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Chapter 11
SECT.20 - The Final Showdown

"She sure did her best, but I guess she's won't hold out much longer……"

A spectator in the bar said in pain.

From the time LLENN began dashing away till now, the majority of the spectators had supported LLENN.

Utterly deceiving her opponents, passing under the Humvee, and then inflicting damage to the passengers while leaping over it──

Each of LLENN's feats had caused thunderous cheers.

So, when she was mercilessly assailed by a hail of bullets, got caught in the resulting column of water and collapsed, screams could be heard in the bar.

Thus swiftly came the final moment.

On the screen, the Humvee approached LLENN a little; on its roof was that woman, aiming steadily. It was a distance where it would be impossible to miss.

When LLENN abruptly began pounding away into the air with her P90, some thought that she had been seized by panic, others thought that she was expressing her final regrets.

And then, the woman once again took aim, placed her finger on the trigger,


Some spectators heard her invoke the Buddha prematurely.



The explosion and large column of water,

"Uhi!" "Uhyaa!" "Doha!"

Prompted screams throughout the bar.

The only ones to instantly grasp the situation,

"Hou." "Oh."

Anna and Sophie, gazing at the screen while still standing.

"I see…… that serial fire into the sky was meant to cover the noise of her partner's grenadesbeing fired."

Said Sophie,

"Just a coincidence, but because their car was moving, they didn't hear the other car's engine, huh."

Concluded Anna, but Sophie smiled,

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