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Chapter 462 – Sword Stances of the Thunder G.o.d’s Meteorite Sword

Nie Li felt that the Thunder G.o.d’s Meteorite Sword as if it was a black hole as it continued to absorb his Soul Power.

Nie Li suddenly figured out many things.

Although the Thunder G.o.d’s Meteorite Sword was powerful, it was a treasure without a soul.

Because of the Thunder G.o.d’s Meteorite Sword being too powerful, it was still fine before it was awakened. After devouring the power from the Myriad Ancestor Sword, it was thoroughly awakened and started to drain Nie Li’s Soul Power!

“It must be trying to make me it’s soul!” When Nie Li’s trail of thoughts arrived there, he started to sweat out cold.

The instant Nie Li became the Soul of the Thunder G.o.d’s Meteorite Sword, his physical body would be destroyed!

It wasn’t easy for him to come back to life, he still had two beautiful wives waiting for him. How could he become the soul of an artifact?

Nie Li unleashed a furious roar as he started to fight back the Thunder G.o.d’s Meteorite Sword with his Soul Realm. However, Nie Li still felt his Soul Power being constantly devoured.

At this point of time, even Xiao Ning’er and Ye Ziyun were also affected by it. They, too, felt that their Soul Power was being devoured. That terrifying pain caused them to grunt.

At the sight of this, Yu Yan also panicked.

The current situation was extremely dangerous. However, she had already run out of ideas. The mighty Thunder G.o.d’s Meteorite Sword was not something that she could fight against. Thus, she could only constantly provide Soul Power to Nie Li, but the situation was still bad.

All along, Yu Yan thought that the Myriad Ancestor Sword was the most powerful artifact in the Draconic Ruins Realm.

Only till now, did she know that compared to the Thunder G.o.d’s Meteorite Sword, the Myriad Ancestor Sword was nothing.

The Thunder G.o.d’s Meteorite Sword was definitely not something that belonged to the Draconic Ruins Realm.

Perhaps it was an item of a higher tier that belonged to another world!

Looking at Nie Li’s painful expression, Jindan blinked his eyes as he appeared to be curious.

“Guji Guji.” Jindan wobbly landed on Nie Li’s shoulders.

The instant it landed on Nie Li’s shoulders, majestic energy was instantly drained from its body, as if it was trying to draij it dry.

“Guji guji!”

“Guji guji!”

Jindan constantly struggled, but no matter how it struggled, it was unable to break free from it. Nie Li’s body was like a magnet that had thoroughly prevented him from breaking free.

Nie Li was submerged into his own Soul Realm. In order to prevent his own soul from being devoured by the Thunder G.o.d’s Meteorite Sword, he had fallen into a mysterious state as he had formed a mysterious array with his Soul Realm to negate the absorption from the Thunder G.o.d’s Meteorite Sword.

Although he had yet to find a solution, he could still prevent himself from being sucked dry by the Thunder G.o.d’s Meteorite Sword.

Nie Li’s intent sensed the endless pain that Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er was suffering. But even if he wants to fight back, there was nothing he could do.

This can’t go on!

Just when he was trying to come up with solutions, a surge of majestic power endlessly flowed into his body.

That power was endless and was more than tenfolds stronger compared to his own.

“Who was it, who actually possessed such majestic power!” Nie Li slightly dazed off before using his intent to sense and found out that it was actually Jindan.

All along, Jindan was like a hungry ghost that could not be fulfilled, no matter what, as it endlessly ate in the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting. Nie Li could not imagine that this fella had actually acc.u.mulated so much power.

“Right!” Nie Li’s eyes lit up as it directed that surge of power into the array in his Soul Realm.

The vine within his Soul Realm constantly stretched out until it came in contact with the Thunder G.o.d’s Meteorite Sword.

That energy was like a spiderweb as it surrounded the entire sword.

Nie Li seemed to have felt that the Thunder G.o.d’s Meteorite Sword was slowly merging with himself.

The sword and him gradually merged into one.

At this point of time, Nie Li fell into a mysterious state.

“This sword came from beyond the skies. After obtaining this sword, I created the Thirty-Six Stances of the Thunder G.o.d’s Meteorite Sword. By merging the Sword Intent into the body of the Sword, the Thirty-Six Stances of the Thunder G.o.d’s Meteorite Sword was unstoppable.” An aged voice started an introduction within Nie Li’s mind.

Nie Li was startled as it was a familiar voice.

It was the voice of Emperor Kong Ming!

Just how is this sword related to Emperor Kong Ming?

The mysterious sword stances were constantly playing in Nie Li’s mind.

As the sword stances played, Nie Li was more and more startled by them. The might of the sword stances were not a bit inferior compared to the pinnacle of the Heavenly G.o.d Cultivation Technique.

Should the sword stances combine with the Heavenly G.o.d Cultivation Technique, the power of it would be multiplied by several folds.

Wind surged in the entire Myriad Miles and River Painting as the Thunder G.o.d’s Meteorite Sword started to devour the energy within the painting to grow stronger.

At this moment, in the Heavenly Note Sect.

No one in the Heavenly Note Sect knew the commotion in the Myriad Miles and River Painting, so the Sect was still quiet.

Because of the Sacred Elixirs, all the Elders of the Heavenly Note Sect were still in secluded cultivation, trying to increase their cultivation.

In the Pavilion, a group of female disciples gathered around. It was the gathering of the Heavenly Note Sect with over fifty disciples gathered together chit-chatting with laughter all over the place.

“I wonder where Young Sister Ning’er has gone to.”

“Yeah, the Sect Master has been looking for her for days!”

“Not only Younger Sister Ning’er, even Younger Sister Ziyun is missing!”

“Have you guys heard of it, Younger Sister Ning’er’s fiancé was actually the same person as Younger Sister Ziyun’s fiancé!”

“Both of them are prideful girls blessed by the heavens, just who was it that obtained the favor of them both?!”

The one that spoke was a female disciple that held some position in the Heavenly Note Sect. They were all filled with curiosity for Nie Li, wondering who he actually was.

Suddenly, a black figure fell into the surrounding pavilions. One after another humanoid figures appeared as a surge of killing intent instantly surrounded their pavilion.

“Who is it that actually dared to invade my Heavenly Note Sect.” A female disciple roared as she turned into a white sword and shot towards one of the black figures.

A black gas bombarded onto the sword of light and it exploded.

“Tsk, tsk, I never thought that chicks of the Heavenly Note Sect would be so fiery-tempered, but I like!” A black figure started to take shape and started to show himself.

That person was extremely ugly. His eyes were mysteriously red with two sharp teeth, along with a mysterious black air that constantly circulated around him, filled with a fearsome bloodthirsty aura.

“You’re from the Demon G.o.d’s Sect!” At the sight of his appearance, the group of Heavenly Note Sect disciples was startled and all of them started to put on their alert in preparation to fight.

The Demon G.o.d’s Sect actually dared to directly invade the Heavenly Note Sect, just what were they planning?

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