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Book 14 – The New Sovereign - Chapter 31 – The Housekeeper of the Bewitching God Temple

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

[TL: In this chapter, IET used two different forms of 'refine.' First, there is the refine to create. (the refine from previous chapter) that I decided to change to refine and create to differentiate. The second form is to refine for usage. Essentially, it has to do with the dripping of blood to form a blood oath. I decided to keep this as refine for now. Editors, if there are any suggestions, please feel free to change them.]

In the peaceful courtyard stood a short and robust tree.

Qin Yu slowly walked to the spear beside the flower terrace. At the same time, he was carefully surveying this High Level Heavenly Divine Artifact that the master of the Bewitching God Temple, Chehou Yuan, prided himself in. The entire spear was simple, unadorned and black colored. The tip of the spear was very bright. Only on the edge of the tip was there a blood red colored line, adding a hint of murderous aura to the spear. Merely, at this moment, the blood colored line on the edge of the spear was somewhat dull in color.

Upon seeing this spear, Qin Yu had immediately grown fond of it. He liked the feeling of the spear, simple and unadorned, yet still possessing a hint of murderous aura.

"Chehou Yuan's level of skill, regarding barrier techniques, is truly profound to an astonishing level " Qin Yu smiled as he walked to the front of the spear. He then used his finger to write 'Yuan' on the spear.

Right after he finished writing the word 'Yuan', the spear immediately started emitting a faint crimson light.

Qin Yu faintly smelled the stench of blood. His gaze grew brighter and brighter, as he was looking at the spear. After a short moment, that crimson colored light disappeared. However, at this moment, the spear's appearance had already undergone a huge change.

The shaft of the spear was now a dark black color. It was radiating a fascinating deep and black luster. It was like the spear's shaft was able to swallow one's soul.

The tip of the spear was bright and shiny. It was so sharp that merely by looking at it one would feel a burst of chilliness in one's heart.

On the edge of the flat spearhead was a line of bright colored blood. That line of blood extended from the edge and around the entire spearhead. Upon seeing it, Qin Yu had an urge to kill.

"Heavenly Divine Artifacts, I'm not even sure if I can bind it." Muttered Qin Yu.

"You can." Suddenly, a voice sounded.

Qin Yu was immensely shocked. Immediately, he turned his head over to look. However, there was no one behind him. Qin Yu was unable to refrain from displaying a shocked expression. "Am I hearing things? I am certain I heard someone saying something earlier."

"I'm over here." The voice once again sounded from his side.

Qin Yu turned over to look at a lightning speed. He saw a kind looking old grandpa walking over. This kind looking old man continued. "Youngster of the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, can you tell me your name?"

Qin Yu frowned as he looked at the man in front of him. He started pondering in his mind. "Who is he? According to the words of the master of the Bewitching God Temple, there shouldn't be anyone else here. How did such an expert appear here?"

The reason why Qin Yu called this old man an expert was because… Qin Yu was unable to detect the aura of the man standing in front of him at all. Qin Yu was certain that this man in front of him possessed an extremely frightening level of power and might even be a Heavenly Deity ranked expert from the Divine Realm.

"I am called Qin Yu, may I ask who Senior might be?" Said Qin Yu immediately.

Where exactly did this old man come from? Is he coming to steal the High Quality Heavenly Divine Spear?

"Me? I am the housekeeper of the Bewitching God Temple, A'Fu. This name was bestowed to me by my master." The kind looking old man said with a smile. "Qin Yu, you can address me as Uncle Fu. If one day you become the master of the Bewitching God Temple, you can also address me as A'Fu."

Qin Yu was stunned.

This great expert in front of him was actually called 'A'Fu?' That master of the Bewitching God Temple truly plays around too much.

"Uncle Fu, how come you're in the Bewitching God Temple?" Qin Yu asked.

