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Chapter Epilogue


September 1925


The battle between Hamyuts and Olivia has ended. She had activated the Spinning Doll Ückück and restored the Meats’ memories. She was transferred to a faraway field using Charlot’s Magic.

A few hours passed after that.

Olivia met with Lascall Othello at a desolate station.


Olivia muttered without thinking. She just heard the truth about the Indulging God Cult from Lascall.

“I know that the Armed Librarians are unbelievable because they were trying to kill me just now.

But thinking that they were in cahoots with the Indulging God Cult…”

“It is quite the unbelievable story. However, it is also the truth.”

Lascall said while smiling.

It truly was an unbelievable story.

The Indulging God Cult had been created by the Armed Librarians. It was founded in order to fulfill the mission of supplying Heaven with the Books of happy people. The higher-ups of the Armed Librarians and the Overseer of Paradise have protected this secret.

Defeating the Indulging God Cult and destroying the Armed Librarians would be meaningless. True victory could only be achieved by destroying Heaven. Olivia heard all about that.

“I believe it. If I were told this by a normal person I would end up laughing. But you don’t seem to be an ordinary person.”

“I am happy to hear you believe it.”

Lascall forcedly lowered his head.

“But it’s still hard to swallow. What’s that Heaven in the first place? Why are the Armed Librarians so desperate to obey their orders?”

Olivia mouthed some natural doubts. But Lascall rejected them, smiling.

“That is something you should investigate using your own powers. If you cannot even understand something of this level, defeating Heaven will be nothing but a pipedream.

So there is no need for me to tell you.”

“You sure are a selfish guy.”

Olivia sagged her shoulders.

“Well then, let us enter the main topic. I will convey unto you the sole method to destroy the mighty Heaven: the Violet Wish.”

Olivia nodded.

“Ten years ago there was a single girl. She fell in love with a certain individual. Speaking her name is no longer permitted. She is only known as the Violet Sinner.

But even the poor Violet Sinner lost her life due to the schemes of the Indulging God Cult.

Even those who have served under her were killed by Hamyuts-sama and Photona-sama. Even the one you had connected with – Vend Ruga-sama – was killed for this purpose.”

“…So Vend Ruga was killed.”

“Why did the Violet Sinner had to be killed? That was because fulfilling her love meant the destruction of Heaven.”

“What do you mean?”

“The destruction of Heaven… it is impossible to grant with the use of simple power. Even if there ten thousands of Hamyuts-sama they would be unable to inflict nary a single wound upon Heaven.

The sole method of destroying it would be rescuing a single man from the depths of sorrow and despair.”

“I don’t get it. What’s that supposed to mean?”

“That man was the beloved of the Violet Sinner. That girl’s wish to save that man is the sole way of destroying Heaven.

His name is Ruruta Coozancoona.

Please do remember it by all possible means.”

“I don’t understand. Who’s that man called Ruruta? Why would saving him destroy Heaven?”

“This would be about everything I can tell you. Finding any further information, as well as destroying Heaven is now your own story.”

Olivia raised her voice in confusion.

“Wait, Lascall. What will I do after hearing only that? Just what is Heaven? Where’s that Ruruta guy!

No, in the first place, how can I keep living from now on!”

“I beg your pardon, but this is not what I am meant to know. My work is simply conveying the Violet Wish to you.”


Olivia became lost for words. Lascall sank his body into the ground, leaving only these words behind.

“Even if you die without doing anything, and even if you do manage to create the path of destroying Heaven, I am not meant to know it. After all, the future should not be part of my knowledge.”

Lascall added some final words just before disappearing.

“Oh right, I will tell you one last thing.

Who is Ruruta Coozancoona? I will speak briefly about this individual.”

He cut off his meaningful words there.

“This long story of fighting librarians…

Ruruta Coozancoona is, so to speak, its protagonist.”


“Yes. He had started this tale, and he will end it. That is Ruruta Coozancoona.”

“…I don’t get it.”

“I wish from the bottom of my heart that you will be able to bring an end to Ruruta-sama’s long, long tale.”

Leaving the stunned Olivia behind, Lascall vanished into the ground.

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