there was also a piece of treasure that was comparable to it.

Gradually, the distance between the party of seven people and the nine-storey palace ‘Nine Heavens’ had been reduced to several hundred meters.

Just like a flash of lightning.

Man Gan and Ao Feng charged towards the Nine Heavens at a blazing speed, nearly one before the other, with absolute disregard for everything else.

“What are the both of them doing?” Hua Yan, Du Zhong Jun and the others were startled.

From their point of view, it would definitely not be that easy to obtain the piece of treasure that the various influential figures of the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realms desired. At least, there were still trials obstructing them to it. That was why, they were not exactly in a hurry. However, why would Man Gan and Ao Feng behave like such huh?

Before their eyes, two streaks of human silhouettes passed through the great doors of the great hall belonging to the Nine Heavens. Suddenly —


As if colliding into an invisible wall, there was a momentary invisible fluctuation at the location of the great doors of the great hall belonging to the ‘Nine Heavens’. Severely shocked, both Man Gan and Ao Feng fell and landed to one side, while at the same time, fresh blood splattered out.

Serious injuries!

Man Gan and Ao Feng swiftly got up, and the both of them stared at the exact center of the hall, their eyes as crazed as wild wolves driven by extreme hunger. That was because, at that very moment, in the first storey of the Nine Heavens, a golden coloured reel was hovering above the great hall. That golden coloured scroll was suspended in the middle of the air, and it was radiating rays of golden light.

“Brother Man Gan, Brother Ao Feng, why are the both of you so desperate? See, each of your bodies are now covered in fresh blood,” Hua Yan said in a concerned tone.

Meanwhile, at one side, Du Zhong Jun suddenly stared at an area beside a door to the great hall. Immediately, as if in a frenzy, Du Zhong Jun also charged towards the great hall. Following a loud sound, that Du Zhong Jun also fell back, the edges of his mouth spilling forth threads of blood.

Hua Yan was startled.

Unless, Du Zhong Jun did not see than both Man Gan and Ao Feng had suffered huge losses? Yet, he still dared to be that reckless?

“Ao Feng, what is the Ten Thousand Beasts Chart?” Fang Tian inquired Ao Feng.

“Ten Thousand Beasts Chart?” Ao Feng was momentarily distracted. “How do you know about the Ten Thousand Beasts Chart?”

Fang Tian instead pointed to an area beside a door to the great hall with his hand. A stone tablet stood erected there, and there were a few lines of characters on that stone tablet. Meanwhile, Hua Yan also unintentionally looked over at that stone tablet.

“For successfully surmounting the Blue Clouds Road, all of you can also be considered to possess solid foundations, and can be considered as elites amongst experts of the same class. For those who have successfully surmounted the Blue Clouds Road, I should naturally also bestow some rewards. A treasure that I, Ni Yang, had obtained during those years when I roamed the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realms — The Ten Thousand Beasts Chart shall be the reward for this trial.”

When he saw that statement, Hua Yan felt that his throat had dried up, and he could not help swallowing a few times.

At the same time…… Hua Yan also discovered the golden coloured scroll that was suspending in the middle of the great hall on the first storey of the ‘Nine Heavens’, and those radiated rays of golden light even made Hua Yan’s heart tremble.

“It is indeed the Ten Thousand Beasts Chart, the Ten Thousand Beasts Chart is actually…… by the Heavens,” Hua Yan’s entire person began to tremble slightly. Promptly, without giving a care to anything else, Hua Yan’s right hand also grabbed the sword hilt behind his back.

With a low shout.

Unsheathed the sword, thrust the sword!

A ray of golden coloured Sword Energy completely enveloped Hua Yan. At that very moment, Hua Yan’s entire person was just like a huge, golden coloured sword, and the tip of that huge golden coloured sword was that Immortal Sword which Hua Yan was wielding. Then, the huge golden coloured sword savagely thrust towards the great doors of the great hall belonging to the Nine Heavens. Piercing through the air and possessing a frightening penetration power, that huge golden coloured sword pierced on the great doors of the great hall.