Uncle Fu lightly smiled and said. "Me? I've lived in the Bewitching God Temple for my entire life. I have never left it. Even when those people from the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm came in here to test out their luck and try to obtain a Divine Weapon, I still only observed them."

Qin Yu was unable to refrain from feeling ashamed.

It would appear that everything that he had done when entering the Bewitching God Temple was completely known by this Uncle Fu.

"According to the order my master had left behind when he left here, whoever obtains the message my master left behind, shall become his sole successor. So from now on, i will consider you my master's sole successor." Said Uncle Fu.

Qin Yu felt a burst of dizziness.

However, he instantly recalled what the Bewitching God Temple's master Chehou Yuan had said… "Since you've found this location and also opened the image I left behind, you shall become the sole person with the opportunity to obtain the greatest treasure of my Bewitching God Temple. Of course… as to whether or not you'll obtain it, will depend on your luck as well as your ability."

Combining what Chehou Yuan had said with what Uncle Fu had just said.

Qin Yu realized one thing. Opening that image is merely the starting point, becoming the official successor of the Bewitching God Temple. However, what he'll be able to obtain… that would still have to depend on his own ability.

"Qin Yu, although you are the sole successor of my master, according to the order my master had left behind, you must have sufficient strength in order to obtain the two great palaces. Of course… even if you do not possess sufficient strength, just by merely opening my master's hidden room, you are qualified to obtain this Divine Spear." Said Uncle Fu while smiling.

Qin Yu nodded.

This Uncle Fu mentioned obtaining the two great palaces that the Bewitching God Temple's master left behind, where then are the two great palaces?

"Qin Yu, this spear is a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact. With your current soul's level, you are capable of personalizing such an artifact." Said Uncle Fu with a smile. "Quickly, drop some blood on the Heavenly Divine Spear and make it yours."

Qin Yu nodded. He extended his right hand and grabbed the spear.

A coldness that penetrated through the heart. That dark black colored spear shaft sent a ice-cold sensation to Qin Yu following along his palm. Without the slightest hesitation, Qin Yu immediately dripped blood out from his finger.

"Buzz…" Having absorbed a drop of Qin Yu's blood, the spear immediately started trembling. The crimson colored radiance was faintly emitted once again. The blood line revolving around the tip of the spear had also grown even brighter.

Qin Yu was able to clearly feel a sort of connection, the connection between this spear and his soul!

"Spear name: 'Waning Snow.' High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact. It's firmness is so strong that it cannot be destroyed. Two major auxiliary powers: Body Break and Devouring Soul." Information regarding the Heavenly Divine Spear Waning Snow had instantly appeared in Qin Yu's mind.

When Qin Yu completely comprehended the attack power of this Divine Spear, Qin Yu was unable to refrain his shock.

"With this Divine Spear, my attack power has increased ten times at the very least." Qin Yu was overjoyed. "This Divine Spear was said to be so hard that it cannot be destroyed. Furthermore, it can even completely crush its opponent's body in order to amplify its attack power. At the same time, it also has the ability to devour souls… truly amazing."

Uncle Fu who stood to the side saw Qin Yu's expression. He laughed and said. "Only by having the soul devouring effect would an artifact be considered as an absolute top class treasure. Back then, master had collected all kinds of top-notch materials from the Divine Realm and spent three entire years in order to create this High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact. Ordinarily, only powerful Grandmist Spiritual Treasures would possess the ability to devour souls. However, this High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact also possesses it. There is no need for me to say anymore regarding the preciousness of this Divine Spear Waning Snow."

Excited, Qin Yu nodded his head.

Soul devouring!

That is, devouring the soul's energy!

Against the true experts of the Divine Realm, mere physical attacks do not possess much effect. Their true lethal weakness is the soul! Only through eliminating the soul would one achieve true victory.

As long as one was struck by this Divine Spear, even if one's body does not suffer any injury, one's soul would grow weaker. After being attacked by the Divine Spear numerous times, one's soul could even disperse. One could easily imagine how powerful this Divine Spear was.

