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Chapter 625: No. 9

"What’s going on?"

"What other meaning is there, it’s break up."

Hong looked silently at Ji Qing.

From her eyes…Hong could tell that Ji Qing wasn’t hypnotized in any way.

"You told me before that there are certain things that we must do and others that we shouldn’t. When one makes a decision, it has to be firm, sacrificing whatever that needs to be sacrificed." Ji Qing said softly, even though her voice was soft…however even Luo Feng who was standing behind Hong could feel the resolve within her voice.

Ji Qing didn’t say anything, she only gritted her teeth and nodded her head.

Hong stared at her and said solemnly, "Why didn’t you say anything when your head ancestor stopped you, when your teacher stopped you, you even went against both of them. And now, after I got my brother to help me and finally met your teacher Fantasy spirit emperor, gambling with my life, attempting the 18 levels of love illusions. After successfully passing the 18 levels, I came over happy to meet you, yet you tell me this now?"

"Why the sudden change of heart?"

She was silent.

Luo Feng who stood beside was also unsatisfied, how did this situation end up like this? This Ji Qing had strongly denied her ancestor and teacher, yet at the final moment she suddenly changed her mind.

"Anybody would flip, I heard the 18 levels of love illusions he attempted before, if he got careless, he would lose his life in reality. And now her majesty Qing is saying such words, how can he not rage?"

The devils and spirits clan women were all speculating and discussing the situation.

Hong looked at Ji Qing.

Hong took a deep breath.

"Hm." She nodded.

Ji Qing bit her lips.

"Ji Qing." Hong looked at Ji Qing.

"I hope you realize your dreams." Hong smiled, "And also…sorry for the time I bothered you."

"3rd brother, let’s go." Hong looked at

Luo Feng and said, after which with a poof, he vanished.


"Big brother Hong." Ji Qing watched as Hong turned and vanished, those last words ringing in her mind over and over…"Sorry for the time I bothered you."

"What have you bothered me about?"

She was very clear about Hong’s character, what may seem like a simple line of apology, turning and leaving after, held within his pain.

She was clear that he would probably never ever look back.

"Sorry." She muttered within.

The devil and spirits clan women watching were all stunned, they all thought that Hong who had gambled his life in the 18 levels of love illusions would be engulfed in pain and rage, and thus express it. However they never expected him…to simply say sorry and leave.

The undyings that were members of the universe mercenary alliance were all gathered in another spot too. Whatever happened in Fantasy spirit palace…was fully discussed by all the staff and quickly spread.

"This punk is not bad, passing all 18 levels of love illusions set by Fantasy spirit emperor, at least he’s very strong in terms of love desires and illusions, I think he wouldn’t be weak in the other sides too."

"Yes lord."

Luo residence.

Hong immediately replied, "Of course I understand that either Silver snow or Fantasy spirit had influenced her."

"Others may influence her, but the final one making the decision is still Qing Qing."

"Why?" Luo Feng asked, "Why did she give up?"


No matter, his big brother had been through a tragedy this time.

"Hm." Luo Feng nodded, "Take care."

"Luo Feng, I’m leaving with my student." The white haired old man Luo said.

Then, Luo and Hong entered the round disc shaped ship which was purple with gold mixed in, with a diameter of 620m, this was a ship specially sent by the huge axe dojo to receive Hong.

"Haha…" The black clothed Hong walked to the cabin door and turned, smiling, "Making a name for myself, I never doubted that! 3rd brother, you better not relax, otherwise I might catch up with you."

After which Hong laughed completely carefree and entered the ship.

The huge disc shaped ship lifted and left Luo Residence, quickly flying through the skies and vanishing through the clouds.

"Your majesty." Dylan stood beside him.

"Yes." Dylan nodded.


It had been over 200 years since he returned to earth, the Luo Family had already become a huge family.


Ganwu universe country, a few tens of thousands of light years away from Jade Dome planet was a normal life planet, Walo planet.

"Team leader, the report has been sent via the virtual universe. Through 369 levels of translations and according to their coordinates in the universe, the details of the report are: Luo Feng has brought his guard team in an F grade universe ship and left Jade Dome planet, the intended location is unknown, however from the report we can deduce…that the possibility of Luo Feng heading to his home planet reaches 72%." A silver uniformed bald 3 eyed man said respectfully.

Another black uniformed bald 3 eyed man looked at the screen.

It was regarding Luo Feng.
"no.9’s information is very little, we have to collect enough data and have a definite guarantee before we begin the assassination. Every time we do a mission in the 1,008 universe countries of humanity, we have to pay a huge price. We have to…achieve success in one time, the last time we failed in killing no.1, we had huge losses, this time we cannot fail again." The black uniformed bald 3 eyed man said.

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