*Peng!* The huge, golden coloured sword collapsed.

Hua Yan’s entire person also seemed as though he had been paralysed by lightning as he flew through the air. After being tossed to one side, he coughed out fresh blood all over the ground.

Another person had been seriously injured!

“Didn’t he see that Man Gan and the others had been injured earlier huh, for him to still seek and suffer punishment,” Zong Jue secretly snickered.

However, Zong Jue did not exactly know the meaning behind the ‘Ten Thousand Beasts Chart’.

No matter what, for the Ten Thousand Beasts Chart, even if Man Gan and the others clearly knew that those doors were weird, all of them would refuse to surrender if they had not tried it for themselves. For the Ten Thousand Beasts Chart, if they were to be even more grievously wounded, that would also be worth it.

At that moment, the four great Emissaries had all suffered serious injuries.

“Haha…… What a Man Gan, what an Ao Feng,” Hua Yan gave a cold laughter while looking at the two people. “Both of you must have earlier guessed that the Ten Thousand Beasts Chart would be here. No wonder the both of you had been that weird throughout the journey, and had earlier even charged towards the great hall.”

Both Man Gan and Ao Feng gave a cold laugh.

“If you do not have a brain yourself, who can you blame?” Ao Feng replied in an ironic manner.

Du Zhong Jun also interrupted, “Pity, ah, pity. This Ten Thousand Beasts Chart is so precious, but it is also not something that can be obtained just by thinking about it. It’s a pity that all of you have wasted your efforts. It is still very hard to say as to whose hands this Ten Thousand Beasts Chart will fall into at the end.”

For the four great Emissaries, each had their own final hidden measures. However…… Hua Yan’s hidden measure had already been used during the time when he was passing through the Blue Clouds Road.

That was because, before Immortal Emperor Ni Yang died, he had told the burly large man that should he meet the Immortal Realm’s Emissary, the difficulty was to be greatly increased. That was why, the martial powers used by that burly large man had also been raised by a lot. That forced Hua Yan to use his hidden measure in order to preserve his own life. However…… Hua Yan still possessed the ‘Hundred Pulverising-Thunder Sealed Talismans‘ and other ultimate techniques.

“As long as I obtain the Ten Thousand Beasts Chart, not only will my capabilities be greatly increased, moreover…… I would also have more of a chance at seizing the final treasure,” Hua Yan’s heart was completely filled with passion.

Ah, the Ten Thousand Beasts Chart!

If it were in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realms, a mere Ten Thousand Beasts Chart would definitely initiate a horrifying battle of contention.

“What kind of treasure is the Ten Thousand Beasts Chart?”

Fang Tian and the others were puzzled. At that moment, Zong Jue, Fang Tian, as well as Yu Liang, instead did not know what kind of treasure was that ‘Ten Thousand Beasts Chart’, which had actually caused the four great Emissaries to become that crazed.

“Ao Feng, what is this Ten Thousand Beasts Chart?” Fang Tian walked over and stood beside Ao Feng, then inquired him.

Fang Tian was, after all, the Super Divine Beast Five-Clawed Gold Dragon. Under Fang Tian’s inquiry, that Ao Feng also did not dare to conceal anything. Even more so…… by solely relying on himself, it was very difficult to even think of seizing that Ten Thousand Beasts Chart in the presence of so many experts.

“Fang Tian, this Ten Thousand Beasts Chart is a piece of Low Grade Divine Equipment!” Ao Feng’s first sentence made Fang Tian and the others momentarily jump in shock.

Divine Equipment?

No matter how lousy the Divine Equipment, it was still a lot more powerful than a Finest Grade Immortal Equipment.

Immediately, Fang Tian, Zong Jue, Yu Liang and the others’ breathing became ragged.