"Body Break. If one's opponent's strength is too strong, then even trying to damage their body would be hard." Said Qin Yu as he smiled.

Uncle Fu nodded and said. "Body Break. That is an effect caused by the blood line imprint on the spear tip of this Divine Spear Waning Snow. Even if one's opponent possesses a very powerful body, even if you're unable to destroy their body, you can still leave behind a hole in their body!"

Qin Yu held the spear with one hand. He brandished it for a little while and was extremely satisfied.

Regarding spears, Qin Yu knew how to use them pretty well.

"Uncle Fu, earlier you said that I am capable of binding this Divine Spear Snow Breaker? How did you determine that?" Qin Yu thought of this. When binding a treasure, it would usually be determined by one's soul's level.

However, even though Qin Yu's soul's level was very powerful right now, he was still unable to even bind the Meteoric Tear.

Uncle Fu laughed and said. "Refining weapons is indeed dependent on one's soul's level. I can tell you that the people of your Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm are capable of refining Divine Artifacts when their soul reaches the Emperor level. However, only when their soul's level reach that of the Deity stage, would they be able to bind Heavenly Divine Artifacts."

"Some time ago, there was another person from the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm that came here. Unfortunately his soul's level was truly too weak. He was unable to even withstand the poison from the Divine Realm's poisonous insect. Even if he were to be allowed to bind a Heavenly Divine Artifact, he would still be unable to do it." Uncle Fu lightly laughed.

Qin Yu nodded in understanding.

So it turned out that in order to bind a Heavenly Divine Artifact, one's soul must be at the level of Deities.

Currently, Qin Yu's soul had reached the 'Golden Soul Pellet' stage. That was to say, the level of Deities. However, why was it that he was unable to bind the Meteoric Tear? What exactly was this Meteoric Tear?

"Uncle Fu, are there treasures that even Deities were unable to bind?" Qin Yu asked.

"There are." Uncle Fu nodded and said. "As Heavenly Divine Artifacts and Divine Artifacts are all man made, they are comparatively easy to bind. Yet there is another kind of artifact… Grandmist Spiritual Treasure. The Grandmist Spiritual Treasures are hard to bind."

Qin Yu recalled three things… Jiang Lan's Realm, Meteoric Tear as well as that golden bead he obtained on the Fourteen Star Emperor Level Dark Star.

These three items were all items that he was unable to completely bind.

"How hard is it to bind the Grandmist Spiritual Treasures?" Qin Yu asked.

"It's not that they are hard to bind, but rather that Grandmist Spiritual Treasures possess spirituality. Binding them requires not only ability, it also requires luck as well as many other things." Uncle Fu had followed the master of the Bewitching God Temple for numerous years. Thus, he also knew quite a lot.

"There are some Grandmist Spiritual Treasures that, if brought together by fate, could be bound by even a mortal. However, there are also Grandmist Spiritual Treasures that are hard to bind even for Heavenly Deities." Uncle Fu was smiling. "Grandmist Spiritual Treasures contain within them Grandmist Spiritual Energy. In order to bind them, firstly it would depend on your ability and secondly your destiny."

"Of course, the higher one's soul's level is, the easier it will be for one to bind a Grandmist Spiritual Treasure." Uncle Fu summarized.

Qin Yu nodded in contemplation.

Qin Yu now understood somewhat. Grandmist Spiritual Treasures, regardless of whether they're Innate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures, produced by nature, or man made Acquired Grandmist Spiritual Treasures, all contained Grandmist Spiritual Energy… binding them was no easy task.

"Jiang Lan's Realm was created by Uncle Lan, it should be an Acquired Grandmist Spiritual Treasure." Qin Yu thought in his heart.

Even with his current strength, he was still unable to open the third layer of the Jiang Lan's Realm. Thus, he had naturally come to the conclusion that it was a Grandmist Spiritual Treasure.

