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In the spacious walkway outside the 118th level of the palace, which was 1km wide, there squeezed thousands to tens of thousands. They were all looking on in disbelief at the black haired and robed man. They had spent years serving Fantasy spirit emperor and following by her side, they were all very clear on how terrifying she was.

Almost no one believed that Hong could actually pass the 18 levels of love illusions.

Fantasy spirit herself couldn’t believe it!

"Impossible!" She stared at the man before her. Many thoughts were flashing in her mind, however she quickly regained her composure.

"I didn’t expect a person willing to die for love would actually be able to pass the 18 levels." She looked at Hong and her eyes gleamed with a peculiar light. "You’ve surprised me."

"There’s nothing fearsome about love, indulge and enjoy it." Hong said. "When one does so, the soul will produce an incredibly feeling, that’s love."

She looked at Hong and studied him.

"I now understand how you can make Qing Qing love you." She nodded and after which turned to face the black feathered man, "Bushla, bring Hong and Luo Feng to meet Qing Qing."

"Yes, Teacher!" The black feathered man said respectfully.

"Hm." Fantasy spirit emperor turned and vanished into nothing.

After she left, there was a huge hustle outside in the walkways. The surrounding incredibly beautiful devils and spirits women all spoke in hushed voices and pointed at Hong and Luo Feng. Discussions were rampant, it was almost as though they cared about Hong and Luo Feng and respected them.

"Please follow me." The black feathered man smiled at Hong and Luo Feng.

"And congratulations on passing the 18 levels of love illusions, probably no one there actually believed you’d succeed." The black feathered man smiled.

"It was tough and I barely made it through. It is indeed very terrifying." Hong said.

"But of course, how could an illusion set by my teacher be weak?"

The black feathered man led the way ahead while Luo Feng and Hong walked side by side.

"Congratulations Big brother." Luo Feng communicated secretly. Smiling slyly, "Congrats to you and the Mrs for being together forever."

"Hehe." Hong was all smiles.

"Big brother, how were the 18 levels of illusions? I was extremely worried." Luo Feng communicated.

"The illusions were powerful, but no threat to me at all." Hong replied.

Shock flashed through Luo Feng’s eyes, "What, no threat at all? But, from what I saw, you got more and more fatigued through the levels and got slower too, like they were wearing you out, this…"

"It was all an act."

Hong glanced at Luo Feng and communicated, "Fantasy spirit emperor was watching outside, and these 18 levels of illusions were what she set up. If I swiftly passed every level extremely easily, where would her reputation go? She is the great Fantasy spirit emperor, if her 18 levels of illusions were easily broken by a universe level punk, that would such a disgrace."

"If I solved it too easily and humiliated her, she might have just changed it along the way as I attempted it." Hong communicated. "If she truly wanted me to fail, it would be all too easy, like using a spirit attack, making me die within the illusion and failing."

"If she were to kill me secretly, who there could actually see through it?"

"Even you, if you saw me die in the illusion, you’d have just thought I didn’t pass the illusion, right?" Hong looked at Luo Feng.

Luo Feng was stunned.


"Hence, I had to go according to her mental state, making her feel as though I am about to fail, and that it was incredibly difficult…breaking through finally and fatigued. That way, my aim would be realized." Hong smiled at Luo Feng.

Luo Feng nodded.


From start to end, it was all an act and Hong’s performance had made him feel incredibly nervous, as though Hong would fall anytime. Each level was getting harder than before, while the amount of time was longer and longer.

So it was simply all an act.

"Having strength is important. However, using it accordingly would produce the best results." Hong communicated.

"However, Big brother, these love illusions, Fantasy spirit emperor said it was the endless love desires etc, how could it be that easy for you?" Luo Feng was curious as he asked. His big brother was obviously one how was deeply in love for Ji Qing, attempting the 18 levels without even knowing their full details.

Such a person could actually pass them so easily?

Love desires…

They were after all a very complex desire. How many heroes and warriors have fallen deeply in love.

"Our chinese have such a saying, If one sees a mountain as a mountain, or water as water, then it is so. If they don’t see it that way, then it isn’t. However afterwards, it returns to its original state." Hong communicated. "A person who hasn’t ever experienced love will naturally assume love is just love. However to one who’s experienced it, only then would he know how incomparably complex it is. It was almost like looking at a flower through mist, extremely dreamy and mystical. In their eyes, love is incredibly complex, because the many feelings would surface from love, making them think its complex. At this time, the mountain and water would no longer seem like just so."

"Only through experiencing the human world and studying the heart, seeing clearly through relationships and feelings, would one finally see through love’s true face."

