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This majestic palace pierced through the clouds in the sky. If it was on earth, Luo Feng would be able to see half of earth simply by standing in it. However, he was still unable to see the entire construct of this palace…Illusion palace.

Mystical energies engulfed the entire palace.

It was a blur within the 101st level of the palace. Luo Feng stared hard through it trying to see Hong’s situation within the illusion, however it was to no avail. It wasn’t just Luo Feng, even the Devil and Spirit clan women and the disciples of Fantasy spirit emperor all wanted to know…if Hong could pass the 18 levels of Love illusions.


The 101st level of the palace shook and everything became clear within.

In the center, Hong smiled and looked at the distant stairs, flying straight towards it and swiftly following it up heading to level 102.

"He’s passed the 1st level." Luo Feng breathed a sigh of relief.


He flew swiftly through the stairs and quickly reached the 102nd level. Fantasy spirit emperor walked ahead, Luo Feng and the black feathered man along with the other disciples all followed closely behind. After them, the large group of devils and spirits women followed.


The 2nd level, the 3rd level, Hong took longer and longer to finish them.

"What now?" Luo Feng followed the stairs up another level to the 4th level, feeling anxious. "These were after all illusions set up by Fantasy spirit emperor and his big brother was only universe level. He could easily lose his life if he got careless. If he really failed, will I simply watch him go to a Universe Mercenary Alliance base and commit suicide?"


"I couldn’t convince big brother not to do it, and this was his gamble with Fantasy spirit emperor. Even his teacher wouldn’t be able to budge in." Luo Feng was very worried.

He couldn’t help, but only watch as things unfolded.


This was all due to strength! If he had the power of a universe country leader, he could completely pressure Fantasy spirit emperor. It wouldn’t be so troublesome. And he was only a small genius now, nothing but a small kid before Fantasy spirit emperor, one that wasn’t fully matured at all.

"Your big brother’s willpower is very strong. He’s actually able to pass 5 levels of the love illusions."

Outside the 105th level doors, the colorfully dressed Fantasy spirit emperor laughed softly.

"Elder Fantasy spirit emperor, please show mercy." Luo Feng bowed and requested respectfully beside.

"You don’t need to beg me." Her moving and beautiful purple eyes glanced at Luo Feng. "I’m only letting him attempt the 18 levels. It tests the desires of love, as long as he truly isn’t affected at all by the enticement of love and desires, looking at pure love only for itself, then he has a hope of living on."

"Desires?" Luo Feng frowned.


Fantasy spirit emperor laughed softly, "Or in general…life! As long as it’s a life form, then there’ll definitely be desire."

"Wanting to become an eternal being? To stand high above and control over trillions of beings? To have a beautiful wife? To have family live a better life? To make it big? To become a true powerful warrior?" Fantasy spirit emperor laughed, "These are all different forms of desires."


"They are the reason behind life and its evolution." She smiled, "Even the most pure hearted person will have desires, only their desires are different from others, as they will be more special."

Luo Feng was stunned.



Whether it was a warrior wanting to get stronger, training paths, pleasures of life, etc, in summary, as long as humanity was there, there would definitely be desires!

Even wild beasts, they all had their innate desires, like mating, having more partners, eating better and better…

"Desires are endless." Fantasy spirit spoke softly, "By itself it is not evil, only life, when controlled by it makes them differ."

"The desires of love is just one form of it, and it is of a very very complex type. Even an extremely powerful undying may not see through them." She laughed softly. "The 18 levels of love illusions I’ve set up give the endless taste of love desires, even a god would fall from it."

"And him!"

"Since he’s so deep in love, then the love desires…to him, should be an extremely hard thing to pass." She smiled and said, "Only after passing the 18 levels of the love illusions will he have the right to be with my disciple."

Luo Feng took a chilly breath and looked shocked at Fantasy spirit emperor who was so beautiful she could cause the downfall of an entire kingdom.


As one who constantly took advice on mental state training from his firstt and second brother, Luo Feng was very clear on the difficulty of explaining desire. The ancient texts of earth said that even heroes had difficulty with beautiful women. Even the greatest sacred beings had all sorts of desires.

For example, ruling a country, these dreams were in essence different forms of desires.

To be above them?

That was impossible!

"No wonder, even though Fantasy spirit emperor only passed the 19th level of the heavenly bridge, she still has such terrifying power, and is able to stand beside my teacher True Yan emperor and Sky feather emperor." Luo Feng thought. "And it’s also no wonder she can control two emperor level undying slaves. Fantasy spirit emperor, Fantasy spirit emperor…indeed she’s terrifying."