"As for the Meteoric Tear, it was absorbed into my body when I was still a mortal and could be considered as having recognized me as its master. However, even now, I still have yet to gain complete control over it. It would appear that it is another Grandmist Spiritual Treasure." Qin Yu started smiling.

Although he had still not gained complete control over it even now, that Meteoric Tear had admitted him as its master since back in the Mortal Realm. Evidently, this Meteoric Tear was brought together with him by fate.

Some Grandmist Spiritual Treasures were able to be bound by Mortals. That was true.

"Unfortunately for the golden bead, it froze even my Soul's Power when touching it. I truly don't know how to go about binding it." Qin Yu thought to himself. He then immediately shook his head and stopped thinking about it.

After putting away the High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact 'Waning Snow,' Qin Yu started chatting with the housekeeper of the Bewitching God Temple, Uncle Fu, as they walked to the weapons rack with the numerous weapons.

"Back then, that man from the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, that came here with the Bewitching God Painting, stepped on a dead poisonous bug. Sigh. With such a weak soul, he still tried to vainly attempt to obtain a Heavenly Divine Artifact. Isn't that courting death?" Said Uncle Fu with a light smile.

Qin Yu looked to the numerous dead poisonous bug carcesses on the ground.

"Uncle Fu, is the poison of these poisonous bugs very powerful?" Qin Yu asked.

"Not at all. If one's soul reached the Deity level and condensed into a Golden Soul Pellet, then even if he were to be poisoned by these bugs, it would take merely a short while for him to remove the poison. Merely, if one's soul still hasn't condensed into a Golden Soul Pellet, then one would definitely die upon being poisoned." Said Uncle Fu indifferently.

Qin Yu nodded. He then walked to the rack of Heavenly Divine Weapons.

"These ought to be all Heavenly Divine Weapons right? What quality are they?" Qin Yu asked.

Uncle Fu nodded and said. "These Heavenly Divine Artifacts are all ornaments that my master had casually forged. They are all weapons that are made from the discarded materials guests had left behind. All of them are Low Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts and possess no special abilities. They are extremely ordinary."

Qin Yu sighed in his heart.

Discarded materials left behind by guests?

This master of the Bewitching God Temple was truly amazing. He had casually created a series of Heavenly Divine Artifacts and threw them aside as ornaments.

"If you want them, you can have them. However, I suspect you do not have any Heavenly Divine Artifact level spatial ring right? It'll be hard for you to put them away." Said Uncle Fu with a light smile. Qin Yu merely smiled mysteriously.

He walked to the front of those weapons. Then, with an intention of his mind.


That weapons rack disappeared into thin air. Of course, the series of Low Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts on the weapons rack was also absorbed into the Jiang Lan's Realm by Qin Yu.

"You." Uncle Fu looked to Qin Yu in shock. "You possess a Heavenly Divine Artifact level spatial ring? Spatial artifacts are things that are extremely hard to make. My master hated creating that sort of artifact the most. However, to those Godkings, even though they are relatively unskilled at forging artifacts, due to their complete comprehension of the spatial laws, creating those spatial artifacts becomes comparatively easy."

Qin Yu lightly smiled.

There is even specialization in techniques. Those Godkings that stand at the apex of the Divine Realm had completely comprehended the spatial laws. Thus, it was naturally not too hard for them to forge spatial rings. No matter how amazing Chehou Yuan was, his comprehension of the spatial laws was still inferior to the Godkings.

"Uncle Fu, earlier you had said that the master of the Bewitching God Temple left behind two palaces, where are they?" Qin Yu had been concerned about that the entire time.

"I knew that you've been concerned about that the entire time." Uncle Fu turned around and looked to the palaces behind him and to the right of him. He then said. "Qin Yu, this Bewitching God Temple is divided into four great palaces: Front Palace, Transfer Palace, Artifacts Palace and the Refining Flames Palace. My master had practically hidden all his treasures within the Artifacts Palace and the Refining Flames Palace."

