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According to what Yun Lansheng said, there was a difference in strength within this army of specters.

For example, the completely pitch black Specter Cavaliers had a strength that was comparable to an ordinary Rebirth Realm cultivator, and above it were Crimsonflame Cavaliers, Goldplate Cavaliers, Mammoth Cavaliers, and Specter War Generals!

The strength of a Crimsonflame Cavalier was already comparable to a 5th tempering Rebirth Realm cultivator.

A Goldplate Cavalier was comparable to a 6th tempering Rebirth Realm cultivator.

A Mammoth Cavalier's strength was already on par with a perfection-stage Rebirth Realm cultivator.

Finally, a Specter War General was a core figure amongst the army of specters and possessed a strength that could already compare with an Earthly Immortal Realm expert!

Comparatively speaking, the amount of Specter Cavaliers was the most, they were like a vast ocean, dense and innumerable. On the other hand, Crimsonflame Cavaliers were inferior in number to it, but they were mixed within the army like the squad leaders of a mortal army, yet their numbers weren't few either.

Further up above them was the Goldplate Cavaliers and Mammoth Cavaliers, they were the elite forces within the army and were very few in number. Normally, they would be holding the line from behind the army, and they wouldn't easily assume a forward assault position.

Specter War Generals on the other hand practically wouldn't make an appearance unless they encountered an extremely great unexpected event.

For example, the reason Yun Lansheng and the other emissaries that resided in the city hadn't made a move was for the sake of deterring the Specter War Generals, causing them to take caution and not dare act rashly.


In the distance, a group of Crimsonflame Cavaliers pinned down a few cultivators like a tide.

These Crimsonflame Cavaliers wore armor, helmets, weapons, and mounts that were completely crimson red like fire, and they emitted a monstrous and ferocious aura.

Every single Crimsonflame Cavalier seemed to be enveloped within the flames of hell, cruel, violent, and bloody.

Moreover, their strengths were extremely formidable. The weapons in their hands executed various Dao Grade martial techniques that tore through the sky while erupting with powerful and mighty force.


A shrill cry sounded out, a female cultivator amongst the few pinned down cultivators reacted slightly slowly, causing her to be struck by the pike of a Crimsonflame Cavalier at her side, and the skin on her stomach was directly pierced open as it flicked her flying and caused blood to spray. In the blink of an eye, her body was completely penetrated amidst her miserable and shrill cry, and she lost all signs of life.


The Crimsonflame Cavalier stuck out his hand and made a grabbing motion, causing the glow of flames to surge into the sky as it incinerated the corpse of the female cultivator, and her corpse was transformed into a wisp of fiendish qi that gushed into the body of the Crimsonflame Cavalier.

Instantly, this Crimsonflame Cavalier's strength actually rose slightly!

In other words, cultivators were able to increase their cultivations via the trace of divinity obtained after killing these specters, and conversely, these specters were similarly capable of increasing their strength after killing cultivators!

"Dammit! Fucking bastards!"

The other cultivators were completely furious, and some of them were unable to restrain themselves any longer and intended to break out of the encirclement. However, they were directly slashed to death by the joint attacks of over 10 Crimsonflame Cavaliers before transforming into fiendish qi that was devoured by them.

"Retreat together! These Crimsonflame Cavaliers are too formidable and are not something we're capable of going against. We just have to escape into the city, and we'll be entirely able to be rescued with the weapon of the gods present there." A cultivator howled loudly.

"Hmph! Rescued? This time, the weapons of the gods will be annihilated as well!"

Right at this moment, a wisp of brilliant golden light shot over explosively. This was a cavalier that wore golden armor and was completely bathed in golden light. It possessed a formidable aura and fiendish qi that seemed material, and it shook the surrounding space to the point of trembling endlessly.

Shockingly, this was a Goldplate Cavalier, and its strength was sufficient to compare with a perfection-stage Rebirth Realm cultivator!

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