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Huangfu Jingtian was unable to control the flames of rage in his hand, and he fiercely crushed the wine cup in his hand.

The eyes of the other old freaks were similarly surging with flames of rage. One that kills will usually be killed? A tiny ant actually dares warn us with such words? He’s simply courting death!

As Earthly Immortal Realm experts, when had they suffered such provocation?



Even if it was in the entire Darchu Dynasty, there wasn’t anyone that dared brandish their claws and bare their fangs towards Earthly Immortal Realm experts!

But Chen Xi had done this, and this was an absolutely undisguised provocation!

These old freaks were angered to the point their chests rose and fell irregularly, and they wished for nothing more than to tear open space and arrive a million kilometers away to annihilate Chen Xi.

“Manager!” Huangfu Jingtian spoke with a deep voice that was like thunder and shook the surroundings, and he didn’t conceal his surging rage in the slightest.

“Lord, what are your instructions?” An old man that looked like a manager swiftly appeared with a respectful expression, yet he was trembling endlessly with terror in his heart, as he’d clearly sensed the oppressive killing intent that suffused the air.

“Tell the Blacksun Pavilion that I and everyone present will absolutely not be willing to let the matter go if the mission this time fails! If the need arises, we’ll even uproot the forces of the Blacksun Pavilion from the Darchu Dynasty, so ask them to act as they see fit!” Huangfu Jingtian’s eyes were icy cold as bolts of lightning flashed into existence within them, and he didn’t conceal his monstrous killing intent in the slightest.

“Yes.” The manager’s heart shook, and he didn’t dare ask anything before hastily leaving after receiving his orders.


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Talisman Emperor Chapter 338 The Trap To Annihilate All Enemies (Teaser) summary

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