"That would be returning to its original state."

"Knowing one’s extent of love, seeing it extremely clearly, seeing its essence, what one wants, what one is willing to die for. One won’t be affected by all these,after understanding oneself truly." Hong looked at Luo Feng, smiling as he communicated. "At this time, the mountain returns to being a mountain. The water is as so. Love…to a person of this level…is already clear."

Luo Feng’s eyes gleamed.

He understood a little within.

"It isn’t such that a person deep in love cannot breakthrough." Hong smiled, "Who knows if the fish are truly happy?"

"A person who truly sees love as is will know, immersing oneself within…is the true path. And cutting it off is actually going against instinct." Hong said. "Everything I’ve done follows my instinct and nature. What I should do, what I shouldn’t, doing some things even though I know there’s life threatening dangers."

Luo Feng nodded.

While communicating with his big brother, they walked behind Bushla and headed towards Ji Qing’s residence.


A colorfully dressed Fantasy spirit emperor appeared before the quiet pavilion.

"Lord." The two devils and spirits clan women were shocked as they quickly bowed respectfully.


She pushed open the door and entered the pavilion.

The short haired girl who was originally looking through the window within turned towards the entrance, looking at Fantasy spirit emperor, she bowed respectfully, "Teacher."

"You should have received the news about that young Hong passing my 18 levels of love illusions." Fantasy spirit looked at her disciple Ji Qing.

Ji Qing was an exceptional disciple.

She was the most exceptional out of all of the other disciples, and Fantasy spirit liked her honestly.

"Yes, Qing Qing knows. Thank you teacher for showing mercy." Ji Qing bowed with gratitude.


Fantasy spirit snorted coldly and sat in the chair beside her. Looking at Ji Qing." Qing Qing, I didn’t show him any mercy, only the Hong that you like, he indeed exceeded my expectations. He actually managed to pass all 18 levels of the love illusions."

The short haired girl couldn’t help but blush as she heard, displaying a sense of pride.

"As I said before."

"The moment he passes the 18 levels, I won’t stop the both of you, and I won’t expel you either. Whether you two love forever or breakup, or anything else, I won’t intervene." Fantasy spirit looked at the short haired girl.

"Qing Qing thanks teacher." The short haired girl’s eyes gleamed.

"However, there are some things I have to tell you first." Fantasy spirit emperor pointed in mid air and a screen appeared, and on it a book was displayed, "This is my…"

They chatted for awhile.


And after that, footstep sounds and some muffled voices could be heard. In the distance, there could be seen a black feathered man, Hong and Luo Feng, who walked right in front. Behind them were a large group of women, all from the spirits and devils clan, and it had obviously become quite bustling.

"Luo Feng, Hong, this is Ji Qing’s quarters." The black feathered man Bushla pointed ahead at the quiet and beautiful pavilion.


Hong’s eyes gleamed and his gaze landed on that pavilion, as he walked over.

Luo Feng and Bushla followed behind.

Ji Ya!

The door creaked open and a short haired girl walked out.

"Hm?" Luo Feng looked at this girl. Even though he had seen her pictures from the information he gathered in the virtual universe, seeing her in person, Luo Feng felt that she was different from others. She was taller than normal and her figure was proportional and perfect.

She had short hair and seemed valiant and formidable.

Her expression was obviously that of a very firm and decisive, determined, a very strong girl. Simply put…she leaned more towards the strong woman. However her gaze was like spring water, the moment she saw Hong, it seemed like she was about to cry.

"You’re so silly." The short haired girl said softly at Hong.

Hong only smiled.

The girl rushed over and hugged Hong tightly, she couldn’t help the tears that were flowing from her eyes.

In the distance, the group of devils and spirits women were all smiling, Luo Feng smiled too at the scene.

"Don’t take such risks, it’s not worth it." Ji Qing hugged Hong tightly.

Hong gently stroked her hair, and the two stood apart, staring at each other.

"Everything’s passed. The cloud that obstructs us is gone." Hong looked at Ji Qing and smiled.


Ji Qing suddenly released Hong’s hands and retreated.

"Qing Qing." Hong frowned.

"I’m sorry, it’s not worth it." Ji Qing looked at Hong, "Leave, just take it that I was but a memory. Leave."

Hong’s expression changed.

The spectators watching the scene were all stunned. What’s going on? Hong had used all means necessary to finally get Fantasy spirit emperor to not obstruct them, yet how could Ji Qing herself say such words now?

"Qing Qing!" Hong stared at her, through her gaze, as he could tell if she was hypnotized or there were any other soul techniques used.

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