Book 14 – The New Sovereign - Chapter 32 – Do You Have a Soul?

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

"Artifacts Palace? Refining Flames Palace?"

Qin Yu felt that his heart had jumped ferociously. He was already able to guess the status the master of the Bewitching God Temple possessed in the Divine Realm. The treasure storage left behind by such a person, oh how astonishing that would be?

"The palace across from the Front Palace is the Artifacts Palace. The palace to the left of the courtyard is the Transfer Palace. To the right is the Refining Flames Palace." Uncle Fu explained as he pointed at the three palaces.

Qin Yu looked to the three palaces.

The entrance of the Transfer Palace was wide open. It ought to be very easy to enter it. However, the entrances of the Artifacts Palace and the Refining Flames Palace were completely shut.

"My master's ability to create artifacts could be regarded as the best in the entire Divine Realm. The Refining Flames Palace is the place where my master would generally create artifacts. Inside the Refining Flames Palace is the Refining Mastery that my master had left behind. There are also many instruments that my master used to create artifacts." Uncle Fu said while smiling.

Qin Yu's gaze immediately turned blazing as he looked to the Refining Flames Palace.

Qin Yu understood very well that regardless of whether it was the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, the Divine Realm or the Mortal Realm, they were all locations where one's strength determines one's status. In a world where those with strength prevail… the status of a master who possessed the greatest ability to create weapons and artifacts, its exaltedness was something one could easily imagine.

Chehou Yuan had also said that there were even Godking level experts that had come to him to ask him to assist them in creating Grandmist Spiritual Treasures. Chehou Yuan, his craftsmanship ability had reached such a level where even Godkings have come to ask for his help, the status that Chehou Yuan possessed was well imaginable.

"If I were to learn this ability to create artifacts, then it'd likely be a lot easier for me to take Li'er as my wife." Qin Yu's heart grew excited. Qin Yu also knew that even if he were to obtain the Forging Mastery, he would still have to spend a large amount of time in order to become a Forging Master. However, if he didn't have the Forging Mastery… then no matter how hard he tried, it'd still be very difficult for him to achieve major accomplishments in the field of refining and creating artifacts.

After all, the statuses of peak experts of all skills and trades were not something that one could reach with merely effort. There was also the need for Heavenly Resources!

Uncle Fu continued. "Although there are not many treasures in the Refining Flames Palace, contained within it is my master's Forging Mastery. Thus, it can be considered the most important place in the entire Bewitching God Temple. There are two requirements for one to be able to open the Refining Flames Palace."

"What are they?" Qin Yu blurted out.

Even someone as calm as Qin Yu was unable to resist his thirst for the Forging Mastery.

"My master once said that only his disciple would be qualified to succeed the Refining Flames Palace. Thus, of the two requirements to open the Refining Flames Palaces, the first one is…. for one's True Flame to be at the 'White Pure Flame' level!" Said Uncle Fu with a light smile.

"White Pure Flame?" Qin Yu was stunned. He only recovered after a short moment. "What level flame is the White Pure Flame?"

Uncle Fu explained. "Generally, the True Flame of Deities are 'Black Divine Flames.' As for experts at the Heavenly Deity level, their body's True Flame is the 'White Pure Flame.' In order to learn my master's refining techniques, merely the requirement to become a disciple is that one's True Flame must be White Pure Flame."

'The requirement to become a disciple is that one's True Flame must be White Pure Flame?' Qin Yu felt bitter in his heart.

Although the Forging Mastery of the Forging Master was extremely precious, the requirement one must meet in order to learn it was extremely astonishing. Fortunately his 'Stellar Transformation' martial technique was also special. Qin Yu was only at the Origin Stage but his True Flame was already the Black Divine Flame.

Qin Yu suddenly thought in his mind. "That Chehou Yuan said that the Bewitching God Temple would block the people from the Divine Realm from entering it. If one haven't reach the Deity level, how would their body's True Flame be at the White Pure Flame level?"