"Big brother!"

"These 18 levels of illusions are all love related illusions, can you pass them?" Luo Feng stared at the mystical hall, feeling worried within.

Even though he had confidence in his big brother, he didn’t dare underestimate this great eternal being of the universe.

Even though the mental state training of Earth was one that was worthy of pride even in the universe, however those beings that dominated the universe, powerful beings that have lived for countless years, with some even building universe countries, beings that dominated those levels, who would dare say that their mental state training was weaker than Luo Feng, Thunder god or Hong’s?

They couldn’t be underestimated!



"How’s everything going with you and Hong there?"

A mail appeared on the screen of Luo Feng’s wrist, it was from Thunder god. He was naturally informed of their meeting with Fantasy spirit emperor.

"Second brother." Luo Feng’s consciousness read the words and a words of reply quickly appeared, forming a mail and sending back to thunder god.

"18 levels of love illusion? Big Brother’s mental state training is extremely high. He definitely will be able to pass it, I’m very confident about that." Thunder god replied.

"Second brother, these are 18 levels of love illusions set by Fantasy spirit emperor, an extremely terrifying being of the universe. The amount of years she’s lived far exceeds the ancient chinese cultures. She cannot be underestimated." Luo Feng replied.

"Which level is big brother at now?"

"The 9th! And he’s taking longer and longer to pass each level."


Luo Feng swiftly conversed with Thunder god while anxiously watching his big brother pass the levels.

Time passed, Fantasy spirit emperor and her disciples, along with the large group of Devil’s and spirits women all felt the pressure. They followed Fantasy spirit up level after level, watching the process of Hong passing the levels.

18 levels of love illusions, the 1st level was the fastest, it got slower as he progressed!

At the 10th level…

11th level…

12th level…

Hong was taking longer and finding it harder to break through the illusions. However, he was still as sturdy everytime.

"This big brother, he must definitely succeed, he must." Luo Feng who had been watching every level anxiously hoped within.

"He actually reached the 14th level!"

"This big brother of Luo Feng is pretty impressive. To actually reach the 14th level, it shows that his willpower is extremely strong."


"Didn’t expect this."

The women of the devils and spirits clan all muttered among themselves.

And while Fantasy spirit emperor was initially very calm, she frowned after hong passed the 14th level.

"I simply don’t believe that a love stricken man like him can pass the 18 levels." Fantasy spirit’s eyes were like electricity, her expression heavy as she stared at the 105th level.


Within that quiet pavilion.

The short haired girl stood silently at the window staring at the direction of the illusion palace, from her field of vision, the tower pierced through the clouds, and it was impossible to see that high through them.

"Your majesty Qing, your majesty Qing, that Hong has already passed the 15th level."

"He’s successfully passed the 15th level."

The two devils and spirits clan women shouted at the entrance of the pavilion.

The short haired girl looked up quietly, her eyes filled with worry and anxiety, she muttered, "Big brother Hong, you definitely must succeed, definitely!"


"You definitely must succeed." Luo Feng stared hard at the 117th hall.

The large group of devils and spirits clan women gathered in the 117th level had all held their breaths, even Fantasy spirit emperor’s expression had totally sunken, her eyes blinking over and over as she stared. Everyone felt the pressure got stronger and stronger…as the further they got, the harder and more absurd the difficulty of the love illusions.

After a while!


The blur that shrouded the 117th level broke apart and a pale expressions black haired man Hong appeared.

"One last level!"

Hong looked up.

Not even glancing at the crowd around him, he headed straight for the stairs and towards the last level…the 118th level of the palace, attempting the 18th level of the love illusions.

He flowed like water and reached the 118th level entrance.

"You must definitely succeed, definitely." Luo Feng stared without blinking, perspiring from his forehead.

Fantasy spirit emperor who stood in front of him stared hard too.

She couldn’t believe it!

She couldn’t believe that the 18 levels of love illusions she had set up for people deep in love could be broken through, that a love stricken man affected by love’s desires could actually breakthrough the 18 levels?

"Impossible!" Her eyes gleamed coldly.


The 118th level shook violently and grew calm, a smiling but obviously fatigued black haired and black robed man walked out, stepping through the door and out into the hall.

"Elder Fantasy spirit emperor, I’ve successfully passed the 18 levels of the Love illusions." The black haired man said respectfully.

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