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Posted on January 6th, 2018SRGGD: Chapter 10

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Extraordinary Memory (4)

"Then you'll have to diligently cultivate. You're a rare talent and will surpass the founders." Priest YuQing expectantly says as he looks at her, "This priest is truly thankful to have a disciple like you."

"I'm very happy to be able to become your disciple."

These are Yang ZiMei's heartfelt words.

YuQing showed a faint smile and had her casually picked out a book from the bookshelf to study at home.

Yang ZiMei took a look at the that was taken out. (1)

Seeing her take the book, YuQing's glossy eyes faintly shook but did not say more and, instead, just lightly said, "Look over it well when you return."

Yang ZiMei nodded and got ready to descend the mountain.

YuQing worried that she'd encounter some danger descending because of her small stature. He also wanted to talk with her more so he held her hand and escorted her down the mountain.

On the way, he explained to her what are numerical techniques, telling her they are theories derived through yin and yang, and the five elements mastery. To naturally infer. Society and human occurrences of good and bad fortune are a category of the 's scope of study of a bigger encompassing group. Including astronomy, calendar system, mathematics, astrology, Liuren style, Taiyi style, Qimen style, Zhanhou style, divination, fortune telling, physiognomy, geomancy, talisman, calculating auspicious days, Zazhan, health preservation, reproductive health, and the like. (2)

Generally speaking, the fundamental principles of numerical techniques are utilizing simple theories, yin and yang, and the five elements for divinations, geomancy, astrology, physiognomy, oneiromancy, calculating auspicious days, and other types of precognition methods. Applying the utilization laws of yin and yang along with the five elements mastery is also when to use the calculation laws to infer the good and bad fortune of human matters. Through observation of any noticeable phenomenon in the natural boundary, can infer upon mankind, objects, household, ancestor's tomb, fortune of endeavors, fortune of the country, and the like. The numerical technique is an significant part that's formed China's traditional culture and ancient times politics, military, civilization, and a wide range of past science and technologies. Behind every important historical personage or great event would often carry the shadows of numerical techniques or some master of it. It can be said that research of the numerical techniques, for a complete comprehension and grasp China's traditional culture, to conduct an overall study of history and literature, is a vital department that can't be omitted.

Hearing that the numerical techniques included her most sought after method to induce fortune and avoid calamity, a feng shui arrangement for fortune and calamity, Yang ZiMei was ecstatic. She inwardly praised her own intelligence, to be able to suddenly acquire the book she wanted most.

Yang Qing returned after his lessons with a crestfallen face and drooped head. His original slightly humped back became even more hunched over, listless like an eggplant hit with frost. (3)

Yang ZiMei knew, it was because he was forced to admit wrongdoings at school.

She aggrievedly put down her book, ran over to him, grabbed his hand, blinked her eyes and said seriously, "Dad, don't be sad, it'll surely get better. They won't be able to run amuck for very long."

She was just looking at the collection of techniques, it says as a physiognomist, they can use feng shui arrangement to induce calamity and avoid fortune. It can also make a person's fortune deteriorate, to kill from a distance without being seen.

However, what she's currently learned and understood wasn't much. But she believes, by this astonishing talent, she would quickly surpass the level of the common vagrant charlatans.

Yang Qing looked at her, let out a long sigh, then sat on a nearby stool for a smoke.

Seeing the thin smoke winding and heavy face, Yang ZiMei's heat ached again. She quickly picked up the book to continue reading. Even during mealtime, she's reading while eating.

The time until her family suffers disaster is a year, she must rush to finish analyzing these numerical techniques. She’ll arrange a feng shui layout for that rotten tyrant of a village head's family so they won't be able to go around abusing and bullying her family.

1. Actual book but didn't come across the English title. Roughly translates as book of techniques.

2. Iono, had to search that and best answer for 生克制化 was "interpromotion and interrestraint". Which doesn't make sense to so ima use "mastery". TL note: I die around here.

3. Apparently a northern metaphor about a listless spirit.

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Come Read it at DarkCirclesTranslations.com instead

Come Read it at DarkCirclesTranslations.com instead

Come Read it at DarkCirclesTranslations.com instead

Come Read it at DarkCirclesTranslations.com instead

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