Uncle Fu seemed to have guessed what Qin Yu thought. He continued. "My master had already anticipated that the True Flame of people from the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm cannot be the White Pure Flame. Thus, he had relocated an item from the Refining Flames Palace to the Artifacts Palace."

Qin Yu started at Uncle Fu.

"What's in the Artifacts Palace?" Qin Yu asked.

"The Artifacts Palace contains within it a large number of things. For example, there are precious forging materials. My master's forging materials are all placed in the Artifacts Palace. At the same time, there are also some precious Heavenly Divine Artifacts and even a couple Acquired Grandmist Spiritual Treasures." Said Uncle Fu solemnly.

Even though he was already prepared, Qin Yu was still unable to refrain from looking at the Artifacts Palace again.

Chehou Yuan's forging materials? Precious Heavenly Divine Artifacts? Precious Acquired Grandmist Spiritual Treasures?

"The Artifacts Palace is the storage of all kinds of treasures that my master possessed. It is still possible for you to obtain them." Uncle Fu said while smiling. "There are a lot of things in the Artifacts Palace. At the same time, it is also very messy. There are also precious items like the Divine Spiritual Crystal Soul, machineries that my master has created and so on."

Qin Yu nodded.

It would seem that practically all of the treasures of the Bewitching God Temple was hidden in the Artifacts Palace. As for the Refining Flames Palace, it contained only the Forging Mastery as well as some forging tools.

Qin Yu suddenly asked. "Uncle Fu, you've said that the master of the Bewitching God Temple had once transferred one item from the Refining Flames Palace to the Artifacts Palace, what is that item?" Qin Yu had a premonition that this item that was transferred was no ordinary item.

Uncle Fu smiled and said. "It was nine 'Purple Origin Flame Beads.'"

"Nine Purple Origin Flame Beads? What is a Purple Origin Flame Bead?" Qin Yu grew puzzled. He had never heard about something called Purple Origin Flame Bead.

Uncle Fu explained. "The Purple Origin Flame Beads are nine Flame Beads birthed by the world. They could be considered as Innate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures."

'Since they're Grandmist Spiritual Treasures, they most definitely won't be inferior.' That was what Qin Yu thought.

"However, the Purple Origin Flame Beads are merely third-rated Grandmist Spiritual Treasures. If one were to compare the preciousness, then they are inferior to even your High Quality Heavenly Divine Spear Waning Snow." Said Uncle Fu with a light smile.

Qin Yu nodded as if he had expected that.

He knew that Grandmist Spiritual Treasures only meant that they contained within them Grandmist Spiritual Energy. Their strength was not necessarily higher than that of Heavenly Divine Artifacts. Furthermore, one must also consider as to what quality the Grandmist Spiritual Treasure was. A third-rated Grandmist Spiritual Treasure like this was nothing extraordinary.

Uncle Fu's tone suddenly changed. He said. "However, the nine Purple Origin Flame Beads have been re-made by my master. I do not know how my master did it, but he basically combined all nine Purple Origin Flame Beads into one and increased their power by a large margin. At the same time, it turned into the core of the entire Bewitching God Temple."

"Core of the entire Bewitching God Temple?" Qin Yu suddenly thought of something.

Uncle Fu nodded. "That's right. In the past, these nine Purple Origin Flame Beads were located in the Refining Flame Palace. That was because when my master extract the fire energy from those Flame Beads, it allowed him to create artifacts more effortlessly. This time around, when my master left, he transferred these nine Purple Origin Flame Beads into the Artifacts Palace… As long as you can absorb these nine Purple Origin Flame Beads into your body, this entire Bewitching God Temple shall be yours."

Qin Yu was unable to refrain his joy. "This aspect is actually pretty similar to the Qingyu Immortal Mansion. The Qingyu Immortal Mansion also has an Elemental Spirit Essence Soul as its core. This Bewitching God Temple also possesses a core."

