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Posted on January 12th, 2018Supernatural Rebirth Genius Girl Diviner: Chapter 11

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Innate Feng Shui Eyes (1)

The contains a myriad of substance, broad and profound. The amount she needed to digest was much. In spite of Yang ZiMei's astonishing talent, she could only take in about ten plus pages a day and make sense a few key points.

In those few days, she would continue to comprehend the while spending the mornings following her master to cultivate. The days passed quickly, in the blink of an eye, half a year's already gone by. She's grasped a theoretical knowledge related on astronomy, caldendrical computation, mathematics, astrology, Liuren style, Taiyi style, Qimen style, Zhanhou style, divination, fortune telling, physiognomy, geomancy, talisman, calculating auspicious days, Zazhan, health preservation, reproductive health, and other techniques but have used them in actual practice. (1)

Likewise, Priest YuQing decided to start showing her real feng shui patterns so she could truly understand them.

Feng shui was originally a geomantic technique, an observation and study method of geography. Also called physiography, an ancient art of geomancy. According to legend, feng shui's founder was Xuan Nu and a more refined learning of it stemmed from the warring era. Just one of the profound techniques within the field of China's age old history. Also called qing niao and qing nang, the more academic wording would be geomancy. (2)

The word feng shui was already mentioned as early as Jin dynasty's Guo Pu: "Essence scatters by the principles of wind, halts at the boundary of water. The cause of ancients gathered does not disperse, cause of movement have stopped, the ancients called it feng shui."

Feng shui is mainly divided into yang focus and yin focus.

Yang feng shui uses a person's dwelling or office as a focal point for feng shui. In addition to the building premises, one must pay attention to the choice of all elements including the outside of the house, streets and drainage, position of the door, wires in the house, placement of honoring tablet, position of kitchen, place of office, and the more. For instance, examining a unit in a building above three stories is called yang feng shui. Of course, there's also the factor of rarely seen geography and a small portion of exceptions that would involve the profound principles of yin feng shui. Otherwise, yang feng shui would only revolve around one dwelling's rise and decline.

Yin feng shui focuses on choosing a burial ground for a departed close one. The choice must consider the mountain direction (origin), direction of water flow, acupoint, depth of burial, moreover an appropriate burial date must be chosen carefully from a calculation of both the deceased and descendant's birth characters as well astrology, all factors of underground geo features and acupoints. The attributes a person's misfortune and fortune to be dependent on the conditions of their forefather' burial grounds. By relying on grounds containing life essence, it would allow the buried to rest in peace and wealth for the living. Simply speaking, the magnetic field of the deceased creates a type of influence on the living. The forefathers and descendants are of the same essence and the essence resonates with the principle. While the withered bones obtain life essence, the living would naturally be sheltered by blessings.

There's reason behind its existence, feng shui has influence China for thousands of years and there are still people with its belief in the present. This shows that it's not pure superstition. From a scientific perspective, it's a type of study of the earth's magnetic field that could affect a person's life.

YuQing brought Yanz ZiMei before a newly renovated grave.

Looking at the grave, Yang ZiMei's pupils slightly contracted.

She recognized this grave was the resting place of that wicked tyrant village head Yang DeMing's forefather.

"Sweetie, you take a look–"

YuQing stood before the grave, looking around it, "This mountain spot is enriched and bright. It contains the wind and assembles the essence with many water ways. Indeed, a very good yin dwelling place. The descendants must be receiving its fortune and wealth."

Yang ZiMei thought of the village head's brothers.

The village head's oldest brother, Yang DeJie, is A city's Municipal Committee Secretary. The second brother, Yang DeZhi, is the Deputy Director of the Provincial Party Committee. The third brother, Yang DeQing, is A city's famous entrepreneur with a net worth over a hundred million. And then there's Yand DeMing, because of the Cultural Catastrophe, he couldn't pursue further education and couldn't expand out the village. But due to his brothers' relations, even with a wicked and foul character, he still became the Yang village's village head. (3)

1. Calendar system will be changed to (astro) caldendrical computation. Geomancy and feng shui do have some stuff in common but author uses both words so I'll follow more closely to that.

2. Xuan Nu is a fairy in Chinese mythology

3. I'm assuming the catastrophe was about this

TL note: I'm not too concerned about the variety of different divination/technique names but will make subs when a better way to call them pops up. Will take suggestions too.

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