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Bang! Bang! Bang!

Numerous shapeless arrows tore through the sky like flowing light that suddenly shot out explosively, and every single flowing light carried a fierce, murderous, and all-conquering sharp aura.

Everywhere it passed, numerous thick ancient trees were directly penetrated, and the hard and thick ground was blasted to the point rubble sprayed all over the sky. In just an instant, an area of 5km around the small hill was riddled in holes like a hornet’s nest, and it was in a state of devastation.

The scene was shocking, yet it was unable to create the slightest threat towards the assassins of Blacksun Pavilion.

Under the lead of the two commanders, Crimsonfox and Rose, the over 100 assassins formed a circle as they pressed forward towards Chen Xi. They naturally wouldn’t just encircle him without attacking, and conversely, every single one of them executed their fiercest attacks that covered the heavens and the earth as it enveloped towards Chen Xi.


Dao Grade martial techniques, Martial Treasures… A variety of attacks swept through the heavens and the earth with a vast and terrifying might that shook the surroundings and shattered the sky. It was like a volcano had erupted in the area of 300m in their surroundings as the earth quaked, causing it to be extremely terrifying.

The violent flames and the matchless dazzling and resplendent lights emitted from the explosions caused the heavens and the earth to pale in comparison, and everything in that area couldn’t be seen clearly any longer.

“That kid is probably dead this time.” In the Wise King’s Estate, the scene within the Mirror of Exchange that floated in the air was already completely blurred as it was entirely filled with a variety of divine light, and when he saw this scene, the Whitecrane Sect’s Daoist Long He couldn’t help but sigh with emotion.

“It isn’t just probably, he’s dead for sure!” Huangfu Jingtian laughed heartily, and his voice revealed extreme delight. “In less than three days, all the treasures in that kid’s possession will be in our hands. Everyone, could it be that all of you don’t think this is worthy of celebration?”

As he spoke, he raised the wine cup in his hand before raising his head and emptying his cup.


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Talisman Emperor Chapter 335 Turning The Situation Around (Teaser) summary

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