"My master once told me that it is hard to open the Refining Flames Palace. However, if you are able to open the Artifacts Palace and obtain the nine Purple Origin Flame Beads, then you'll have obtained the Bewitching God Temple. You would then be able to carry the Bewitching God Temple with you and open the Refining Flames Palace when your strength grows stronger." Said Uncle Fu.

Qin Yu suddenly remembered something.

"Uncle Fu, you said earlier that there are two major requirements to opening the Refining Flames Palace. You've only said that the body's True Flame must reach the White Pure Flame level. What is the second requirement?" Qin Yu suddenly asked.

"The second one is truly difficult." Uncle Fu sighed. "When your True Flame reached the White Pure Flame level, you'll be able to open the entrance of the Refining Flames Palace. However, after you enter the Refining Flames Palace, you'll encounter three great formation arrays. You must break through all three of the great formation arrays in order to obtain it. The second requirement is thus requiring you to achieve a very high level of comprehension toward the Divine Realm's formation arrays and barriers."

Qin Yu was speechless.

Formation arrays, barriers?

Qin Yu knew that this was his biggest failing. That was because the time he had cultivated was truly too short. Formation arrays and barriers are things that required the most time to research.

Furthermore, the requirement of the Refining Flames Palace was to achieve a high level comprehension of the formation arrays and barriers of the Divine Realm. Yet currently, Qin Yu merely knew of some basic formation arrays and barriers of the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm.

"What level is that Illusion Array outside of the Bewitching God Temple?" Qin Yu asked.

"That? That's only the lowest, the most basic of the Divine Realm's Illusion Array. Qin Yu, think about it. As even you people from the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm were capable of entering into parts of this Divine Realm's Illusion Array, just think about how low level that formation array is." Said Uncle Fu indifferently. "That formation array was merely something that master had casually set up in order to prevent the people from the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm from bothering the Bewitching God Temple unceasingly."

Qin Yu took a deep breath. He started laughing. "Forget about it. I won't think about the matters of opening the Refining Flames Palace right now. Let me first open the Artifacts Palace."

Inside the courtyard, Qin Yu and Uncle Fu walked to the entrance of the Artifacts Palace.

The entrance door of the Artifacts Palace was entirely dark red in color. This entrance door was not in a style of two opening doors. Instead, the only way to open this entrance door was to slowly lift it up to expose a tunnel leading to the Artifacts Palace.

"My master once said before that the requirements to open this Artifacts Palace are not high at all. The first requirement is to find the mechanism of this entrance door through using Divine Awareness. The second requirement… once you've found the mechanism, I will tell you." Uncle Fu looked to Qin Yu.

Confidently, Qin Yu spread out his Divine Awareness.

Qin Yu's Divine Awareness covered the entire entrance door. It was carefully inspecting every single area of the entrance door.

One time.

No result at all.

"Let me remind you, the mechanism is located above the entrance gate." Said Uncle Fu indifferently.

Qin Yu nodded. He then proceeded to search for it even more attentively, over and over. The entire entrance gate was merely that big. However, Qin Yu searched for the mechanism with his Divine Awareness several times back and forth to no avail.

"Mn?" Qin Yu's Divine Awareness was locked onto two locations toward the bottom of the entrance gate. Earlier, when his Divine Awareness passed through those two places, he had felt that they were unusual.

"What are these two places for?" A Divine Sword appeared in Qin Yu's hand. He struck those two places with his Divine Sword. His Origin Energy had also passed through the Divine Sword and struck on those two places.


Cyan lights exploded outward from those two places. At the same time, two protrusions appeared from those two places.

"Very good. You've accomplished the first requirement to opening the Artifacts Palace. Originally I thought your soul's level to be at the Golden Soul Pellet stage. However, it would appear that your soul has already reached the Embryo Soul stage." Said Uncle Fu while smiling.