“In the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realms, Immortal Equipment could still be crafted. However, Divine Equipment…… To date, no one in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realms is able to craft them. In the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realms, the number of Divine Equipment are shockingly few.” Ao Feng continued, “Although this Ten Thousand Beasts Chart is only a Low Grade Divine Equipment, it is instead more precious than common Middle Grade Divine Equipment.”

“Divine Equipment are similar to Immortal Equipment, and are also separated into offensive types, defensive types, spatial storage types, as well as several special ones. The Ten Thousand Beasts Chart might only be a Low Grade Divine Equipment, but it belongs to one of those extremely special kinds of Divine Equipment. Even in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realms, it is also a treasure that belongs to the highest tier, such that even Yu Huang and the other experts would also be moved by it,” Ao Feng said with absolute certainty.

At that moment, Fang Tian and the others completely understood how precious that Ten Thousand Beasts Chart was.

The Ten Thousand Beasts Chart was not simply an offensive or defensive Divine Equipment; it belonged to a special kind, and was moreover extremely hard to refine. However, should it be successfully refined, its powers were also extremely amazing.

“What kind of effects does this Ten Thousand Beasts Chart have?” Fang Tian continued to inquire.

Ao Feng smiled and said, “What kind of effects? Haha…… I can tell you this, that if I am to obtain the Ten Thousand Beasts Chart, even if all the other people present are to cooperate against me, they will all not be my match. Even if they are to use their hidden measures!”

“That powerful?” Fang Tian was shocked.

“Humph, even if an Eighth or Ninth Tier Golden Immortal is to come, I will also dare to face him in a battle as long as I have this Ten Thousand Beasts Chart, and might also be able to kill him off. So, do you think it’s powerful?” Ao Feng gave in indifferent smile and said, “The weaker the person, the greater the benefits bestowed by this Ten Thousand Beasts Chart.”

Fang Tian, Zong Jue and Yu Liang were completely moved.

Ao Feng also did not mind.

The other three Emissaries definitely knew the contents of what he had said. Meanwhile, with regard to competing for that Ten Thousand Beasts Chart, Zong Jue and Yu Liang definitely did not pose much of a threat.

Although Yu Liang’s capabilities were not bad, from the viewpoint of an Emissary possessing a hidden measure, there was still quite a significant difference in power.


Man Gan and the other six people stood outside of the doors that led to the palace hall, frowning.

“What is going on? We have been here for quite some time, and that invisible Restrictive Spell is still active…… If this continues on, when will we be able to enter this Nine Heavens Great Hall?” Du Zhong Jun anxiously said in anger.

The other people were also quite anxious.

“Why didn’t Immortal Emperor Ni Yang give some hints? By having us stand outside of the palace doors now, we are able to see but unable to obtain that Ten Thousand Beasts Chart!” Man Gan also felt quite helpless.


The invisible Restrictive Spell at the palace doors continued to remain, and the seven of them were absolutely unable to enter the great hall.

Smashing down the walls of the great hall?

That would be dreaming. The body of that nine-storey palace was made from an extremely extraordinary material. Moreover, it had also been refined by Immortal Emperor Ni Yang. Added to that were the various Restrictive Spells applied on them, whereby a person would become injured each time he or she made an attack.

“Huh, everyone look!” After a while, Yu Liang, who stood nearest to the edge, pointed at the stone tablet, “There are also words behind the stone tablet.”

Standing closest to the edge of the palace doors, Yu Liang happened to just see the back of the stone tablet.

As if almost at the same time, everyone rushed to the back of the stone tablet.

“To enter the Nine Heavens, you will have to wait for everyone to experience the trial of the Blue Clouds Road. Either they die, or they successfully pass through. Only when everyone has experienced the test and gather around the area before the great doors, will the palace doors’ Restrictive Spell disappear by itself!”

When they saw that sentence behind the stone tablet, everyone understood.

No wonder…… everyone had to gather for the palace doors’ Restrictive Spell to be removed.