Qin Yu looked to Uncle Fu in confusion.

Embryo Soul?

"Uncle Fu, you said that my soul has reached the Embryo Soul stage?" Qin Yu asked again.

Uncle Fu said matter-of-factly. "As far as I know, in order to detect the hidden mechanism, one's soul must reach a level close to that of a High Level Deities. In order to find the hidden mechanism in the door, one's soul must reach the Embryo Soul stage. If you did not reach the Embryo Soul stage, then how could you have found the location of the mechanism?"

Qin Yu nodded in understanding.

"Could it be that this Uncle Fu is not a Heavenly Deity level expert?" Qin Yu grew puzzled.

Qin Yu knew very well himself that his soul was merely at the Gold Soul Pellet stage. For him to be able to luckily find the location of the mechanism, it likely was because of the assistance from the Meteoric Tear that allowed his Soul's Power to be even more sensitive.

"If Uncle Fu was a Heavenly Deity level expert, he should be able to discover my soul's level. However, he was unable to discover it… then he isn't a Heavenly Deity. However, I am unable to detect Uncle Fu's aura at all. Why is that the case?" Qin Yu grew puzzled.

With Qin Yu's current soul's level, if he was a deity, Qin Yu would definitely be able to tell.

Qin Yu was unable to refrain his confusion.

"Qin Yu, as you've found this hidden mechanism, these two protrusions have also appeared. What you must do now is to grab these two protrusions with your hands and pull the entrance door up." Said Uncle Fu.

Qin Yu woke back up from his pondering.

"Pull up the entire stone entrance door?" Confidently, Qin Yu walked to the two protrusions. These two protrusions were merely a foot taller than the ground. The distance between the two protrusions were just right for Qin Yu to grab onto them with his hands.

Qin Yu grabbed the two protrusions and started pulling them.


Qin Yu shouted. The muscles in his arms immediately started bulging. However, the entrance door did not move in the slightest.

"You can use both your body's power as well as the energy within your body. It is all fine as long as you can open this entrance door." Said Uncle Fu as he stood to the side.

At this moment, Qin Yu was half squatting and grabbing firmly onto those two protrusions.

Nine Steps Force, Gold Force, Origin Energy… Qin Yu poured all of his power into his hands. Qin Yu's muscle's strength had also burst forth to their limits. His face had also turned red.


Qin Yu roared. This was the strongest power that Qin Yu possessed!

Qin Yu's muscles started to tremble. His muscles were clearly bulging. However, the entrance door merely slightly trembled and then stopped responding.

"To be able to make the entrance door tremble, that means… once you increase your strength to three times the strength you possess now, you'll be able to pull the entrance door up completely." Said Uncle Fu who stood to the side.

Qin Yu was unable to help himself from letting go of the protrusions.

"According to the set up that my master had made, in order to open the main entrance door, one's power must reach the Low Level Heavenly Deity level. In order to find the hidden mechanism, one's soul must reach the Low Level Heavenly Deity level. My master had said… that at the very least, one must reach this level to be qualified to possess the Bewitching God Temple." Said Uncle Fu slowly.

"Low Level Heavenly Deity?" Qin Yu was shocked.

His strength was comparable to one third of that of a Low Level Heavenly Deity?

"Your soul's level have reached the Embryo Soul. If you continue to train, you should be able to increase your strength to Low Level Heavenly Deity level." Said Uncle Fu.

Qin Yu was once again puzzled.

"Uncle Fu, do you have a soul?" Qin Yu suddenly asked.

Qin Yu was unable to think of a reason why he was unable to detect even the slightest amount of aura from Uncle Fu. There was only a single possibility… Uncle Fu does not have a soul. However, could a human not have a soul?

Uncle Fu was unable to refrain from looking at Qin Yu with a shocked expression. He then calmed down and said with a smile. "You've found out? That's right, I do not have a soul."

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