The reason why Immortal Emperor Ni Yang had actually designed it in such a way, was also to create a fair environment for those people who had entered. At the same time…… Immortal Emperor Ni Yang also wanted to let those people compete and fight to the death amongst themselves.

“Why hasn’t this Qin Yu enter the Blue Clouds Road? No matter if its death, or passing through, ah, he still has to enter the Blue Clouds Road,” Du Zhong Jun said in an extremely furious tone.

At that moment, the palace doors’ Restrictive Spell was still not undone, so it was obvious that Qin Yu still had not died. Or it could also be said…… that he still has not enter the Blue Clouds Road.

“Not good!” Man Gan’s facial expression momentarily changed.

Everyone looked at Man Gan.

Man Gan sighed and said, “There is some friendship between Brother Qin Yu and me. I know that his capabilities are weak, and also know that he has achieved the Dacheng stage. Afraid that he might not be able to pass through the Blue Clouds Road, I had advised him…… made him remain at the white jade plaza, and continue to wait until the moment of his Ascension, thereby safely Ascending to the Ascendant Realms.”

Everyone gave a blank look.

“If Qin Yu, he really continues to slowly wait at the white jade plaza, delaying until the moment of his Ascension, don’t tell me that we will also be waiting here bitterly?” Du Zhong Jun’s voice contained bitterness.

“Man Gan, hurry and send a transmission message to Qin Yu, make him step onto the Blue Clouds Road with haste,” said Hua Yan.

“What do you mean? Are you telling Qin Yu to court his own death huh?” Man Gan’s eyes glared, “You also know how powerful that guard is. Unlike us, Qin Yu does not have a set of Finest Grade Battle Armor, and is also not as fast as Yu Liang.”

Hua Yan indignantly said, “Humph, what do you mean by that? After that Qin Yu had seen Yan Shan, Ming Shan and the others’ death, he definitely would not dare to make an attempt. He will continue to wait in safety, but we will be outside these palace doors, looking at the Ten Thousand Beasts Chart yet unable to enter. Should we undergo such torment huh?”

“No matter what, I will not make him attempt the Blue Clouds Road, and I am willing to wait for a few tens of years,” Man Gan actually then sat down cross-legged.

Ao Feng frowned, “Since you are all unwilling to send a transmission message, then I will send him a transmission message.”

To be looking at the Ten Thousand Beasts Chart, but instead unable to obtain it, if they were to undergo such torment for a few tens of years, that was still really an unbearable crime. Ao Feng directly began sending a transmission message to Qin Yu…… moreover, he had consecutively sent three transmission messages.

“What’s the matter?” Hua Yan, Du Zhong Jun and the others looked at Ao Feng.

Ao Feng shook his head and said, “I do not know what happened, but that Qin Yu did not respond.”

“The palace doors’ Restrictive Spell is still active, so he definitely has not died. He is not dead, but did not respond to the transmission messages…… Unless, he has safely gone behind closed doors to practise?” Hua Yan made a guess.

“That would be bad. If he went behind closed doors, he could take it easy and remain practising behind closed doors until his Ascension. Then what about us huh? We will be bitterly waiting here until his Ascension?” Du Zhong Jun began to feel some anxiety.

At that moment, Du Zhong Jun and the others definitely did not care about Qin Yu’s life. It was as if having Qin Yu to die for them was a natural course of action.

They had forgotten…… They wanted Qin Yu to attempt the Blue Clouds Road, but must Qin Yu absolutely attempt the Blue Clouds Road huh?


“Who sent me a transmission message? Earlier when I was battling with that burly large man, isn’t sending me a transmission message the same as trying to distract me huh?” At that moment, Qin Yu had just stepped out of the Blue Clouds Road. With a single turn of his hand, he retrieved a Transmission Talisman. Within the Transmission Talisman, there were exactly more than ten transmission messages.

There were those from Ao Feng, and also those from Du Zhong Jun, as well as those from Hua Yan……

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